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  1. I actually liked the Caern, color me weird. The alpha was weak but as long as you could hide the LP the armor package was much better than a Cent, and the mobility was not that bad (at least before Cent speed buff). These new buffs make an OK tank a really good tank for Tier 8, The tier 9 and 10 seem underwhelming though. Tier 9 Conq does not need a DPM nerf. Tier 10 Super Conq. needs a bit more mobility and lower turret rotation bloom.
  2. Exactly. Putting the low DPM 20 pounder on the old chassis with a speed buff would have been fine, they just took 8 patches to do it. The old FV4202 had a 151 plate, I wonder if the new 9.20 one gets it so it woulbe be 230 effective va AP. Still I think the patriot is a better premium, so IMHO these buffs really aren't OP. FV 4202 Still has poor DPM and pretty poor turret bloom. Horay for the cent reversion to pre HD. Now I can take them off the boycott list of tanks I won't grind / play. So golfclap for WG. They are making the list of horrible tier8's smaller, and this is needed because Tier 8 sucks right now. We need more t25 pilots and less TVP VTU's Just wish they could blow up the defender, such an outlier.
  3. Good gameplay should be about tradeoffs for optimization. Right now the only tradeoff other than more credits is the lower normalization on APCR. I think a little more simplified version of above will work...too may shells and it becomes confusing for the masses. For instance with the M1A1 76MM having a solid shell with higher pen and lower damage and a APCR with worse dispersion and low pen at distance makes decisions tougher. For long reload time tanks this would be pretty tough as having the wrong shell in could be much more problematic than today. Still a good idea, but as others have mentioned, potential execution issues for WG. (EG: what ever happened to Six Sense being a base skill?
  4. This would help bring diversity as well. A 32 pounder with 238-242 pen and DPM comparable to current BP / Church Gun carrier as an optional gun for the BP and a 1950 DPM option for the Caern would be pretty cool.
  5. The BP is much better than the Churchill VII already, the turret is not the issue. In fact the turret of the BP is better than the Cent I or 7 currently. The Caern is also a better tank (for me) than the Cent due to better hull and the action X turret. I think a more unique solution would be increased ROF, that's what makes the Church III unique & fun is a machine gun for a cannon. For the BP I would increase the UFP to 195 ish and make the reload 4.2 seconds, additional DPM for the Caern, and put the STRV 81 turret on the Cent 1 and Cent , as well as lower the turret bloom to 0.12. That would address a lot of the issues with these tanks. The church III gets near 2050 DPM, no reason why the base DPM for BP couldn't be >2100 and the Caern >2200. Leave the Church VII as a dog / experience dump. The E50 is effective with the 88 L/100 with 2880 base DPM before rammer/food/bia/vents (and 3695 DPM !!! with) so the Brits heavies could have a similar, effective playstyle. This has shown to work with the T26E5 patriot as well...if you can track and reload before your opponent shoots once, you are ahead. BTW the Chinese Patton could be really nice if it gets the M48A5 turret along with the other buffs, which are on a separate post.
  6. Holy crap the buffs to the 30 / 30B.: The 30B after buffs is like a combination of a M48 Patton and STB-1 now (.04 turret dispersion): (from https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/06/23/wot-french-rebalance-detailed-changes/ ) AMX 30 Prototype Decreased penetration from 260 to 248mm DPM increased from 2464.9 to 2804.9 RoF increased from 6.32 to 7.192 Reduced muzzle velocity from 1525 to 1250 Increased turret armor thickness from 80 to 150mm Reduced accuracy from 0.316 to 0.336 Dispersion during turret rotation reduced from .192 to .115. AMX 30B Decreased penetration from 260 to 248mm DPM increased from 2741.9 to 3128.6 RoF increased from 7.03 to 8.022 Reduced muzzle velocity from 1525 to 1250 Increased frontal turret armor from 80 to 150mm Reduced accuracy from .288 to .326 Dispersion during turret rotation reduced from .058 to .038 Dispersion during hull rotation .153 to .115 Note that the biggest downside is the reduced velocity, however, if the new base round is AP, it would be as effective as 260 APCR due to the increased normalization that AP gets. I am doubtful that regular AP would be 1250 m/s but who knows. Rita Status Report 115 USER(S) ONLINEJOIN SERVER SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 685 other subscribers Email Address META Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS WordPress.org
  7. You missed the best tier for tier non-premium light so far: the T71. It is amazing at tier 7. BTW The bulldog is still ok..I'm expecting in some patch that the fix the autoloader to have similiar reload as the T71...it currently has same reload time as the old 10 shot autoloader. The Type 64 is just so much fun to play that I make sure to do a few games each session. It's a good counter to the shitty grinding soul sucking gameplay of the TVP VTU.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I started going in medium spots if only to avoid using constant spam of APCR on T10 heavies, but I found I was getting out traded against nato tier 9 with the 100mm. The 130mm which I have unlocked now has really turned the tide in potential trades and has caused much more of a fear factor which has led to better map control. Plus the heat is glorious against those over present mauses, and Jap heavies.
