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  1. Ezz is Ezz777 your second account? you're both in pbkac so i was like wait a sec...

    1. Ezz


      Yeah, a long while back WG said alt accounts were ok, so Ezz777 was created and started its life in our first off shoot clan (that became LUCK). Nowadays Ezz shifted out of commander as i was hoping Val would grind part of that t-44-100 mission for me and having an outsider with full commander rights wasn't quite right.

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    literally, you must hate yourself legitimately to willingly play fucking solo. after 4 solo games I actually want to uninstall this fucking game. and people wonder why I platoon all my games. 

    This game was over before I got where i was going: CQ0GW05.jpg

    Its fucking retarded. how can people fucking enjoy playing games where its literally 1v29? HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE STAND THIS SHIT?

    I will never understand people who turn down a platoon invite and say "sorry I just wanna solo" LIKE HOW CAN YOU WILLINGLY SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THIS TORTURE?

    1. Ezz


      Solo also has the advantage of being able to GTFO out of battle the minute things go bad. No waiting for your tooners to fix stuff up. Interestingly the change between tooning and solo can be quite jarring from the playstyle perspective. After a good stint solo i was focused more on staying alive more and so was less aggressive. Switching to a competent platoon and i'd find myself doing my own thing more than trying to really leverage the coordination benefits of a toon. So initially it was more like solo plus guaranteed non tomatoes rather than 3 people working in together. From an enjoyment perspective tho solo or platooned, much of it is about managing your expectations. I have a bit of a deterministic and pessimistic approach whereby i think i consciously set myself up for a shit team. I guess that way i'm happily surprised more than i am sole destroyingly disappointed.

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  3. you should be free in an hour from now


    you will need to acknowledge the new warning


    been in the bush the last four days hunting

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