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  1. The issue is at this point given current treatments even in ICU a lot of people will die. Without ICU even more. Hence flattening the curve. But then what? Without a vaccine or effective treatment it's still going to go around pretty much everyone unless there's basically a loooooong global lock down. Global economy fucked. And if we don't see acquired immunity after exposure or any successful vaccine life as we know it will have to be different.
  2. I tell you what, looking around the main forums is far more pleasant now. I say keep the UBP.
  3. Sadly my reroll faltered and only managed 80... I mean 90.
  4. My theory is that the maus being boring alone lead to it being buffed. It's like they were using player numbers as a balance factor.
  5. Use efficiency instead. Best metric +/- 1000.
  6. Or just look at their releases since ~2016. Power creep to the left and to the right. Even their methods of P2W have experienced power creep. They started with subtle indirect elements, shifted to in your face prems, and now have ways to effectively buy bond equipment. The future direction is plain to see. If they can sell it, they will.
  7. Now that's just silly.... Memewhile given the lack of cure for getting old and shit, anyone who dies with corona would have died anyway. Fact.
  8. What if he's then eaten by a shark. Is it blood loss? Or still being blind?
  9. To be fair the point of this release isn't so much the tank tier bumps but the overall hp changes so I guess they are probably the second priority. Thank fk none of the newly shit tanks are relevant to older players. While for the new players... Lol... Gl bud.
  10. Wonder if there's a correlation between support for current government from older citizens and the country's response.
  11. I didn't mind it too much pre buff. It just suffered from the standard 240 alpha 8 med syndrome.
  12. Maybe name them after whoever finishes numbah wahn. U S A!
  13. I've not payed much attention to blame casting, but as you note, with all the forewarning provided it's almost a case of willful negligence not to have taken stronger measures sooner. When leaders come out with their toxically positive statements it just further digs their hole.
  14. The keys will be around testing for those with immunity. It's possible a similar strain with lower morality went around. But that will do little good if no immunity is generated from exposure to that earlier less deadly strain.
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