  9. If folks could provide some advice and or links to articles would appreciate it. Just unlocked the WZ 111 1-4. and while the speed is nice, I am struggling mightly with this tank. First I need to unlock the 130 mm. But more importantly is positioning. If i head to traditional heavy spots and get there first I just butchered because even a Chrysler has a better UFP. Yes this tank is great in hulldown position but I find the 5 degrees depression makes it difficult to work hulldown effectively. If I go to more "medium" spots the lack of nimbleness and depression means the armor seems to mean little and I get artied or flanked. Finally, and this is shared with T10 is the pike nose. I tend to sidescrape / angle and the pike nose really doesn't help in those cases. Any replays, links to past topics or general advice would be appreciated. As far as general style I do well in lights but poorly in TD's since I can't stand camping. I'm not a great brawler and need OP armor for city maps to be somewhat effective. Thanks!
  10. Russian version of M4 Rev: Good gun..great alpha Decent Armor Great Camo like 416. This is really what the A-44 wants to be when it grows up.
  11. As long as purple gear can't be used in randoms I'm fine with it. I think this makes it work for all levels of players.
  12. Funny grinding same tanks. Didnt have enough credits a month ago when the sale went on for a few nines and eights.
  13. The autoloader has same pen as it always had and same pen as the single shot so not sure what the concern is. In fact pen similar to the LTTB and other tier 8 lights. The only issue is that the heat round is the most expensive credits per damage in the game, and an autoloader makes the problem worse. The 6 shot better than 10 shot in this regard, though. The low pen on these tanks is less of an issue as most of them have a great ability to flank, which is what WH is encouraging
  14. Very cool stuff. Would love to see a transparent metric that included assist damage and minimized farmed i.e. assisted damage. A few weeks ago I told a redline camping Lorraine to move up and support and he told me to piss off as I was a tomato. I looked at his stat and he was 47% WR player with .52 spots per game and less than 600 games all played in Lorraine. Got a private message bragging about his 1800 WN8 rating and how I needed to learn to play. Fully admit I could be better at trading...but this is the reason we need to move on from WN8.
  15. I'm an average player at best but I've changed my mind on the bulldog. I thought the single shot was the better solution but I play better and like the 6 shot autoloader significantly more. As QB pointed out in his stream on Lights, this is a pure miss by WG in the hotfix CT. They just changed the clip without reload and I'm fairly confident that it will revert to 20 secs....sometime. I also think with HEP rounds floating around that the LTTB really shines with the armor package. Armor is relatively irrelevant with lights except when HE can autopen you, either from a T49, RU 251, or an Arty Shell. The WZ 132 while not as robust, isn't pure paper as well.
  16. Notice how they colored the improved gear purple....ie "Epic Gear". So they are trying to emulate MMO's. The problem with PVP modes with MMO's is exactly this...too many folks grinding away to have substantial differences in loot quality instead of skill. There is already enough of a difference between a basic vs 4 skill screw that provides a slight advantage...this gear blows that out of water. I would drop the "purple gear" but keep the directive slot. It adds variety in the game, forces some strategy and does not change the performance parameters that much. Then use bonds to buy reserves, cool camo, possibly older CW tanks, and discounts on tanks, including premium tanks. Back to the "Epic Gear" 12.5% vents + 12.5% rammer + 2.5% rammer directive is approx 6% better DPM/ reload. That's 168 DPM extra for a 2800 base DPM tank which is significant enough to force top CW to grind for it. No thank you...could make the game even more frustrating when playing against really good players. Luckily there is no epic "Camo Net" for the E25.
