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  1. I'll do mentoring on SEA (like there would be anyone asking me really)


    It is hard enough getting those in need to read the WG forums, let alone filtering them over here. That being said, i'm sure you could teach a few some of your plethora of other skillz... :P


  2. There is realy no comparison. NA pubs are driving rollers. SEA pubs are driving unicycles with flat tyres.


    This is coming from a shit tanker (me), that runs unplatooned pub matches 99% of the time.


    SEA is horrendous in game.



    They are so bad we had to make up names.




    SEA men??


    In the forums, there is a list of banned words, except no one knows what is banned, so when a mod posts a word (eg like 'crap') you are then permitted to use it. So its basically guess the word list, and if you guess wrong you get a RO/Warning.

    So we can't say 'shit', but we can say 'crap' or 'poo' or 'poop' or 'poopey' or 'excremet' but you have to guess/test each word to find out whats OK. So you end up talking/typing using childish words to avoid random bans. Its fun 0_o


    Then the mods themselves.. well they post whatever they like, then get the other mods to say 'this is fine', then explain how the rules are now changed to suit the recent mod posts. This is why people dislike the mods, because they are appauling at their 'job'.


    Then everyone rages, the mods can't defend themselves, ban people for random things, then close the thread. Its pretty awesome.. thats why lots of SEA peeps are over here. Cause SEA Forums are shit (hopefully thats a permitted word..)




    Save for a few clan related threads i'll need to maintain i don't think i'll be going back over there much. The gameplay section began to get annoying. I'm not sure if it's the mods or lack of a -1 that caused that. Too many speds getting away with bollocks. Sigh. Here's hoping wotlabs stays clean. -1 FTW!


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