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  1. Iirc you don't need even that many 279 missions. Get the 8 from chimera etc then do one full set including an order gets you the 9 you need to skip the last 3 mission 15s.
  2. Single digits!?! Book the fucking limousine! Can't see them experimenting with their cash cow.
  3. How to balance a premium... By buffing it of course... https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2021/04/12/supertest-🇨🇿-skoda-t-56-changed-stats/
  4. Not sure they've posted an armor model, but they listed the armor value for the turret the same as the m48 I believe.
  5. Not T49 specifically, but skills' recent sheri derp vid is rather glorious for those craving some HE pen action.
  6. It's one of the old school reward tanks before wg decided balance was a fine wench.
  7. 2 hours later... "Just doing my dailies"
  8. Cheers for the cookie, but you missed recruits, access and playing with your first set of edits. Oh and still pretty sure this isn't your audience. Try the official forums.
  9. This level of know your audience is AAA grade. As is know your spell check.
  10. Was the SB shit? 7/10 say yes. Wg: 70% positive feedback.
  11. To be fair, they still will. With equivalent equipment and skills they'll be even sillier then that, just not driving around like crazy without being able to be tracked and having wheel shields.
  12. Bat line is a bit niche nowadays. If you're good with vision and lights I'd go the 13 line.
  13. It's basically meaningless to even care at this point, but of all the ways they could make the game more gimmicky, did they really have to go with such unrealistic ones?
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