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  1. Better turret plus minor tweaks. Better but still in the meh category of most 8 meds.
  2. Imo the frustration comes from things that largely are player driven. The game itself isn't that bad (apart from balance and maps) but most of the things that shit me are due to players who are clueless.
  3. ^^^ exactly. Release broken prems and anything after that will be compared to them. You either keep breaking your game and worsening the issues of p2w fueled power creep or people have a whinge. The fact it is still likely better than the majority of tier 8 meds seems to be lost on people.
  4. They're rock and a hard place now. Either OP or meh is pretty much how everything will be balanced.
  5. Ezz

    Object 705...thread

    I used the 130 purely for the improved aural experience.
  6. Pro tip, 279 missions are tier 8 min.
  7. Would it be ok if you two just choose one thread to do this in?
  8. At least they took out the references to their outstanding alpha. Also that drinking game would be rather apt for the thread as I suspect it could be rather vomit inducing.
  9. Do you prefer hull down or side scraping?
  10. Pretty much every cc I saw noted the pathetic dpm. Wg response, leave dpm as is. About the only use I can see for this is when a good clan wants to tea bag some shitter clan so takes a full team of manicures.
  11. Even at 440 the manicure would be ordinary. It would need to be pushing 500+ to make up for that rof and shell count.
  12. My guess on the rush is that testing them was not a priority and meant the gold ammo rebalance had to be put on hold. That or their testers are just ridiculously inept.
  13. Side topic but it's cemented by their crew book things. For 2 mil you can add 250k to each person in a crew. Hmmmm 2 person crew or 5+ person crew... where's the value???
  14. Model team? Check. Tech tree team? Check. Balance team? ... Balance team? Are you there balance team? Hey Yuri, do we even have a balance team?
  15. 1.5-2x alpha for the lot of them and maybe they could work.
  16. Of note for the stb aficionados, it gets much nicer base depression/elevation in the 1.6 test. Basically one of the biggest gripes about the way they implemented its suspension.
  17. If the intended role is vision support thing, I'd take decent accuracy over decent pen.
  18. From a straight 'balance' perspective the template MM is probably more balanced than it was a few years ago. Unfortunately as far as overall game balance it does this fairly arbitrarily. Rather than try to balance the various classes WG made the MM basically says that if team 1 gets one, so then does team 2, and it's fairly rigid about it. Eg It unfortunately means the fact that upper tier lights tend not to be great on the whole is 'balanced' by the fact that at least both teams have to have one.
  19. I doubt they'll change it into anything more interesting. If they had that option they'd be selling it as a new tank. Suspecting the trivial buffs mentioned in other thread are more likely.
  20. Because the 34-3 wasn't rare and about to be put in the loot boxes... As i mentioned before, the issue was that all the other stuff received the buffs mentioned above. Some arguably needed them, quite a few didn't. I think many of those buffs came around the time WG realised that balanced premiums weren't selling so figured p2w was the way of the future.
  21. Brit lights so op they'll get you dick pics.
  22. Could be the first person to support the brit lights. Best contact them.
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