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    TheMarine0341 reacted to PMJ79 in Retarded sight mods   
    When I first started using mods, I started with Jimbo's and I liked it more than the default but wasn't crazy about it. Then I tried Melty's and loved the shit out of it, even the 32x zoom. I saw a streamer using Deegies at one point and thought it looked kinda cool, so tried it, but it was way to busy / Tron for my taste, and so went back to Melty's. 
    It has everything I want, and doesn't seem too cluttered.
    e: Holy shit, just noticed I no longer have yellow in my stats for the first time ever!
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Garbad in How do I become that "invisible tank" everyone cries about?   
    So...how awesome is it that this dude is simultaneously black, red, yellow, AND green?
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to sr360 in Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years   
    Port can go die in a fire.
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Banish in Do you UNICUMS get given a hard time?   
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    TheMarine0341 reacted to Rexxie in What would a unicum do in this situation?   
    The draws vs losses thing is a bit too much for this thread (for the record, forcing a pub draw is almost always a bad thing) but let's look at the facts; if you sit still your only chance of winning is spontaneous combustion of the SU-152. What's more likely; for a 152 to miss, or for his cat to jump on his keyboard, force his SU-152 into a wall, fire off the derp, and force a suicide?
    ...actually, knowing cats...
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