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  1. don't die never keep up the good work
  2. How to DD?

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      smoke and fire, be smart with torps, don't die, late game DDs are super dangerous.

    2. Serene_Potato


      hold w down, alternate a d every 3 seconds, press t and a bit of s when shot at, and torp everything in range

  3. flip over on mines, dying
  4. aaa fuck dds let me grind my BB in peace

  5. tk'ed in WoWS because I'm bad at aiming torps :feelsbad:

    1. BiggieD61


      Peeps on your team definitely get bent out of shape when you torp them.  I am not sure which DD or Cruiser you were driving, or even which tier, but it's always better to not pull the trigger unless you have a 90% chance to get the torps past them.  If they are blocking your fire lanes - talk to them in chat, or go to another location, annoying - but the only thing that is pubbie proof.

  6. How similarly the ISU-152 with the BL-10 play to the SU-152 with the ML-20?
  7. Anyone else can't connect to CT server?

    1. RC_Tank


      i havent seen it up once

    2. Eagle_Peak


      When you choose which server to connect to, can you only select Auto?

    3. RC_Tank


      yeah, cant click the others

      probably the new physics calculations and a larger amount of people than normal is what broke their servers

      not sure if this is reliable or not but i read that they should be up tonight or tomorrow

  8. 420 Blazeit Yolo

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_selection
  10. join my wolf life room pls pick mate from IOC and we have pups from ARM-7 then go share recipes with IOC and bake pot brownies
  11. After taking a break from the Minecraft server and coming back to see all of this stuff in the thread, I am overcome with feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.
  12. There are around 35 ships in the Peruvian Navy? Holy shit, I never knew that, nor did I want to know that!
  13. Yeah, I'm on a break from WoT too, but mainly because I lost interest.
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