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  1. Generally speaking, at least LTs have much more carrying potential.
  2. Another question. Are the T71 and Type64 the most OP LTs tier for tier right now? Played the 64 and it feels great.
  3. He is right. If you have the bad side of the map, deny the enemy the good side best places so make it even. If i am on south Prok as a med/light, i will rush around E3 to counter any LTs going E1.
  4. T54LW is a keeper. Besides been a LT, with a good turret it plays the role of mediuns when top tier as well. Question for you all. Whats the current MM for tier 3 LTs? I have my Locust22 in the dust for quite a while.....
  5. BC-155-58 avg dmg is probably the lowest in tiers 9 and 10.
  6. T34 might be worth trading. Its pretty crappy even after 9.17 buffa.
  7. Leopard>XM551 T49>Leopard PT (tier9) Sad but true
  8. Repair skill will still prevent you from not getting perm track by some tanks. And in some cases its better to let the track autorepair than rushing your 5 button to repair with consumable.
  9. Watch the replay at: 13min14sec 12min24sec 9min31sec http://wotreplays.com/site/3518207#overlord-tankthief-t49
  10. Played around 15 battlws on t49. He is in a very good place with the small gun. My older avg was 1.350dmg, now i am doing over 2k, most games between 2.5-3k. It feels my spotting is less important since when top tier you have to deliver dmg. I have the feeling the real losers in this patch are the tier 8s and some 9s that cant outtrade/outflex the new LTs. The improved power/weight on LTs is playing a huuge role.
  11. arty hits my T49 for 1k in my very first game. Wooohooo!!
  12. Another serious issue. With normal MM, fail matchmakings will put a LT on one side and a..Mauschen/e75 (name good tanks) on another as top tiers. I doubt WG will fix that
  13. Pretty sad. The T71+Bulldog respond for more than 15% of my games, i just love it. LTs are responsable for 30% of my games, 90% of it tier 7/8. This patch is a big blow to my gameplay. I think they will have to rebuff the tanks later on, but for now i will have to stick with Type64 and who knows what else.
  14. Changed the conditions of refunding for the light tanks: T-54 ltwt. If the T-54 ltwt. is researched: If the LTTB is not available in the Garage, add the LTTB with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50%. If the LTTB is available in the Garage, perform refunding in the amount of 1,205,000 credits. Ru 251 If the Ru 251 is researched: The HWK 12 with a vehicle slot and a crew trained to 50% is added to the account. T49 If the T49 is researched. If the M41 Bulldog is not available in the Garage, add the M41 Bulldog with a vehicle slot and a crew tra
  15. "Increased the repair cost by XX% Decreased profitability by XX% " Extra special sauced nerf at the last minute.
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