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  1. 19 minutes ago, Ham_ said:

    What about real "shit just popped a wheel on a multiton vehicle going 90" physics? I want the fucker to flip and burn

    Now they'll just slow down to the speed of a normal light. Pop another wheel and they're a med.

    For mine slowing them down was only part of their stupidity. Their farcical maneuverability was the main issue, and sadly that looks like it will be retained.

    Interestingly dezgames' video on the topic features an ebr cleaning up. Basically none of the nerfs mentioned would have impacted the dudes ability to carry (he barely got hit while moving - barely shot on the move). I'd guess most of the nerfs will impact the average and below players, so will probably scale the tank even more with ability, which is obviously a good thing.

  2. Both of the above underscore one of the key issues, they are simultaneously dominant in some roles yet they aren't overly influential from a winning sense. There are far more broken tanks in tier 10 yet likely none as annoying (except arty).

    And don't get me wrong, I'm all for adjusting them, they are stupid as they are but as someone noted elsewhere, maybe part of the issue relates to how weak the other lights are. If wg nerfs them too hard we'll just have another meh light in the game which is already dominated my heaviums.

  3. It's an aside to the core topic but things like average win rate of the player base mean little as to overall quality. A pool of bots playing each other will have the same average win rate as a pool of cum.

    As to expected values, I've noted a lot of fluctuation based on what's meta and who's playing tanks. Plus, if you turn around the thought and question what would make the values drop, it's because it's harder for people to do damage. Either because as per your theory, the players are worse, or because it's harder to farm because everyone else is better. It's one of the reasons comparisons between server gameplay jump out. Some servers appear to have more of the 'paid actors' making farming easier.

    Personal opinion, there are more bots now than ever, while the humans out there have improved slowly. Most now understand vision, most get angling, most even aren't afraid to use gold. All of which make it tougher to farm.

  4. Naturally they could then play with all the intra clips but imo slowing the shooting bit down arbitrarily would take some of the shooting joy away. You could probably get a similar result just be increasing all hp by 10% tho I guess that still leaves rammer in the mix.

  5. There were some slight buffs in there for some bond stuff iirc. Irammer was at 13.5% I think and similar for some others.

    The other benefit as mentioned is not having to be in a specific slot. Gives you more flexibility without being tied to wg's 'this is how we want you to play the tank'.

  6. I'm still waiting for them to decide what to do with all these tier 9 prems. Are they thinking bong shop or outright selling them. They can't all be rewards. And if selling will they start offering credit benefits? It is the natural progression of how to power creep the power creep 8s.

  7. The point was that they were similar flavours of tank with the post 2015 prem being better than the tree equivalent. And yeah on reflection I think I was comparing to when the 44 hasn't been buffed yet but the gun handling alone is a big advantage for its play style. Either way there are lots of similar issues with prems and it's not like the 101 is a tvp vtu.

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