  17. Lucky you. 15% Sale off this weekend for Tier VIII -X. I can't talk about tier X but the T71 is almost stronger than the buldog ever was. Same tier, 1900 DPM (effective) in autoloader isn't equalled until the 13/90 at tier 9. It literally is better than M41 outside of 160 HP, as the autoloader has a 20 second reload vs. bulldog's 36 seconds. It could probably beat it in head to head fight. The Type 64 is very strong, but IMO in a tier with Cromwell B, T34-85M and A43 that are mobile meds with equivalent DPM and 150-160 more health it is not heads and shoulders above those tanks. Think strongholds. First of all great list. I put a very similar condensed version as a reply yesterday. I've always liked the LTTB and this version is a better.than 9.17, however it did lose 120 DPM in the transition. The bulldog with the SS now has 170 alpha, so for a gun perspective it is better with > DPM, 10 degree depression, better velocity and better aim time. It also can carry 23 more shells which does mean something late game. The armor of course for the LTTB is superior, but I think this is really only relevant with lower tiers and derp guns. Overall the LTTB is a keeper because it is unique, but for higher tier matches one could make argument that the M41 single shot is better for a high level player. After playing the M41 autoloader extensively if that gun had a similar reload to the T71 it would absolutely be a keeper for Tier 8. As a side note, for those who haven't grinded the French line, the 12T batchat represents about the worst game design possible. Arguably the worst tier 8 tank, and you need to grind it out 3 times to unlock the three branches coming from it. That's nearly 600K folks in a shitter tank, which to me is enough to cause folks on the edge to quit. Of the 70 or so tier 8 tanks, it is dead last in DPM and Health, and 50 tanks have equal or better than it's pathetic 380m view range (including the VK100P WTF @400m). We should have a consolidated thread on LT tank suggested improvements, but this tank is a candidate for a lower time between shots (say 1.5 secs) to make it play more like 13/57 and a buff to viewrange to 395-400m. Speaking of which the 13/57 with the ability to mount vstab is a beast. It can effectively now dish out 720 damage reliably in 7 secs, which is equivalent to tier 10 single shot damage characteristics. I believe the 13/57 has also the best camo of the mid tier lights as well. Come to think of it, I wonder if the Tier 5/6/7 scout massive nerfbat was just a big money grab to make the premium lights really attractive. What not put that past WG.........
  18. They added 4 premium tanks in 9.17.1: https://thedailybounce.net/2017/03/09/world-of-tanks-9-17-1-four-premium-added-to-tech-tree/ Also to answer question I am prob gonna trade SU-100Y for M10. 112 is a fantastic tank, the STA-2 and Ravoli are good mediums on the tech tree.
  19. Can't comment about Tier 10 but these tanks represent gold standard for lights IMO: Tier 6: Type 64 Tier 7: T71 Tier 8: M41/90 Tier 9: (Tie) 13/90 & T49 (90 mm) The bulldog would have made that list if it had same reload as T71 i.e. 20 seconds instead of 36. The bulldog with the single shot is near equivalent to the LTTB, and so I have them both ranked below M41/90.
  20. Marine, Totally agree with this. I think the lights where in a good place BEFORE the 9.18 micro patch but now there needs a lot of work. Small tweaks like pulling down 430/420 view range down but the mid tiers got shafted. The T71 should be gold standard for tier 7. The M41 would be fine if they changed the reload to about 20 seconds when the moved the autoloader from 36 seconds w/10 rounds (which was OP btw) to the 6 shot autoloader. The wz-131 went from 2300 to 1600 DPM with the 85mm. It should be at least 1950 DPM, with better aim time. In addition 390 view range. I just feel the balance team used the 100mm stats (1884 DPM/ 2.5 aim time) and took off 200 DPM, (which is reasonable). The Ru251 got standard velocity base round but lost 300 DPM. There was no reason for DPM loss...again the T49 should be gold standard for tier 9 and tanks balanced around that. The tier 8 French BT-12 is in a bad state. What would be unique, and a simple fix is to lower the interclip shot from 2 secs to 1.5 secs. This would play a little more like the 13/57 but with only 4 shots. Also new players have to grind this pos 3!!! to get the 13/90, AMX 30 and the Batchat. That's almost 600,000 XP in arguably the worst tiier 8 light out there. Bad game design. Also another 380 BS view range. The T37 needs a more accurate gun and 10m more view range. Buff the t21 camo to make it unique. And for the love of god give the M5 Stuart a usable gun. Finally no 10 scout should have less than 405 view range. 2500-2700 DPM should be the mark for these tanks.
