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  1. Admittedly based on a small sample, I would have said a bit above the 10/15 for goods, but yeah, nice summary. It can carve up at close range - even corridors can be used as long as you have distractions around you. Pop out, blap for lots, get safe. Plus the mobility of this allows you to easily choose where you want to create that numbers overmatch. Eg a 2 vs 2 with one enemy <700 is basically gg once you yolo in as the third gun. At range you need to be able to leverage the vision of this - which again is excellent. If you know your spots you'll get one or even two free shots from camo then be able to get back to cover safely. Naturally re exposing from the same spots will get you smacked, but 20s in this thing is half a map away...

    In many ways it's a tank with extreme strengths but quirky awkwardness. Different combos obviously, but a bit like a 416. If you can work around the awkwardness and know how to bring the strengths to bear, it's a beast.

  2. For mine FLs had two major flaws.

    One was the stale blob cap meta. I'm not sure how pronounced it was on other servers but on sea it basically distilled down to a bunch of fast tanks blobbing around. With cap / defence points being the fast road to general it was pretty much the most effective way to play, so that's what everyone did.

    Second was the silly magic spells like spotter planes and smoke breaking the vision game.

    Steel hunter i just played run away for as long as possible then died. Seemed to work. I just hope they do something about the obvious teaming that was going on.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Never said:

    I made a tweak to query to fix an issue with the battles displayed in the periodic columns that might have something to do with it. I'll see if that's the case and if there's no workaround I'll revert the change.

    To be honest i've only tested on about half a dozen player pages and mine is the only one not loading so not sure how widespread. If i'm one of the few broken ones i'm not fussed - it's been a godsend during my recent tier X event shittery!

  4. Bidding... Ewww. I'd rather the reverse. Full price for first hour then decrease subsequent hours. Seemed silly for a black market to want to offload stuff then just end up keeping a ton of tanks (or at least they did on sea for some of the undesirables). But it's wg after all...

  5. 9 minutes ago, sohojacques said:

    @Ezz traditionally every wtf moment with SS has easily been explained by just watching the map for a bit. But I have had a very small number of instances where I 100% know I’m not lit. I peak through a bush and watch several red tanks instantly turn and shoot at me. Still alive as is my commander. No lightbulb.

    Again, without a replay it's hard to diagnose, but just on the surface that sounds like someone had you lit permanently. As someone who spent a fair amount of time dicking around in lights, it's one of the joys when you light someone from an unusual angle, see them do what they think is dropping out of vision but still being lit, then popping back out. It's almost as good as playing a scout before SS was even in the game.

  6. 57 minutes ago, Enroh said:

    3s? Thought it was 2s? :notlikethis:

    3s for a normal SS commander, 2s if you run the directive on top of that.

    28 minutes ago, sohojacques said:

    Even they’re not that fast. I’m talking about 1-2 seconds into the game with no line of sight.

    Gotta say I find it funny that everyone is assuming the OP is just user error. Cause WG have such a good record of not fucking stuff up. Invisible walls and random camo levels from bush to bush just add to the indie vibe (all shit they still haven’t fixed from patch 1.0)

    I'm basing it off my experience - namely that when it comes to SS i've not experienced oddities that weren't explained by much more than 'htf did that bloke get to there?!?' or 'lol, another broken camo tree' and similar. Which, as you say, isn't to say that wg couldn't fk something up, i've just never seen it when it comes to SS.

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