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  1. My Wife: I hate that you make me get up in the middle of the night with the kids

    Also my wife 5 minutes later: I know I just need to wake you up and you'd take care of them but then I hear you and I just think I could do better and be back to sleep faster if I just do it

    1. Folterknecht
    2. FavreFan4ever


      Perhaps I'm missing the subtleties of the context, but both can be true from her perspective? She knows you're a good father and will do your part, and she feels obligated to take care of it herself because she thinks it will go easier for all involved. 


      @Folterknecht Nah

  2. Finally did a thing, broke the 10k damage barrier. Almost 11k but adrenaline

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Congrats! That's quite the game, hogging all the enemies HP for yourself.

      I broke the 10k barrier a few weeks ago.

      Ended up with just over 11k. Was in the JPE so all the adrenaline in the world wouldn't have made a difference. Too damn slow to do stupid things. Full tier 10 game of course, as if that thing is fast enough to do 10k with a small hp pool.


      Been seeing some good kran games, almost makes me want to get it.

    3. sr360


      I watched the game, was brutal! The adrenaline must have been really pumping since you missed a few shots late after breaking 10k!

    4. TheMarine0341


      @sr360 completely. My wife was wondering WTF was going on, I was so jumpy

  3. Damage record in the Turtle Mk 1

  4. Coming back to play for a bit, after not playing at all for much of 6+ months, and at my worst Im 2500/57ish% WR. EZ game EZ. And horry fuck, Anonymizer is the fucking SHIT!!!

    1. Wanderjar


      i use the hell out of it. best of all, they are the real names that WG purged like 3 years back so the stats associated with them are real and really bad haha 

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      That awkward moment when you look your anon name and it's cooler than your actual name.

    3. TheMarine0341


      I was xXRAMBONER for a battle

  5. I keel arty, dah


    1. echo9835


      You are doing God's work.

  6. Why is this tank allowed in the game? NPlSccS.jpg

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    2. hazzgar


      It still has insane average wr

    3. TheMarine0341


      @Errants this was my first and only time ever playing it, too. I posted the replay in my PP replay thread

    4. hazzgar


      Also having semi competent t95 drivers on your team must be nice since they can held a shit ton of enemies

  7. Terrible Unicum going Live w/ Standard B Grind 

    1. Tarski


      Twitch link is broken. Looks like it has an extra / somewhere. 

    2. TheMarine0341
    3. Tarski


      Working now. 

  8. Volunteered to stay home and smoke two turkeys

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    2. kolni


      I did not have the pictures nor knew it was thxgiving so turkey was the wierdest word for weed i'd heard yet until i clicked on the update and it loaded 

    4. TheMarine0341


      @HELIONIST smoker will only fit two

  9. @Fulcrous hope you dont have a reference 2080!

    1. Fulcrous


      I have an MSI so I'm good. Would never get reference cards.

  10. I T-49 derped 3 arty, plus 1 shit an ELC Even


    1. sohojacques


      I’ll only watch if they were your arty?

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      had a game today in the VK 72 where i lost 2400 HP to arty, i got to kill all 3 at the end.

      Felt. So. Fucking. Good.

  11. The "Go Away Arty" Song


  12. My wife convinced me to try a juice cleanse with her for a few days.

    The carnivore in me is already at critical rage and its only been 20 hours

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    2. Hellsfog


      The most active this forum as been in months is a discussion about juice cleansing and the merits of vegetarian v. vegan v. normal eating.  Confirmation: WoT ded. 

    3. OOPMan
    4. hazzgar


      @OOPMan that retarded Italian COuple did more bad than just put their kid on a vegan diet. You can have your kid on a vegan diet. It's just a PITA to do it and requires a lot of knowledge. Also the best for you and enviroment is flexitarianism with low meat consumption and lowered protein consumption (and caloric input) as you get older.

      I say all of the above as someone who loves meat, especially meat based soups and broths.

  13. I might have to grind out the Polish HTs

    1. Hellsfog


      Go play with your son until the feeling goes away. It's too late for some of us but you could still make it. 

  14. Sad, going to return my MX Brown keyboard :(

    Used is since Prime day, and carpel tunnel came back almost immediately. Fuck. I hate ergonomic keyboards

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @Folterknechtgoing to give the Freestyle edge a try. Its currently the mass-drop, able to get the lift kit and board for about 180

    3. Folterknecht


      hopefully that works out for you!

    4. TheMarine0341


      Oh me too. I love the way the browns, MUCH nicer than the microsoft ergonomic keyboard

  15. Bought the Corsair MX Brown keyboard. Falling more in love w/ the way it feels. Hating that its taking this long to re-learn how to type on a normal keyboard

  16. I miss horribly the original Bulldog M41 with the 10 shot autoloader.

    1. hall0


      Without this autoloader the Bulldog is boring af

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      The T71 DA sort of scratches the itch tbh, but then again I never played the old T71 prior to the split

    3. Hellsfog


      Without the autoloader, the bulldog is meh. It's like the Vk2801 without the derp. Sad really. 

    1. simba90


      rofl, I honestly missed that the first time i watched it.

    2. nabucodonsor
    3. mistervanni


      haha who knows where it was when death befell him...

  17. I called scammers.


    Hilarity at 2:50


    1. mistervanni


      interesting for sure

  18. ZDIeoh1.jpg No new hardware, but updated the BIOS and the OC to the CPU stuck. #Winning. Almost 400 point increase in score with 0 new parts. The previous higher scores were not stable


    I cooked this brisket for memorial day

    1. Errants


      Do you do delivery?

    2. TheMarine0341


      For a good $$$

  20. If you work in IT and control user email accounts: Check for emails being forwarded and for rules forwarding messages. Ive found several violations lately due to users being Phished

    1. Haswell


      If you work in IT, just always assume users are stupid and will do everything to demonstrate that.

    2. TheMarine0341



    3. Medjed


      ROFL.... for some reason i found that hilarious as fuck :serb:

  21. How to win in Front-Line attack: Spawn in light tanks, run engineering, spam caps A & B (C is too open). D is easy to cap, E is fine. F is hard as hell to cap until you have E and can flank the church. But, once D or E are taken, get in your Lights again and just go kill turrets on the opposite end of whichever cap

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    2. TheChang


      The vents on the back of the turrets are 0mm thick and he penetrable. I load 20 he shells in my T92 just for that.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @Kolni I thought you retired :minidoge:

    4. Fulcrous


      I do B first if possible. It opens up the ability to flood both flanks. After that it doesnt matter

  22. Not bad for a night of farming US3so1T.jpg

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    2. TheMarine0341


      @MatzerMike yup, I used my last 200% credit boost @NightmareMk9 I just setup to farm damage regardless of the situation. Damage means rank/credits/exp, objectives be damned

    3. MatzerMike


      Does it work the same way as with randoms though - when you lose you get less credits?

      Anyway, the farm is nice!

    4. Fulcrous


      Maybe I'll play some tanks tonight. In reality, I probably won't touch it tonight.

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