  21. Limited MM for the M10 is the key. Look at the panther M10 as a 30.02M that doesn't see tier 4 but has 1300 hit points, spaced armor and better gun soft stats. So this would be my choice of the two...and I will probably trade SU-100Y for it in next week.
  22. Very good patch outside of scout changes which need to be redacted to before CT Hotfix.
  23. Step 1: WG needs to roll back the micropatch nerf on lights. These scout tanks dont need DPM and vision nerf!. For christ sake tier 6 mediums do >2160 dpm (Cromwell, t34-85M,A43). Light tanks don't catch up to T6 medium DPM until tier 9! Step 2: Fix the Sheridian and RhP vision as live to 420m and the AMX / Chinese to 410m and the T-100 to 405m. Step 3: Patch the light tanks on a case by case basis based on real data with all other factors going on (arty change / MM change / consumable change). For instance give the old 5.5 sec reload to the WZ-131 but increase it a bit, not this 1600 DPM crap. Actually profit when people spend free XP for light tanks that actually are enjoyable to play. I'm perfectly fine with taking these scout tanks and keeping the pen low so they actually have to be flankers to do damage. But don't make lights irrelevant. Light roles: Vision to flush out campers Map control Flank and track tanks mid /late game Capable of beating medium tank if they get jump on one.from side or rear
  24. They are stupid? LTs should have maxed out VR and possibly render range +10m, to give them true support scouting role. Instead, you can use BAT or RU hoovermed to scout. Sorry I wasn't clear. Scouts should have max viewrange but possibly 440m base is too much. What I meant to say is those LT tanks before micropatch with 430m-420m viewrange (Sheridian, T49, PZW, Ru251, WZ-132-1, WZ-132A) nock that down by 10M but leave everything else alone. The rule of thumb that LT's should have approx 10m better view range than mediums apply, however. I wonder a LT loaded up beyond if max view (Pre nerf Rhm-PZW with Food/Optics/Vents/ Brother Arms / Recon/ Sit Aware) of 540 meters would help or hurt the game...either it could encourage less camping TD's (good thing) or force those players to be full red line campers (bad thing). Looking at tanks.gg right now for relative tank ranking per tier in view-range (note that this is alphabetical with same view range). Everything in bold is way out of whack.I have ignored premiums lights which are not effected. In tier 10: PZW #3 Sheridian #4, WZ 132-1 #40, AMX 13-10 #41 and T-100 #51. While the PZW and Sheridian are ok, the WZ,AMX and T-100 are pure BS. There are 50 tanks better or equal to T100 in view range. In tier 9: RU251 #2 T49 #3 T54L #24, WZ-132A #28, AMX 13/90 #29 In tier 8 HWK12 #1, M41 #9, B-C 12t #34, LTTB #40, WZ-132 #64. Just to show how ludicrous this is the VK100P with VR of 400m is 48 tanks ahead of the WZ-132. In tier 7 SPC#2, T71 #4, AMX 13-75 #24, WZ-131 #37. There are 3 non-available premium lights in Tier 7 that haven't been included in ranking. In tier 6 T21 #3. VK 28.01 #4, T37 #13, 59-16 #26, AMX 12t #29, MT-25 #33 in tier 5 ELC #9, Chafee #12, M7 #13, Leopard #15, T-50 #30. BTW the LEFH18B2 is #1 with a 390M view range at tier 5, another reason to hate this premium arty. So my suggestion at a bare minimum is that every scout in bold does NOT have it's view range nerfed compared to before the micropatch and honestly don't think the view ranges before last micropatch were game breaking. Also a nerf of this magnitude should have been part of a sandbox test, not a near final micropatch right before going live. No way to have data to adequately test bullcrap like this. If there are individual tank problems don't wholesale nerf but selectively buff / nerf a few tanks after having more data.
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