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  1. Ezz

    UDES 16

    If it makes you any more enthusiastic about it, if you play a session on it you can sort of get used to the siege. A lot of small things have to change, such as how you approach spots to shoot. You get a point where you on instinct slow down to your hyrdo mode prior to even getting to places, so you can then creep. It isn't very natural compared to other tanks, but once you get in the groove it can be stupidly effective.
  2. And that's the point. They are removing some of that time (as noted, for some people) and replacing it with a shortcut. Of course those credits need time to grind or, lol, be bought. And yes I'm sure there are people who don't care about crews enough to use boosters or play more when there's a special on. Yet on the other side you even see some of the CCs proclaiming crew skills as being almost a requirement for decent performance. Noting those aren't necessarily the most skillful of fellows but they certainly add weight to the sense that crews are worth grinding.
  3. By giving people a reason to play. Many of their previous incentives were built around bonus crew xp - boosters, specials, female crew - now they just drop in a 'here, pay some credits and ignore all that'.
  4. Good for new players but trivialises the crew grinding aspect of the game. As above, if they want to get people at least competitive, they could have just given SS by default.
  5. Ezz

    UDES 16

    Not on the 16 (the tier 9). The tier 10s stabilisation is considerably better however.
  6. Ezz

    UDES 14 5

    360 alpha on the 8.
  7. With 1.5 wg finally removed Paris.
  8. Ezz

    UDES 14 5

    My 16 bounced a jpe yesterday tho that was ideal angle. But if you give them time to aim your right side hatch thing is pennable by about 210mm.
  9. Does explode with a landmine mean it's getting HESH? Aka punch a bomb for the IP.
  10. Better than shit is still better than shit tho. However until tier 10 meta changes shit will remain shit. Better or not.
  11. At this stage I'm assuming garbad dipping his wick in.
  12. Ezz

    HWK 12

    Just on that, the wheelies give a new perspective to what constitutes light 'armor'. You tend to notice the difference between the russian lights and everything else even more.
  13. Pro tip, play this before you ever play the std b. First because it will be excellent training for the std b, and second because the std b will ruin any chance you had at enjoying the pta.
  14. It's one of the issues that a lot of pubbies tend to misunderstand. They think that the MM causes massively one sided battles when in actuality a lot of the time it's about momentum gained in just one portion of a map that then snow balls. So while having everything single tier adds more influence to a single player / toon, it's not going to stop the fact that battles aren't about a bunch of 1v1 on malinovka field at dawn battles.
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