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  1. I am not sure if there is a correct armor model going around, but shooting at what feels like the flattest angle with 330/340 pen heat certainly doesn't guarantee a pen.
  2. Was that vs lower tiers or stuff you weren't spotting? Tier and self spotting makes a lot of difference to xp.
  3. Ezz

    Masochism thread

    That was pre is3 buff.
  4. It got buffed? I thought it just didn't get nerfed when all the tree tanks did.
  5. Main no longer fine... also gooooone.
  6. 432 is great in a conventional sense. Unfortunately I think I've drifted into the stage where only non conventional stuff is interesting. They clearly need to create a t49 derp premium... On wheels...
  7. I thought you weren't doing any grinds tho. Either way, if you're not grinding basically aside from a few equipment demounts (which FLs / RB etc. usually cover) you don't really need much gold. Even crew retraining is pretty easily done via credits given all the boosters we get these days. All by the by tho i guess, and mostly this is coming from someone who tries not to give wg money.
  8. On this sub topic, the 4190 suggests the list isn't quite accurate. We may see some surprises yet.
  9. Definitely agree it's not one of the broken prems, but i also don't think it will be horrible. We aren't talking cdc or anything crazy bad. It will have its moments. At range you'll have time to aim and it will then come down to after firing dispersion for the second shot. Mid range it will suck. Short range and as long as you can pen it will be dangerous. Bear in mind also 0.42 base is only 0.04 worse than quite a few tanks (lorry udes 14 off top of my head). The obj 430 is rather usable at 0.42 tho obviously that has armor and good pen to allow trading. This will have 720 alpha. In a way i see it playing a bit like a T49 in ways. Gimmicky, sometimes good and if you can control engagements rather spicey.
  10. Yeah the ground resistance is an unknown (unless i missed it on one of the sites) but given it's only 12t i hope it won't be anything crazy like the CDC. Unless wg screw it over that is. It should be quicker anywhere than a prog (and any other med) - whether that makes any difference of course is basically going to be fringe cases. From a vision perspective (yay for the rare occasion you get to use it) it looks to have better on the move camo than any other 8 med and is only shaded by the 416 for stationary (but i haven't put a crew in it so that's just extrapolating from the figures TAP posted). And 390 VR is near top of class, esp considering all the 400m meds have shitty camo. Again of marginal benefit, but it's still a leader. Burst and dpm wise it's again up there. You're basically doing a full prog clip in half the time, then if the prog fired 3, he'll have 480 at the ready while you'll have 720. The only things that beat it from a dpm perspective are the sta 1 and 416 (<-speaking of awkward...). Things like the lorry can out burst it but have to then deal with a much longer reload - hence the considerably lower dpm. And yeah, then there are all the shitty things... pen, accuracy, aim time (tho we don't know dispersion which will be a make or break basically), HE pennable armor, and probably a shit radio too ;). Hence the whole 'divisive' line. Imo it will be an interesting option, not as reliable as the lorry and prog, but that's basically comparing to two pretty broken tanks.
  11. I'd hoped for the old e50 hull with 120 upper and lower. Should ram rather nicely in any event.
  12. Seems very divisive this tank. The mix of vision and mobility mixed with burst and dpm is basically best in tier, yet the derp and low pen could be a real screen puncher.
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