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  1. @joovenile @Kolni Thoughts on ammo loadout? Currently: 25 APCR, 5 HEAT
  2. Remember when there was only the USSR, German and USA tech trees? I have those pics. Way Old Tech Trees, back when T30 was tier X, T92 was tier 8. Old German Tech Tree: back when E-100 and Maus were only tier Xs. Way Old Russian Tech Tree: back when IS-7 was the only tier X. M3 Lee in the old Garage
  3. @Kolni Thanks for the feedback C: Regarding corridor maps, do you have any advice on how to play those on the batchat? say like Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Abbey, Stalingrad? @joovenile It's exactly like you said, I don't really know the distances, areas or how to vision control the map. I think I was mostly afraid of not knowing exactly where to go and also being scared of getting shot at. I'll have to check out malinovka with a buddy sometime this week. Thanks for the feedback. Regarding corridor maps, do you have any advice on how to play those on the batchat? say like Hi
  4. I usually try to get spots in the beginning, if there aren't any light tanks available. For example, Lakeville mid. Or should I not be doing this at all? My Current Equipment: Vstab, Vents, Optics Currently my crew skills: (female crew btw - Sisterhood of Steel) -BIA, 6th Sense, Camo -BIA, Camo, Snapshot -BIA, Cam, Repair Do I need to respec these? I know repair is really important, but I was thinking I'd prioritize camo first. If you have time, can you check out the replay I have posted above and give me feedback on that?
  5. Any help to improve, and what I did wrong would be appreciated. Let the criticism flow. http://wotreplays.com/site/2553767#malinovka-crashandburn-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t Just some background: I'm relatively new to the batchat, currently with a shitty w/r. I understand the tank to be a tier 10 light to spot early on and get flank/snipe shots on enemies unaware... I'm pretty shit in terms of like map positioning and stuff like that right now.
  6. Hey, any help on how to improve on playing the batchat and what I did wrong this game would be greatly appreciated. http://wotreplays.com/site/2553767#malinovka-crashandburn-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t
  7. there was an even better one with ISIS chan. did you make that?
  8. wow .. go play tanks

  9. pls halp in insurgency. why you so bad. Insurgency is good, go play it you baddie.
  10. the 100mm stock grind is killing me...
  11. Farcry 4, I can't wait!

    1. RealBattousai


      I can't either...looks at 5 year old PC....cries quietly

  12. Great advice. I will try to keep this in mind, atm I'm struggling with sub 2k dmg per game.
  13. unconventional tactics do work...

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