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  1. Maybe that's my inner Kewei speaking but I don't have the slightest doubt that I could dominate average unicums if this game was league based. But honestly, why would you complain about teams in this game? Yeah it's annoying for a second if your team dies in 3 minutes. Apart from that though the de facto PvE nature of WoT always made the game for me. It's like beating highscores in Tetris, you're just playing against yourself. And that's the toughest opponent there is, right?
  2. Couldn't help myself but watched some streams today, shit is ridiculous.
  3. Just play. I know I get them easily and the only thing temporarily holding me back is variance. Personally without this belief I wouldn't even try. If you don't think you can legit do it, why bother? Get your mindset right and go full Shia Labeouf mode on it.
  4. Regular playing, never. Life's too good to go back to this game. With arty out there's just some very very minor points left to fix anyway: atrocious maps terrible balance XMVXVMXVM no real reason for elite players to play anything but WGL shitty RNG tanks like the brit TDs I'm sure there's more but I haven't played for so long that I actually forgot how bad this game is
  5. Oh look, that's just 5 years late

    Wargaming is the prime example of how a non-agile company culture with a management scared of making decisions leads to your product never coming close to it's max potential.

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    2. Va1heru


      I thought you were back to play for a second :(

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      me playing, come on. you got :jebaited:

    4. DirtyACE7


      Thanks for playing us bro :(

      But speaking of WG's incompetence. This is more common than you think in companies and it all starts with leadership. A majority of issues most businesses have are linked to leadership mishaps of some sort.

  6. I have a few hours in Civ 6 and I'd love to play more but sadly I don't have the time for it. I'll resume playing it in the new year...
  7. FOV 120, one swipe with my mouse across my pad (45cm) is a 270° turn in the game.
  8. I noticed that I performed a lot worse with chat on. As soon as I started caring more about optimising my performance and I noticed that I rather lashed out at some idiot instead of trying to get shots in I disabled chat and never looked back.
  9. At this rate I'd start to pay money to get an audience with her royal majesty, Archbishop Don Magic Juan
  10. Now that I'm not actively playing any more I can actually enjoy watching myself play a bit without worrying about the tiniest of mistakes. Cool rep pack, thanks bro @BatGurl
  11. the most handsome purple poaster on wotlabs and it's not even close
  12. And I thought business is going well and the man can afford to hit some lines
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