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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Snoregasm2 in So how many of my old wotlabs friends still play?   
    I started playing again after almost 6 full months of 0 game play. Its fun playing now w/ Anonymizer
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to kolni in POST UR GAINZ EVERYONE   
    yeah but i have pretty much all your dpgs beat so who's really the champ here  
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Archaic_One in Who even still posts here?   
    No new mechanics, no real new content :/
    Game just left Beta and it was already past maturity
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Enroh in Who even still posts here?   
    No new mechanics, no real new content :/
    Game just left Beta and it was already past maturity
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Audax_Bellator in Who even still posts here?   
    No new mechanics, no real new content :/
    Game just left Beta and it was already past maturity
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to map381 in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    Fishermans bay.  It's actually a good and close match.  We start winning the city, so the E1 and I swoop in to mop it up fast.  Their bat's hit our 1 line at the same time.  Then this fucktard starts saying 'gg mm rigged thats why you win qq'  I told him to try more.  As I flex over to the 1 line to cover our cappers, i start getting cliped by this dipstick.  Who is still in A1.....full health.
    god damn you forums, brb with the pic that didn't post

    Mistakenly thought he and the other 57 were platooned
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from sr360 in Marine's Simple Replays   
    @sr360 heres the battle I was... vocal, about
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Rexxie in Winrate Expecations   
    I always found that the deciding factor in WN8/WR is whether you typically carry early or carry late. This is related to camping, but not always the result of it. Early carries (whether that just be enough early damage or more subtle moves like trading HP for map control, push inertia, etc.) tend to be much less rewarding for WN8 and can result in a pretty serious rift in the two ratings.
    My only advice here is to experiment with the pace at which you play the game and adjust to what works best for you. Realistically you want to be carrying as early as possible, but some players are just atypically good at carrying later. If your current style is what you think is best, just pay no mind to your WN8. I wish I could do more than just echo the usual reply to this, but WN8 is just a number.
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Tarski in Marine's Simple Replays   
    Thanks for the Italian replays. I'm grinding through now and really enjoying them. 
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to RunTheGears08 in Patch 1.4 Notes - Supertest 1st Iteration   
    It only took them 7 years

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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from TheMadDragon in 50TP Tyszkiewicza thread   
    My experience: The gun worked, great. Armor was shit.
    The Armor worked, great! The gun was shit.

    When both actually worked? Mega fucking carry bitches
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Never in Period Breakdown: See a detailed list of all tanks played during a period!   
    A new feature has been released on WoTLabs. Now you can see a detailed list of all the tanks that you played during the 24 hour, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and Recent periods. At the last row of each column, you will see an option to show the breakdown for that period.

