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  1. My Wife: I hate that you make me get up in the middle of the night with the kids

    Also my wife 5 minutes later: I know I just need to wake you up and you'd take care of them but then I hear you and I just think I could do better and be back to sleep faster if I just do it

    1. Folterknecht
    2. FavreFan4ever


      Perhaps I'm missing the subtleties of the context, but both can be true from her perspective? She knows you're a good father and will do your part, and she feels obligated to take care of it herself because she thinks it will go easier for all involved. 


      @Folterknecht Nah

  2. its solidly not OP. Acceptable but really just needs the autoloader reversed or heavily buffed to 15/13/11 base
  3. @Snoregasm2 is pretty much spot on - 7/10 pubber, 0/10 CW usefulness. Strong but not OP
  4. Finally three marked two of my favorites in the game 10/10 recommend these tanks.
  5. I have an EU account, could grind out the PTA+Free EXP if you'd like
  6. I've peaked at my current NA stats, but my growth was much of the same. Started a shitter, wanted to get better. Peaked at 3.2k WN8 w/ my T10's about the time I played with Teal Team 6 (NA Silver then Gold team). My own flaws as a player/person prevent 'improving' (Impatient, too aggressive in game. If I play just 5 battles I can play as well as almost anyone but then I stop giving a fuck and derp) but Ive reached the same stage where I can just play and have fun. Feel the stress, and I just quit for a bit. Im currently taking another break, finally ground out the first two stages of the new r
  7. Finally did a thing, broke the 10k damage barrier. Almost 11k but adrenaline

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Congrats! That's quite the game, hogging all the enemies HP for yourself.

      I broke the 10k barrier a few weeks ago.

      Ended up with just over 11k. Was in the JPE so all the adrenaline in the world wouldn't have made a difference. Too damn slow to do stupid things. Full tier 10 game of course, as if that thing is fast enough to do 10k with a small hp pool.


      Been seeing some good kran games, almost makes me want to get it.

    3. sr360


      I watched the game, was brutal! The adrenaline must have been really pumping since you missed a few shots late after breaking 10k!

    4. TheMarine0341


      @sr360 completely. My wife was wondering WTF was going on, I was so jumpy

  8. I ended up doing this mission in the Charioteer. You were a victim one of those battles with the HESH memes on your Borrasque
  9. Damage record in the Turtle Mk 1

  10. Highest damage ever done in a Turtle Mk 1 that's been uploaded
  11. I use scroll about 90% of the time, shift the other 10%. If the zoom for aiming wasn't progressive for different magnifications, I would only use Shift
  12. 8 battles so far in 2982 dmg 446 assist averaging 2.57 kills per game Its a 0 mistake tank, whereby it can flourish like no other the more skilled you are as long as the MM isn't fucked against you. However, it'll punish mistakes like a fucking boss. Camo is fantastic, and the mobility in a straight line is fantastic. But, if you dont pay attention to your opponents elevation you can get fucked If you dont pay attention to your traverse, you can get fucked. If you ambush someone within 100m, they can get fucked You're a mid range ambusher, and a great scout when
  13. Now that theres no campaign I should start pubbing more again. Trying to re-learn T10 meta isn't a whole lot of fun, T6/T8 are comfy now with the recent MM changes
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