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  1. Well, I'll be setting up a trial account, and if it all goes well may just move across.
  2. I think I'll start a test account on SEA and play a few games to see how it goes
  3. Yer breaking my barrs Hans Brix!

  4. Out of curiosity, have you played on the NA server at all? If so, would you have any recommendations either way for moving across to the SEA server? As I said earlier, I'd love to be on a server where I could actually do clan stuff, but am hesitant to do so based on everything I hear.
  5. See, it's threads like this that make me scared to move over to the SEA server. On the one hand, I would love to be able to actually get into CW / Strongholds / Tournies, but then I read stuff like this and it throws me off. I keep hoping that they will make server roaming a thing - but I'm not really counting on it happening any time soon.
  6. On a slightly related note - how active is SEA / CW? Being from Australia, I've considered moving across to SEA a few times so that I could actually get involved in proper clan stuff (Timezone issues make it impossible on NA servers) but I keep hearing how awful the gameplay is otherwise and that the server pop is like NA West at 3:00am and you STILL get bad lag from Australia.
  7. So, I've just come back to the game after 9 months away, and am looking for some people to play with. I'm steadily improving, but am still just a blue recent, and I'll say up front that consistency is my issue (that and enjoying the FV304 too much which tanks my Wn8). Still, I'm happy to play with anyone really as long as they know how to click red tanks, so add me if you'd like. Also, I live in Australia, so my normal time on is like 2:30am next Wednesday. e: I have tanks at every tier, but generally prefer tiers 6 and up with the occasional pref 5 for laid back credit grinding.
  8. Add me if you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I'm in Australia so my normal game time for North Americans is middle of the night tomorrow.
  9. I already have 2.5k gold sitting around. Was thinking of just spending it because it was free and thought it might be fun to get a low tier crew trainer / funhaver tank
  10. I won 1560 gold in the clan invitational bracket prediction thing. What tank should I buy with it? (I already have the KV-220, Church III, SU-122-44, and JT88)
  11. I platoon to play with good people who are enjoyable to tank with, while also making more bearable the swarms of pubbies out there. So the best encapsulation of that is fun for me, mind you, I like to play well and win, and good stats is a bi-product of that. So, I platoon to play for fun with people who are also decent or better at tanks because winning is also fun.
  12. I really like the list. I might drop the IS-3 down to an 8 because that front armour really isn't reliable at all any more and all the 175 pen russian guns go straight through it. Other than that thoough, the turret, mobility, and BL-9 are all great. APCR out of the BL-9 can pretty reliably pen the LFP on an E-100 which is pretty good imo. I might also knock the JT88 up to a 4. If you can hull down in it, you can really hold lanes all on your own with the DPM and accuracy. I mean, I still regret purchasing it as my Pref 8 (the credit making lured me in!) but I think it's slightly better th
  13. I've gone back and forth on XVM, but overall I think it's a good thing. I definitely use it both from and teamwork and for affecting my decision making concerning the enemy team. If I'm holding a corner with a grey player, I'll generally hold off pushing as I'm likely not to get support from him/her, however, if it's a yellow or better there's a good chance that they'll know to push with me. Likewise, if there's a red player around the corner from me on the enemy team, I'm more likely to push on him as have a better chance that he won't know where to shoot, might not be running equipment t
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