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  1. That says more about the prog than the pant. It's still excellent compared to most tier 8 meds. But yeah, the std b is so worth it. Imo still one of, if not the best 9 med.
  2. Have to say, that sounds mostly like a pubbie issue as opposed to the map. But then that's a common issue for most maps really. I guess then ban the maps pubbies are worst at.
  3. Turbo instead of vstab... I'm intrigued. That does sound fun.
  4. Paris. Never got any enjoyment playing it. It seemed to suck regardless of what tank I was in so it's been blocked since the option became available.
  5. Fwiw the next iteration gets a dpm and aim time buff. Still won't be a dpm monster or anything but will help.
  6. I still reckon they were all meant to be a tier lower, then someone forgot to make the 10 so they shifted them all up one tier.
  7. I was hoping for the notch turret snipe, but the platoon double tap was worth it too.
  8. From watching it he tried a normal set up, did ok but found it slow driving up the himmels hill. Then went full ham with turbo but no vstab and noted the gun bloom... like derr... so reverted to improved equipment. Normal vents vstab rammer / optics vstab rammer and it seems fine.
  9. Played my first couple with it yesterday. Basically as per all the reviews. Also clearly at this point it's mostly good players in it and doing well. 1180 raw was a 3rd class on sea.
  10. Getting the shits with wg is fine, it was that voice that grated. Still agree with most of his thoughts tho. Sadly the next closest thing seems to be claus whose tank shittery grates even worse.
  11. Another side note, off road helps terrain resistances which also help your rotation. I tend to go for it before clutch. Doesn't help your equipment choices a lot, but I'd say those are down to optics vstab rammer or vents vstab rammer.
  12. Personally I didn't change from optics vstab rammer. The tank doesn't really need much help on the rotation side of things as it's already very nimble, so I just went for all out stabilisation.
  13. It was like they left it as a mediocre 6 scout just long enough for the marketing team to have a crack at it, then nerfed it after that before we got to touch it.
  14. Fwiw I dropped vstab mostly because it never went all that fast. It would be ironic if adding a turbo then made a vstab more of a requirement.
  15. My guess is better players play the char because it's interesting. It's a different flavour. While the ae is basically a conq from murica.
  16. Being the most interesting of the reward tanks isn't what I'd call hype. But from a competitive perspective the ae1 is hands down the leader with the 7777 hands down the loser. But it's a mobile glass cannon so going to appeal far more than just another hull down heavy.
  17. I'm kinda the same. Except ground wt long ago, then literally a few years later played the jt and loved it. Tho I particularly lived bullying people with quasi armor and dpm. Not sure how camo and dpm would work in today's meta.
  18. Pen creep is most evident in the 8 and 9 meds.
  19. Fk. But hey your economy's all aces right. Not even sure how to react to horrible shit like that. Believe that things can be better.
  20. Fwiw i'm pretty sure whoever said 20+ base camo was dreaming.
  21. Went with IOpt, IVents and CVS for ranked. Quite a few times i'd be driving around, spot something, assume i'd be spotted back, but wasn't getting lit. It really was noticable.
  22. So as the next ranked is upon us, are any of the new equipment options for scouts actually competitively useful? I've not experimented much at all but from what I can tell a lot of the standard improved equipment will still be better choices. Curious whether running my t100 or ebr with any of the funky new stuff is worth it. Eg exchanging a rammer or something.
  23. Their goal is not to make things more balanced, but to give players a new line to focus on. They go thru old lines that some of the newer players haven't done, buff them, wait until the buzz has finished, then choose another line to buff. Hence why the chinese meds stayed shit for so long, and now got a slight look in.
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