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  1. I hope padderbot lives again sometime... I miss him
  2. Nothing wrong with what you have there, just be aware that the case is not my personal preference. My brother bought that case for his PC, and I have found that while the exterior is great looking on photos, I found it a bit plastiky and really wasn't a fan. Also, I would make sure it has a dual 120 mm fan support on the top, I recall it shipping with 180mm fans on top but I might be mistaken. Edit: This is the one I would recommend, really clean case: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0ZX57D0865
  3. Does 59-16 count? It had to be the worst of all t6 lights.
  4. Someone please explain to me how this is a mastery badge:


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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      only evil unicums rigg :serb: 


    3. jacobhunter3006


      A bunch of shitter pubbies play it and you got a ton of sporting which really helps base xp.

    4. Fulcrous


      Because the number of shitters playing it > good players by a huge margin.

  5. My fav part: "Will it hurt if I take the mask off?" "Yeesss, it will be incredibly painful." Like what the actual fuck...
  6. Give me a reason to never play any game again. I feel like this shit is just a huge waste of my time. I'm studying to be a mathematician, but can't put in the time to do that and socialize, etc IRL because I can't help myself from playing 10+ hrs a week. But, its just been a part of my life for so long, I don't know how to do anything else.

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    2. MonoPanda


      Do something you like. Weather that is playing games, doing sport or go to clubs ... your choice. But why do people value playing games to be a waste of time? How is skiing more productive? You spent time to make your life more fun. When I do something "useful" I do it to earn money and thus making possible to do what I want. Meating friends is just another "waste" of time if you could be working. You don't have to live after the expectations of others. It is your lifetime so spent it like you chose to :)

    3. PrivateBert


      Totally agree. Gaming is not a waste of time.

      In my spare time I go fishing, tie flies, go golfing or caravaning or play computer games.

      Whatever I want...it is my spare time and should relax me. If it is fun, it is good :)

    4. galleri


      Arg! I just got your message since I haven't been playing much lately anymore. I will pm ya now for fb funs. lol

  7. Is this one better? http://wotreplays.com/site/2320511#tundra-quantumkiwi-m44
  8. AWFUL is probably the place for you. http://awfultankers.com/
  9. You want my advice, go to foxey. Good place, not totally ded.
  10. I'll join. FYI, he's looking for players with at least 2700+ recents
  11. Come take a look at Vilin, most chill clan I've been in so far. We do many things, like strongholds, and that dead gamemode that was once clanwars. Come say hi:
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