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    Wants to upgrade the Sherman on base with the 105

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  1. All the JRPGs I wanted are 50%+ off, so yeah, I wouldn't say this is a bad sale.
  2. No, TL;DR version is "Don't play the tank if you can't count reloads and sidescrape."
  3. On a scale of 1 to holy shit hueg, how much bloatware did they make you install?
  4. When I saw the Centurion at my new base, all I can think of is "Is the turret non-pen-able with whatever I got at the time?"

  5. When are you on bro? I'd like some fun pubbie tears farming time with my old mates.
  6. WAS going to buy the caern back for grinding to conq...
  7. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to make this thing work. If anyone has good replays I'd appreciate it.
  8. I'm having a lot of troubles readjusting to my IS-7 after leaving it in the garage for so long. But E-100 is definitely worth it.
  9. He is as yellow as I am, which is very if you have access to the patron section.
  10. Super Pershing OP credit machine.

  11. No more mobile theme, RIP data.

  12. RIP me for being stuck on base for training.
  13. Such an awful recruitment thread, I'm home!
  14. Pity can I have a title change?

  15. Unfortunately with my current situation (aka living on a base) I don't have that luxury.
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