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  1. I used the 277, stars aligned. Rubble pile, corridor, ap shooters and that was it. It took longer than most to be honest but hopefully your stars align soon.
  2. Please don't leave us in suspense. I expect you have so much to tell.
  3. Complicated, but not really sure on the opaque. Probably the biggest issue with it is that if your damage roll is below the armor thickness then you get a 'that one bounced' notification which just confuses things.
  4. I'm curious what their plans are for the KV2R. In a sad way it wouldn't surprise me if they leave its HE as is. And then of course WG will release a T49R as a tier 8 prem with the derp. Because WG...
  5. My point was more about the stats that actually hit live given WG aren't exactly afraid of last minute tweaks. But notable re the earlier armor values, 140 sloped is definitely 'premium' levels as opposed to TT.
  6. The horse has bolted, but it would have been nice if WG stored details of the battle you completed a mission. As is i couldn't really tell you what tank i used for most of them, but i somewhat suspect it may have been the s51 (sorry it's arty) as relative to the 261 it's a big gun for its tier.
  7. Ezz

    TL-1 LPC

    Yeah but you still are paying for it. New wg balance.
  8. Ezz

    TL-1 LPC

    59 patt got 400 view range to compensate for its ludicrous cupola. This gets it to compensate for that skin you have to buy.
  9. Ezz


    I would have said less green more orange/yellow, but anyway, it's gun was its thing back in a different time. Times change.
  10. Ezz


    To be fair that's not a massive difference. And further it's not like it's the armor that is holding the 120 back vs the 430. It's basically everything...
  11. It's like oicraftian stole all his 0s and he's really butthurt about it.
  12. The beauty of wg is that it's not abundantly clear which bits are satire.
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