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  1. Was going to play but of late my house has gremlins. Blew a TV power board, my pc psu, and now a vacuum cleaner. Good times.
  2. Like an inverse pref mm. Actually makes sense. Hence no chance of wg doing it. Side note is that the template mm largely made half tiering pretty irrelevant for most battles.
  3. I'm curious about the less effective armor bit. Does that take into account the guns it faces? Ie if the 257 was also a tier 8 and v.v. would you still feel the same?
  4. I'd buy a prem on the condition wg actually balanced them all.
  5. Why post this on a competitive forum where people see the value of balance? As noted, try the main forums. There might be a few people left over there that might actually agree with you.
  6. I'll believe it when I see it. Likely a few years later than they should of but better late than never I guess.
  7. Ran the big frustrating one. I guess the one with better handling could work but I was concerned with the pen.
  8. So far i think sabre and mgm have been impressed by our haxorz. Wonder how many other clans we can add to our following. I did get a 51% AQUAS player tell me how good he was, but he fell short of haxorssations and just told me i was a low tier clubber... shortly before telling me he 3 marked the T67.
  9. I guess WG's theory is that on maps where VR is irrelevant the better forward / backward mobility and gun will make up for the spotting difference on the few maps where it might matter.
  10. Out of curiosity are there are lot of lightly armored tanks running around in tier 10 on other servers? A typical battle on SEA at tier 10 is about 16 - 20 heavies, 6 - 10 TDs and a smattering of lights / med / arty to fill in the rest. That will only get worse if they make armor even more effective.
  11. I suspect the theory is that with more 555 games in there it would mean the MM can slot more people in as top tiers more often.
  12. The issue will be whether they implement something to ensure a mixture of top and bottom tier battles.
  13. Now changing APCR to AP? Ummm why? Are they genuinely worried that pubbies will get hit by APCR and assume 'special'? They literally treat their players as if they are half wits. It's like they are saying 'apcr gets lower damage because it punches a small hole, you know for historic accuracy, so we're making it AP for realism... but yeah, the heat round is going to do less damage still' Also at least sounding like some type 4/5 nerfs.