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  1. And yeah you have to run it in dosbox IIRC.  An XP virtual machine might work.


    Going to be a shitty story because i can't remember the name of the game now... but the same week i found WoT i had done a search for tanking games and found this game that ran in some compatibility mode. It was hilariously bad and had tanks running around uncontrollably as clearly the game wasn't meant to cope with modern clocks. Now we have 50-2s.

  2. So is this list what gets you RO'd on SEA forums?



    I mean, it's all against the rules on NA too but with the Mod-to-Thread ratio as it is, you don't have much to worry about (unless it's excessive enough to get reported).


    Pretty much. Plus with relatively little new content, the mods tend to pounce on anything pretty quick.


    In all honesty both sides seem to be getting along over there at the moment. But then most of the content is so inane these days it's not all that surprising.



    Also - while there's a CRAB here - are you lot affiliated with PBKAC too? Is there a full list of all the animals that are PBKAC derivatives?

  3. Sigh... some people should just stop posting in the SEA forums. Especially the ones who complain about the noobs when they're being nooby themselves. Would have given the benefit of the doubt but when I saw the guy give orders and play in my team, I just wanted to put a bullet in his head (which may likely happen since we live in the same country).


    *end rant*


    Two things... over here names are fine. Physical violence however is not.

  4. WoTLabs has so far to go before we can reach our ultimate goal of a blithering idiot focused Nannystate. The sad thing, none of the wotlabs admins can be bothered starting to take the required steps to get there, it's like they don't even want it to happen.




    They should learn from the WG mods. They are all over it!


    Also, get something other than a tier 5! I rage sold mine when they de derped it.

  5. If it's not good to watch you get canned, that should have been obvious. Teams that play first to get spotted loses are no good for WGs brand. Weeding out teams that play that way is good for the competition as a whole as teams have to develop winning strategies rather than non-losing strategies.


    This should favour the higher individually skilled teams rather than the ones that don't fall asleep.


    Agreed - but my view is that this should be clearly stated in the rules.


    Eg, 3 draws are allowed - any more and both teams are DQ'd.


    Not some retrospective, that was boring, you guys are out.

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