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  1. I've got the B2 I live in South Africa, and postage will be EXPENSIVE, so pass on the shirts. My WN8 (in tanks I understand) has doubled since joining this site. Gratz on 1mil
  2. W00t! Overall yellow! And two sessions in a row @ dark green, so recent is on its way to green! I'm kinda proud of myself, in a po-ta-toe way... Tier 8 premium session from a few days ago:
  3. 6 months in, two monumentally stupid things done: 1) IS-6 challenge 2) Super P challenge I'm playing tanks I don't like, and then staying at 1200-1500 per session on good nights. Last 3 weeks have been terribad, playing 800-1000! WTF is wrong with me??? Why can't I learn to stick with things I like? 1700 on T29, at least that'll get me towards green. Someone slap some sense into me...
  4. Welkom maatjie! Ek vat so bietjie langer as meeste mense om te leer, maar dis nice om so baie mense van SA hier te sien!
  5. ^ this :-) I love seeing tanks hit the brakes, forget about even pointing their gun at you and just frantically try to get out of the way. I've recently started shooting premium rounds on this (we had a 1v1 comp in our clan) and the sheer joy of 600-800 damage on everything T6 or below is absolutely worth the expense. My favorite moment in it: 1 shotting a KV-1s, and 2 KV-1 tanks in a row when the gods of RNG smiled on me. I'd never before been called a hacker in PMs after a game, but that day I had 2 of them ranting at me, and the whole enemy team reporting me...
  6. Hi all Volguus (EU) here. I don't think I'll ever be purple, but at the moment, I've set my lofty goal at being solid green across the board. I jumped straight into WOT, and made sooooo many mistakes (quick rushes, fire a few shots, die) that after 3k battles I had a WN7 of <500 and avg damage of 250. Since then I've started to read a lot on this forum and learned from clanmates in platoons, and as a result, my 30 and 7 day stats are already looking better. I now make it a priority to do at least 1x my own HP damage (not quite @ x2 yet) and to try to survive for as long as possible. I'm also finding that I need to stop playing so many tanks at the same time, and rather stick with things that have similar playstyles in a single session. Thanks for this forum, it's a great place for people like me (who want to get better) to learn! Volguus (CryII)
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