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  1. That's like saying isn't the t44 just the 44100 but worse. Comparing anything to one of wg's broken prems doesn't really tell you much. Just that it isn't as broken.
  2. Yeah different one, and I would have linked had I realised there was about to be a whole bunch of translated qnas come out. There are probably other translations out by now, but this is the one I'd seen... http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/28338-more-than-400-new-vehicles-are-still-planned-for-wot/page__st__1640__pid__1836020#entry1836020
  3. T100lt and the 13 105 can still be fun and are basically 2 and 3. Plus in ranked they match tracked lights to tracked lights and wheelies to wheelies via the mm so it's still fun there. 54lt was rather fun too but, I guess in a similar vein to the t44, it's tough to make work for many so isn't considered great.
  4. You thought murazor was shit... Hold my vodka!
  5. Wait till you read the qna from the new guy. Reckons balance currently very good and that power creep is all good. Also the guy in charge of equipment and crew changes.
  6. Except for wg, having someone doing a decent job of watching balance will cost far more than having poor Yuri get shitfaced on vodka every 6 months then decide that keeping the Russians happy is more important than balance anyway. Nostrovia!
  7. The skorp was somewhat of an unknown as there was discussion that camo mattered. While those that knew how to vision already knew it didn't. The defender tho was basically universally condemd as broken, even by the most biased, and yet was still released as is.
  8. Indeed. It's not even like the t30 is particularly iconic or even that sought after. I would have thought maybe some other cool tier 10 skin perhaps. But oh well, let's hope it at least looks good.
  9. For me the beginning of the end was when they stopped caring about balance. The perception was that they got burned irreversibly after trying to sort out the super Pershing. Since then it appears they got a green light to release more and more broken prems and then just leave them there. Who needs balance when you aren't pretending to be a competitive game?And who needs balance when you can sell broken shit?
  10. Ezz


    I meant skill and one of the others (can't recall which). Our main forum is too filled with apathy for much actual tank discussion to occur. We keep it mostly to what new piece of broken nonsense wg intends to release.
  11. Ezz


    Odd, I thought the general vibe on the 9 was that it was very good. Most put it ahead of the 8 with the 10 a distant third as far as the line goes.
  12. Can't have tree tanks balanced with reward or prems. That'd be shit for the moon base.
  13. One theory I heard bounced around a while back was that climate could play a role in its transmissive qualities. Haven't looked for much more on that since so not sure if that theory progressed much.
  14. Player my first battle in the stb in a few years in this season of ranked. 4 chevrons later, rather enjoyed it. It's reload feels silly fast.
  15. Suspect it would just lead to silly battles with 10 rhm per side (or whichever tanks got the best modifier). For mine fixing ranked was about the overall balance in tier 10 more than anything. If there were fewer broken tanks there would be fewer broken battles. The premise of any competitive mode should be player ability as the primary input, not what tank they bring.
  16. They're big yet iirc in the 220+ effective region so still decent vs lower tiers at least.
  17. I suspect people wearing a mask would also have a harder time touching their mouth or nose as well. A passive benefit I guess.
  18. The issue is at this point given current treatments even in ICU a lot of people will die. Without ICU even more. Hence flattening the curve. But then what? Without a vaccine or effective treatment it's still going to go around pretty much everyone unless there's basically a loooooong global lock down. Global economy fucked. And if we don't see acquired immunity after exposure or any successful vaccine life as we know it will have to be different.
  19. I tell you what, looking around the main forums is far more pleasant now. I say keep the UBP.
  20. Sadly my reroll faltered and only managed 80... I mean 90.
  21. My theory is that the maus being boring alone lead to it being buffed. It's like they were using player numbers as a balance factor.
  22. Use efficiency instead. Best metric +/- 1000.
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