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  1. Grim610 has been botting and i know the guys doing it. need a replay but i know its a bot.
  2. fuck off mick and mick stop stalking me on both forums, if i could ban you looking at my profile i would.
  3. i asked around this isn't just my opinion, pbkac when performing good we can beat the best but it doesn't always work out that way.
  4. pvp uad mp dps iaf pbkac pcafv -v- cnmb -k- PBKAC never won to uad, pvp are awesome and great at tanx and the rest are base off diplomacy and skill.
  5. Cunt is probs not allowed but people just don;t report you so you get away with it
  6. What have you done now, last time i got a personal pm it was about calling mick out on the forums.
  7. In conclusion all of them are improving..... that pink isn't even a good shade.
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