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  1. You dont have to be as patient as in randoms. So you make less mistakes.
  2. How do you feel about the sell for rent tanks exploit?
  3. What a great thread. And to think all this time I did not know about that stream channel as well.
  4. Valve created something called Overwatch where the people reporting are automatically getting a rating, if their reports hold water in generel their reports count: http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2016/01/how-valve-crowdsources-the-policing-of-cheaters-in-counter-strike-go/
  5. I sometimes get reported for using vision and bushes but I have never been banned from it. I have some experience with members of my clan who are too vocal in chat getting bans however. When I inspect the replays sent to me from other clans this vocal chat is pretty much everyones fault. But those heated discussions are where the reports fly, so I think you might have a tendency for heated discussion, don't you?
  6. Any comments on the new gun? Gun 122 mm M62-C2 Besides the obivious "more pen", too low rof, too much aim bloom.
  7. How do I get you to work as a gamedesigner in my company?
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