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  1. So, baby is ready to come out, finally!

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    2. Hellsfog


      Grats Marine


    3. DirtyACE7



    4. Wanderjar


      woo grats dude!

  2. Oh god im watching a replay... First: Friendly shoots you, oh well. Move on, rub it in their nose by winning in spite of them. You wasted WAY too much time, and didn't get an ideal position which REALLY then lost it for you. And, I dont think so. Your T54 and Jag were doing? on the ridge. But you're also out of position to punish the Udes. If you're around J5/6, you can continue to punish the Udes who has to focus on the cap, and if he pushes you, you're able to pull him away from cap. So yeah, official diagnosis: You wasted time being pissed after getting a little team damage which actually ended up throwing the game because you're then out of position to actually punish the Udes
  3. No new mechanics, no real new content :/ Game just left Beta and it was already past maturity
  4. TheMarine0341

    Obj 430U

    This tank is stupid. Why is this thing still in the game?
  5. Why is this tank allowed in the game? NPlSccS.jpg

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    2. hazzgar


      It still has insane average wr

    3. TheMarine0341


      @Errants this was my first and only time ever playing it, too. I posted the replay in my PP replay thread

    4. hazzgar


      Also having semi competent t95 drivers on your team must be nice since they can held a shit ton of enemies

  6. I am grinding this tank out, aggressive as possible. It has no carry potential unless the enemy team sits in front of you. Even then, not good enough sometimes. Exhibit A:
  7. @sr360 heres the battle I was... vocal, about
  8. @Tarski thanks dude! And, the final one Til this battle I had been sucking out REALLY hard in the tank
  9. My experience: The gun worked, great. Armor was shit. The Armor worked, great! The gun was shit. When both actually worked? Mega fucking carry bitches
  10. Terrible Unicum going Live w/ Standard B Grind 

    1. Tarski


      Twitch link is broken. Looks like it has an extra / somewhere. 

    2. TheMarine0341
    3. Tarski


      Working now. 

  11. Ter' is 'OK' after playing the tier 6
  12. Im still figuring out the auto reloader timer in this one This one was easy
  13. Finished my Pantera with a 81% WR, 2174 DPG with about 800 assist. Tank was comfortable, if a bit slow, to play. Still enjoyed it even with the shit-tastic constant tier 10 battles. It handles itself wonderfully
  14. Drunken Unicum plays while finishing up the 13-90 I didnt remember this battle
  15. Standard B game play, plus the lower tiers from the tier 4 and up, coming soon. Yes, I ground this line from the tier 4. Barf
  16. Volunteered to stay home and smoke two turkeys

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    2. Kolni


      I did not have the pictures nor knew it was thxgiving so turkey was the wierdest word for weed i'd heard yet until i clicked on the update and it loaded 

    4. TheMarine0341
  17. @Fulcrous hope you dont have a reference 2080!

    1. Fulcrous


      I have an MSI so I'm good. Would never get reference cards.

  18. In short, yes. In more detail: WG's API does not differentiate between Base EXP and Premium EXP. So, for example in my garage my M4 has something like an average of 600exp. My Type T-34 has like 1000. The difference being the M4 I played while having no premium time so lower overall EXP, while the Type t-34 I played while having premium time. This is why you wont see WN8 use EXP as part of your overall WN8 score: its MUCH too biased towards those using premium time, which isn't related to your actual tank performance
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