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  1. How to win in Front-Line attack: Spawn in light tanks, run engineering, spam caps A & B (C is too open). D is easy to cap, E is fine. F is hard as hell to cap until you have E and can flank the church. But, once D or E are taken, get in your Lights again and just go kill turrets on the opposite end of whichever cap

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    2. Assassin7


      I am doing the same, but in an armoured medium. Me and a platoon mate in my Type 59 and his T-54 mod 1 have been reliably able to pretty much insta cap C by just pushing in immediately with both of us running engineering.

    3. TheMarine0341


      @Deus__Ex__Machina yup winning isn't the goal, getting minimum 10k damage is. Opening up the middle especially allows for a lot of flanking for more damages

    4. Kolni


      how to win: fastcap A, fastcap D, into E if open or start B, hard push through mid and it's gg you can sneak to 4 and 5 from E without even bothering F and 1-2-3 are open from winning D and E 

      honestly for a really fast win, having C stuck on C getting spawnraped is the best way to go to keep the defenders from spawning where they want to


      how to farm: pick skorp g

      go a and up the ridgeline with binocs, camp and farm 4k+

      wait for the cap and push up to their ridge entrance as they're about to run away

      keep farming runaway cleanup


      take assault med on D and just shit all over them when they haven't spawned behind the base yet when they're just all in the open

      take over base while they are all dead

      skorp g again

      go to D-E northern ridge intersection and farm the shit out of everything 

      at this point it's already general with 10k+ damage and then you can just suicide real quick with your other two tanks so you have a reason to afk for 4 minutes while your team wins

      or just pick people off as they spawn and turn literally the exact game i described into a 22,3k damage game not including structure damage


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