    Using this, players can identify problem areas more easily, allowing them to see exactly which tank is having the most impact on their performance.
    Hope you guys like it!
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Tarski in Standard B is ... balanced?   
    Im still figuring out the auto reloader timer in this one
    This one was easy
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Never in Let's talk about periodic stats, why they were broken, how they were fixed and why my Recent WN8 took a nosedive   
    So all that I'm gonna talk about here happened last night over a period of around 4 hours. This post is VERY wordy and somewhat rambly, so be warned. First things first, I'm working on a new feature that will let you see a "Period Breakdown" of each period, so for the period of, say, 24 hours, you will be able to see all the tanks that are counting in that column, along with each tank's individual stats for that period.
    But in creating this feature, I ran into a problem where there were massive discrepancies between the amount of battles that the Account Information method provided, and the sum of the battle count of your tanks. For instance, the difference between your overall battle count between the latest update and the one 24 hours ago might have been of 20 battles, but if took the battles played by each tank over this same period and added them up, the number would sometimes be different. Sometimes they were off by just a couple of battles, sometimes by 10 or more.
    This is obviously a great issue for a website that is supposed to provide statistical accuracy. I believe that what causes this issue is that not all of the methods of the API are updated all at once, so when the system grabs your stats, your overall battle count updated, but not your individual tank statistics. Again, that's just me throwing a possibility out there, I'd have to talk to someone who has access to the API to know for sure, and I have no idea who that might be.
    The way I fixed this was simple: We stopped relying on the overall numbers, and started deriving everything from the sum of each individual tank's statistics. That's what's used to calculate your WN8 already, so it's a logical step. As for potential issues, the only problem should arise in the fairly uncommon case where a tank takes a long time to be added to the API, so players would play several battles in a tank over a period of time that would all get lumped together under the "24 Hours" column once the tank's information got added to the API and WoTLabs could actually see what tank you were playing all along. But the thing is, this issue already happens! It's just masked because the numbers that were shown in the columns were based on those overall numbers which always get updated. The only place where you could see this issue happening was in your Average Tier and WN8 calculations, which several players have noticed and reported on this forum. WIth the now fully functioning system that automatically checks and updates tank information once a day and no longer relies on me checking for new tanks manually, this should be an even more uncommon case.
    With that fixed, the feature that allows you to see a detailed list of the tanks played during a certain period will be released very soon!
    Whew, that was a long one. Now, for the last topic of discussion: Why my Recent WN8 took a nosedive, and why yours (in very rare cases) might as well: Back in May 2016, we had to create a new table to hold all the detailed tank information (which is the data used to calculate WN8) since the original one could no longer perform its duty. The old table remained behind for historical queries, but as time went on and disk space became an issue, very old data started to be deleted, including those very old records that were no longer relevant... Or were they?
    Drama aside, if you're like me and you played very few battles between May 2016 and now, your Recent WN8 might have taken a nosedive. Recent WN8, as you probably know, is based on your last 1000 battles. When the system checked for the update made 1000 (or close to 1000) battles ago, it would take the timestamp and look for the tank information so it could calculate the WN8 for this period. However, if this update happened before May 2016, then there are no more tank information stored! This means that the system was actually using your overall tanks to calculate your Recent WN8, making them look very similar to each other, as was my case.
    The way this was fixed was to tell the system to ignore every update made before May 2016, and only look for those made after that point. If you played over 1000 battles between May 2016 and now, no problem at all! if not, then the closest update that has tank information available will be used. In my case it's my last 428 battles, which unfortunately encompasses the 370 battles that I've played in the past month since coming back to the game and sucking really, really bad. So yeah, RIP my Recent WN8, but at least it's not a lie anymore.
    That is all for now! If you made it this far, sorry for all the words. I really, really like to write.
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from sohojacques in Standard B is ... balanced?   
    Im still figuring out the auto reloader timer in this one
    This one was easy
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from FavreFan4ever in AMX 13 90 Fan Club   
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Assassin7 in Walmart's over priced and poorly built Gaming PCs   
    both of which walmart managed
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from mistervanni in 60TP Lewandowsasdffsffdggsdf appreciation thread   
    I mean, whats not to like about having .33 acc, -8 depression, 15 second flat reload(3k dpm), 98mm pen with HE, and workable turret and upper front plate armor?
    This tank is everything I wanted it to be. Its the perfect pub tank if you're looking to play a bastard child of a WZ5A+E100. Smacks hard thats for damn sure. Im no where near @Kolni's level, but playing 40 battles w/ 65% WR and 3257 DPG plus another 20 or so CW/SH battles its just comfortable for people who like that role. Its good enough for #4 by DPG in VBAddict (Cause like, that totally matters!).
    Setup: Vstab, Enhanced Rammer, Vents
    Consumables: Large Med, Large Rep, Food, FireFighting bond crew skill (Will mean you burn for about 200 damage)
    Crew Skills ATM: BIA, Reps, 6th, and Gun Handling/Firefighting where applicable. Next will be View Range and FF again.

    What I dont like:
    View Range (My crew is at 2.7 skills, so no vision skills yet) is about... 430? So, not enough.
    Ammo Count: The final accuracy means you're taking more shots than you should TBH, and Ive gotten down to 3-5 rounds remaining a couple times.
    HEAT Pen: Its "only" 317, but that just introduces a lot more RNG into penetrating a Super HT or TD. Your final accuracy helps, but RNG
    Overall: 8/10 for Pubs, and 5/10 for CW. I think other tanks like the 5A and 277 are simply stronger all round, and the Super Conq is a certain staple. I think this slots comfortably behind them when it comes to Pubs for a HT. For CW, its been fun to pair with a Super Conq given the same general speeds of the tank. It could work well against a Type 5 as it'll trade better if you're penning your shots, but again RNG.
    Worth the grind? Sure. It took me about 1.5 weeks to get from tier 7 to tier 10, and even playing pubs during all of it I never rage quit an evening
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to lavawing in What's Everyone Been Up To?   
    Meh I'd rather see a forum war between Garbad and YunoGasai
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from A_Chodeful in What's Everyone Been Up To?   
    Confirmed, the girth is unreal now
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Fabunil in Polish tanks wn8   
    Quality questions always deserve quality answers as far as I am concerned.
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from ZXrage in Polish tanks wn8   
    @Fabunil <3
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from j_galt in Polish tanks wn8   
    @Fabunil <3
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Fabunil in Polish tanks wn8   
    Due to the inflation of WN8-values in the recent years we decided to exclude polish tanks from the rating thus droping the global average wn8-rating back to what was considered "average" 3 years ago.
    This decision will most likely affect all newly introduced tank lines/premium tanks introduced after/including the polish tank line up until the point where the average WN8-level drops down to a more managable level.
    This way we will be able to make wn8 great again.
    -Fabunil, purple poaster/representative of the wotlabs WN8-commitee
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    TheMarine0341 got a reaction from Rexxie in What's Everyone Been Up To?   
    Confirmed, the girth is unreal now
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