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  1. 8 battles so far in 2982 dmg 446 assist averaging 2.57 kills per game Its a 0 mistake tank, whereby it can flourish like no other the more skilled you are as long as the MM isn't fucked against you. However, it'll punish mistakes like a fucking boss. Camo is fantastic, and the mobility in a straight line is fantastic. But, if you dont pay attention to your opponents elevation you can get fucked If you dont pay attention to your traverse, you can get fucked. If you ambush someone within 100m, they can get fucked You're a mid range ambusher, and a great scout when Left to Right mobility doesn't matter. 8/10 if you're a skill player 3/10 if you're a pubby
  2. Now that theres no campaign I should start pubbing more again. Trying to re-learn T10 meta isn't a whole lot of fun, T6/T8 are comfy now with the recent MM changes
  3. I want it, seems like a high ceiling low floor kinda tank. Zero from Mahou 3 marked his in 60 battles, averaging 3078 dmg 1082 assist. Great straight line speed and camo, autoloader burst to help in city brawls.
  4. First thing: What terrain best suits playing to my tanks strength, not its class || what terrain must be won to increase likelyhood of winning? Second: How is my team deploying, and how can I either take an advantage? Pubbies will pub, and play to their class deployment no matter the situation. Breaking those tendencies, and maximizing your tanks strengths combined with pubby deployment is vital
  5. Just echo'ing whats been stated: AIO's are either replaced under warranty, or replaced if they're out of warranty. And then you get a Noctua NHD-15
  6. New personal best base EXP: COCKROACH!
  7. If there are massive HP changes, yes they'll need to change but it'll take quite a bit for the changes to go live if they ever do. It may even just finally, thankfully, kill WN8 as a metric. Its in effect going to be a new game in terms of WN8 as your historical data is going to be horribly skewed towards lower HP pools which WN* cannot distinguish old from new.
  8. Kolobanovs in T-50-2 Farming SA in Lowe And I run into @taugrim but I cant o7 in game http://wotreplays.eu/site/5173658#stats
  9. Its one of the most comfy tanks Ive played since the Progetto line, took me about 36 battles to finish the grind with clan bonuses and the like. Sitting at a comfy 2.1k DPG 850ish assist. Highly recommended for anyone who knows how to camo snipe with a TD, and then position as a late game scout/MT. Save your HP early, and your alpha can really pick apart the late game straglers
  10. I started playing again after almost 6 full months of 0 game play. Its fun playing now w/ Anonymizer
  11. Coming back to play for a bit, after not playing at all for much of 6+ months, and at my worst Im 2500/57ish% WR. EZ game EZ. And horry fuck, Anonymizer is the fucking SHIT!!!

    1. Wanderjar


      i use the hell out of it. best of all, they are the real names that WG purged like 3 years back so the stats associated with them are real and really bad haha 

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      That awkward moment when you look your anon name and it's cooler than your actual name.

    3. TheMarine0341


      I was xXRAMBONER for a battle

  12. I keel arty, dah


    1. Oicraftian


      Given Dirizons vile abuse of "da" it seems almost unclean to use it as of late.

    2. echo9835


      You are doing God's work.

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