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  1. The key to irm is that it will improve general ability to react while also improving forward backward dispersion. Turret dispersion improvement is offset by the increased speed of rotation. And I'm still running my pre 2.0 setup of optics vents rammer just to give me the option of spotting. Also tend to either play from aim as long as you like spots or up close so never really used gld.
  2. If the meds and heavies are moving or bushed the cvs would also confer a bonus too. And yeah, doing the math wrong is a very significant step ahead of where i got to ... i'm yet to even buy any of this new shit, because fk full price anything in wot anymore.
  3. Similarly curious now who spots who first, the Ivents ioptics lne or the cvs.
  4. So to straighten this in my head, turbo works best on tanks with already decent hp/t but limited top speeds?
  5. Guessing optics plus something. Once equipment goes on sale I'm aiming for an irm, optics, vents. May swap the vents for cvs just for the pocket light memes.
  6. Ezz

    CS 52 LIS (Fox)

    My guess is the marathon itself shifted meta. The lis I suspect are a sideline. But that meta is basically a whole bunch of people playing for the early yolo. Some just happen to be lis, many are burlesque, progs and basically anything mobile. Hopefully the meta returns to something a little more normal soon as it had been accelerating the snowballs quite a bit.
  7. A part of me is glad we sat hard enough on the normal forums on sea that people don't even bother trying to discuss balance anymore. Everyone has already been shown it's broken as fk.
  8. Definitely more options and interestingly it appears to have shaken up the vision meta a noticeable amount. There have between a few times I've wondered htf I got spotted, as well as noted how blind some tanks have been, especially some meds that are likely running mobility vstab rammer.
  9. I've not tested on live, but early on turbo worked in siege mode so you were considerably more mobile. Beyond that I'd assume rammer and a choice of vision equipment.
  10. I ended up spamming a bunch of HE just to be able to do any damage. It was rather amusing at times, especially given I rarely use HE otherwise. You set random fires and get pens in all sorts of unexpected places. HE best mechanic.
  11. I would have said the 5 6 and 7 were all less bad, but at least it's better than the 8.
  12. Ezz

    CS 52 LIS (Fox)

    53 gets very good camo, but yeah, very meh otherwise. At least wg are consistent in finding ways to make the prem better than the tree no matter how illogical it would be. It was like they released the tree before discovering the buffs the prem got.
  13. The last one was about 4 hours+ a day for 10 days or something like that. Tough slog for most. And the tier 10 route is often just as long.
  14. Out of curiosity do you know if the numbers svitman used for the cvs had it in the boosted slot or normal?
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