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  1. My wife convinced me to try a juice cleanse with her for a few days.

    The carnivore in me is already at critical rage and its only been 20 hours

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    2. Hellsfog


      The most active this forum as been in months is a discussion about juice cleansing and the merits of vegetarian v. vegan v. normal eating.  Confirmation: WoT ded. 

    3. OOPMan
    4. hazzgar


      @OOPMan that retarded Italian COuple did more bad than just put their kid on a vegan diet. You can have your kid on a vegan diet. It's just a PITA to do it and requires a lot of knowledge. Also the best for you and enviroment is flexitarianism with low meat consumption and lowered protein consumption (and caloric input) as you get older.

      I say all of the above as someone who loves meat, especially meat based soups and broths.

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