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  1. I'm kinda the same. Except ground wt long ago, then literally a few years later played the jt and loved it. Tho I particularly lived bullying people with quasi armor and dpm. Not sure how camo and dpm would work in today's meta.
  2. Pen creep is most evident in the 8 and 9 meds.
  3. Fk. But hey your economy's all aces right. Not even sure how to react to horrible shit like that. Believe that things can be better.
  4. Fwiw i'm pretty sure whoever said 20+ base camo was dreaming.
  5. Went with IOpt, IVents and CVS for ranked. Quite a few times i'd be driving around, spot something, assume i'd be spotted back, but wasn't getting lit. It really was noticable.
  6. So as the next ranked is upon us, are any of the new equipment options for scouts actually competitively useful? I've not experimented much at all but from what I can tell a lot of the standard improved equipment will still be better choices. Curious whether running my t100 or ebr with any of the funky new stuff is worth it. Eg exchanging a rammer or something.
  7. Their goal is not to make things more balanced, but to give players a new line to focus on. They go thru old lines that some of the newer players haven't done, buff them, wait until the buzz has finished, then choose another line to buff. Hence why the chinese meds stayed shit for so long, and now got a slight look in.
  8. Ezz

    AMX 50 120

    Really depends how you're finding the gun handling. If it needs help irm should help. Otherwise optics is what I ran it with back in the day.
  9. Imo the std b and pta are still strong in tier despite their nerfs. Which kinda points to how broken they were prior.
  10. ... but turbo memes... Should probably try the IRM on the e50, but ... turbo!
  11. I always enjoyed it for the driving and the schnazzy muzzle brake, but fk me that final accuracy sucked. Can't really comment on current meta as haven't played it since marking it. But yeah would guess the wheelies would shit on it, as they do most of the paper lights.
  12. Did the same, don't intend to play it. It is basically worse at everything compared to a 50-2 or type 64, and worse at most things compared to tree lights. Mine is now baracks space. It does kinda look cute tho.
  13. Did anyone check to see if he still has the kiddy fiddler videos up on his channel?
  14. Ezz


    It's a non comfy tank in a meta driven by comfy tanks. Find your moments then you can actually do what the tank does well.
  15. Yeah on paper the used looks better in lots of ways, but i also found it rather clunky. It was probably just me not coming to grips with it. I've also noticed guards bring able to wiggle their way to some random bounces that the used never did for me.
  16. Yeah but you hate the lansen too. It's a funny element I suspect doesn't get looked at much but there's a significant difference in low boom low accuracy style play and higher bloom higher final accuracy tanks. I suspect having spent spent a lot of time in the pre buff leo pta I have never minded it. The kpz faces similar issues. It's the requirement to let gun settle that little bit longer that takes getting used to. I'm at a point in my bond farming where I might actually get one of these because auctions are never going to be worth it any more.
  17. So similar dpm at least if a very slight nerf... for those that know track health and that sort of stuff, does 280 provide any meaningful advantage in terms of first shot tracking?
  18. Echoing the credit issue. Given you can cop a negative 10k if you get ganked early, a top 5 should definitely net more than 6k. Tho maybe wg were afraid that if people could earn credits in the mode that it would be enjoyed too much........ Also, my goodness that countdown seems stupidly long. Do the potatoes really need that long to load?
  19. Inb4 they buff dpm just prior to putting it in the loot boxes.
  20. I was bushed in my EBR at about 120m and got lit by a T92... did not end well for me. Can only presume he had some evil combo of equipment as it was never happening previous t0 2.0.
  21. The biggest issue with fronties is how similar every battle plays out. Basically cap blobs a go go. While at least in shunter there seems to be a lot more variety in what happens. Sometimes you get ganked early, but unlike a clear faceroll team in fronties, you're done and out of there and into the next one. As to engagements i tend not to engage unless i know i'm going to win with the higher pen ammo lower alpha gun on whichever tank, so pen is less of an issue for me i guess. My standard engagement is having heat loaded with apcr as ready shell. If french thing encountered, select heat
  22. Still feels considerably more enjoyable than FL imo. And seriously, if people are not once making a top 5 i'm not sure how they could expect to get max rewards.
  23. The key to irm is that it will improve general ability to react while also improving forward backward dispersion. Turret dispersion improvement is offset by the increased speed of rotation. And I'm still running my pre 2.0 setup of optics vents rammer just to give me the option of spotting. Also tend to either play from aim as long as you like spots or up close so never really used gld.
  24. If the meds and heavies are moving or bushed the cvs would also confer a bonus too. And yeah, doing the math wrong is a very significant step ahead of where i got to ... i'm yet to even buy any of this new shit, because fk full price anything in wot anymore.
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