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  1. It's one of the old school reward tanks before wg decided balance was a fine wench.
  2. 2 hours later... "Just doing my dailies"
  3. Cheers for the cookie, but you missed recruits, access and playing with your first set of edits. Oh and still pretty sure this isn't your audience. Try the official forums.
  4. This level of know your audience is AAA grade. As is know your spell check.
  5. Was the SB shit? 7/10 say yes. Wg: 70% positive feedback.
  6. To be fair, they still will. With equivalent equipment and skills they'll be even sillier then that, just not driving around like crazy without being able to be tracked and having wheel shields.
  7. Bat line is a bit niche nowadays. If you're good with vision and lights I'd go the 13 line.
  8. It's basically meaningless to even care at this point, but of all the ways they could make the game more gimmicky, did they really have to go with such unrealistic ones?
  9. Iirc the old credit retraining was capped at about 39k xp for 20k credits per crew. Just give us a similar capped option and the retraining and multiple crew should be fine. 750 covers the old 200 gold per crew, so 75k credits would be equivalent.
  10. Kinda sad that most of the content people I've watched so far are either completely unaware of the impact of the new xp cost of retraining or are deliberately leaving that out when making their assessment on the new system. I'm beginning to wonder whether wg put out a list of 'don't mention...' topics they'll hope the players won't notice.
  11. It's small consolation but it should be noted that everyone else who had been happy grinding multiple 3-4 skill crews will be in the same boat wrt competitiveness. The overall drop in effectiveness of crews upon conversion is going to hit everyone.
  12. Only less than one full skill crews get booked. At 3 skills you're stuck with useless bunk sitters.
  13. A bit less view range isn't purely a bad thing as it was saturated already in the upper tiers. But yeah, simple solutions would have been far less convoluted way to get the main wins for crew 2.0.
  14. Imo the issue is if wg should be addressing HE as a balance for hull down tanks prior to addressing map design and the dominance of those hull down spots. Moreover it highlights my view that HE ranks below a number of other balance related issues in terms of fixing priority (specific tanks, maps).
  15. So are hull down heavies struggling? Sconq with low mobility and low alpha must be relegated to shit tier with all the HE spam.
  16. I'm not sure about na, but are the 60tp and e3 dominating there?
  17. Nice that you found time to test this and that it was apparently repeatable. I'd noticed it but just figured it was just wg's servers doing strange things. One i'm curious if anyone else has noticed, but i think there are situations where you kill the commander (maybe within that 1.65s) and then don't get spotted. Guessing i killed the commander at least as i don't have whatever that perk is that tells you. Could explain some. Could also be their commander was already dead and or it's just wg's odd spotting where some feather floating between my spotting points and theirs kept me unspotte
  18. Tried the 105, it's ok, but imo not worth the xp. The 120 is in line for the rhino anyway and offers better dpm.
  19. That says more about the prog than the pant. It's still excellent compared to most tier 8 meds. But yeah, the std b is so worth it. Imo still one of, if not the best 9 med.
  20. Have to say, that sounds mostly like a pubbie issue as opposed to the map. But then that's a common issue for most maps really. I guess then ban the maps pubbies are worst at.
  21. Turbo instead of vstab... I'm intrigued. That does sound fun.
  22. Paris. Never got any enjoyment playing it. It seemed to suck regardless of what tank I was in so it's been blocked since the option became available.
  23. Fwiw the next iteration gets a dpm and aim time buff. Still won't be a dpm monster or anything but will help.
  24. I still reckon they were all meant to be a tier lower, then someone forgot to make the 10 so they shifted them all up one tier.
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