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  1. Give me a reason to never play any game again. I feel like this shit is just a huge waste of my time. I'm studying to be a mathematician, but can't put in the time to do that and socialize, etc IRL because I can't help myself from playing 10+ hrs a week. But, its just been a part of my life for so long, I don't know how to do anything else.

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    2. zapyoug


      Just uninstall the game and then reduce your internet speed to potato so you cant install it again :ohnyes:

    3. Intumesce


      If I could quit playing video games I would.
      Multiplayer games especially are just a huge waste of a time. At best they're a timesink, at worst they just make your life more stressful and frustrating with no real gain.
      Pick up a constructive hobby if you want something to do when you're bored.

    4. zapyoug


      building shit is a good replacement hobby though it can be a bit expensive

      If I wanted to really replace tanks I think I would try to start building remote controlled lego stuff

      shits cool, though it would be significantly more of a money sink depending on what you do




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