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  1. Easily the worst season of GOT. I have no interest in watching it beyond this season. 

    No, this is not a troll/lie.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Undead Dragon (nearly invulnerable except to fire, Dragon Glass and Valyrian Weapons)

      Ridden by a dead guy only vulnerable to Dragon Glass and Valyrian Weapons

      Continuous fire/ice breath

      The one dude alone could burn kings landing to the ground, but I guess he might not be able to harvest a million more soldiers.

    3. DHP




      . Why didn't they just execute a criminal on the other side of the wall, put them in a box and then carry them south when the box started shaking?

      I think you got confused between shows we are talking about GOT not walking dead. In GOT people don't JUST come back from the dead. You need a White Walker to revive him.

    4. waga100


      they gave the big bad a guy a fucking dragon because of a whole bunch of really contrived reasons to have a dragon fight final battle. Literally the Eragon movie.

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