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  1. 3 hours ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    On to more serious matters, in terms of potential good news I'm hearing people question whether the virus might already have been more widespread than we thought - possibly for more than a month.  That would seem to me to imply that the fatality rate of the disease is nothing like as high as we feared, and that we're seeing an uncomfortable number of deaths due to virulence rather than a high mortality rate.

    The keys will be around testing for those with immunity. It's possible a similar strain with lower morality went around. But that will do little good if no immunity is generated from exposure to that earlier less deadly strain.

  2. The length of lock down I suspect will depend on more detailed knowledge of mortality rates, immunity and success of treatments. If things start improving in those respects then I suspect flattening the curve may be seen as enough. Ie enough to ensure icus aren't overrun. If things don't improve, or if countries like India or Indonesia start copping it on an even larger scale then, yeah, I suspect this is just the beginning.

  3. Short term is hoping your country started isolation earlier enough in the infection process. Medium term will be whether the various drugs being trialled to treat symptoms prove to be effective. While longer term we may see vaccines developed on the assumption the thing is stable enough to allow it.

  4. Naturally the improvements in health care etc. will have made a huge difference and all, but I've never experienced the social outrage expressed just from images of people gathering. I just hope my news feeds aren't so filtered by fb et al that the message isn't 'socially distanced' from those that need to be aware of this shit yet seem oblivious.

  5. My gut feeling is that it's the same multiplier however you get other benefits such as a single repair bill, not needing much/any prem, and not having to queue and countdown for every game. That being said for variety I probably prefer randoms.

  6. 49 minutes ago, Istanbultaye said:

    I thought it was the aim time people have against it for sniping role more so than dispersion, but maybe I have misunderstood.

    Well both...

    Dispersion for first shot... aim time for second. To even get back to fully aimed you need 3-4s so your intra clip is impacted at range.

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