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  1. My std b is my happy place. Great when you have the shits with playing the gimped fire power lights. I did the same with the prosecco in FLs. So yeah, as per soho, I guess 'derpy' is all relative.
  2. It could also be they were too tight to buy the IP for it.
  3. I think the 22 was already with camo crew based on figures I've seen. Still good. Roughly k91 level.
  4. Imo it's not as enjoyable as prior to template MM as it still is rather dull from a team line up perspective. That being said the templates do address issues with obvious tier imbalances etc. that existed in the old MM. And as soho notes, the more single tier battles you get in tier 8, the more you realise how badly WG screwed the pooch with their prems.
  5. Just wait until the next patch when she's rebalanced.
  6. Not really been paying attention but didn't he quit the CC stuff?
  7. Ezz


    Oh and as an extra sweetener, the 430 is pretty cheap to run given its inexpensive shell price.
  8. Ezz


    In all honesty the 430 is basically the 120 except better. Better armor, better gun handling, lower profile... basically all round better. The 120 gets a bit more pen and heat, but beyond that it's yet another tank that's been power crept.
  9. All I really know of the PC thing was that some people got salty about something. Beyond that i was just incredibly disappointed at the crd ing. And yes I'm a pats fan and dead souls are still better than rangas.
  10. Their pr laden justification for removing it is typical wg amusement. It's too hard for the shitters so no one can use it. They can't just say that it made them situationally too strong of course.
  11. Ezz

    JT Hype train

    I did it about a year ago having had a couple year gap after the jp2. It was enjoyably good at dpm and once in a while your armor will allow some hull down bully. Once they load heat you're going to struggle tho but then that goes for most things.
  12. The mobility is noticeably better and the armor holds up a little better if you're using it more as a med. It's also a smaller low profile target so arty tends not to be as much of an issue. Basically it's a med that can play as a pocket heavy. Plus the mm considers you a med while the t10 you'll be a heavy.
  13. TV a day after plugging a chromecast into its USB port (about a month ago). PC psu 2 days ago. Vacuum cleaner while cleaning pc case after removing said PSU - noting this was a handheld dyson job. So as much as i'd like to blame our dodgey unit power supply i suspect it's more the universe trying to tell me not to play tanks as per otto.
  14. Was going to play but of late my house has gremlins. Blew a TV power board, my pc psu, and now a vacuum cleaner. Good times.
  15. Like an inverse pref mm. Actually makes sense. Hence no chance of wg doing it. Side note is that the template mm largely made half tiering pretty irrelevant for most battles.
  16. I'm curious about the less effective armor bit. Does that take into account the guns it faces? Ie if the 257 was also a tier 8 and v.v. would you still feel the same?
  17. I'd buy a prem on the condition wg actually balanced them all.
  18. Why post this on a competitive forum where people see the value of balance? As noted, try the main forums. There might be a few people left over there that might actually agree with you.
  19. I'll believe it when I see it. Likely a few years later than they should of but better late than never I guess.
  20. Ran the big frustrating one. I guess the one with better handling could work but I was concerned with the pen.
  21. So far i think sabre and mgm have been impressed by our haxorz. Wonder how many other clans we can add to our following. I did get a 51% AQUAS player tell me how good he was, but he fell short of haxorssations and just told me i was a low tier clubber... shortly before telling me he 3 marked the T67.
  22. I guess WG's theory is that on maps where VR is irrelevant the better forward / backward mobility and gun will make up for the spotting difference on the few maps where it might matter.
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