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  1. I'm on Hyperion, a little more active now since my ISP and Talia.net decided to get a divorce.
  2. Should I update your buttons to #EatPuppies #GetBanned ?
  3. Finally got some free time, downloading now.......
  4. Current ride, wheel/hover hybrid cuz fuck that ice map. I'm getting some weird particle artifacts (windshields and explosion effects) with this new patch though. Not sure if I understand laser cannons' mechanics correctly - according to a forum post the initial shot damage is reduced by the first struck cube's armor, then spread onto another random adjacent cube, this reduction & spread process repeats until the shot's total damage is absorbed......but don't cubes have their own hitpoints on top of armor values? I don't see HP listed anywhere, is it a fixed number across the board?
  5. Looks like you'll need Safeshot in your pack too, #rip hesh'd_to_the_ass_E5 hue hue
  6. name: sushicide few questions since I'm still try to dig through the forums- Are windshield blocks purely cosmetic? Doesn't look like there's a los requirement for pilot seat? Is vehicle weight factored into collision? Seems when I bump into someone we both stop completely, I wonder if it's possible build a really heavy spinning hammer to knock people around What do player levels do? Do multiple radars stack? Is there a way to disable camera shake when shooting?
  7. hmm, do you have Locastan's colored message installed on your own setup? Otherwise I think it's like the audio folder, have to have every file from /res/text/lc_messages copied over or it won't load properly. here's the whole mod package (410kb) if you want to give it another try. http://www.mediafire.com/download/cd61ncfv1vgdccg/Cmsg_locastan_811_edit.zip
  8. small contribution to the pack : http://www.mediafire.com/download/45aztaw0gcvlvbt/0.8.11.zip (edited from locastan's colored msg)
  9. New version is up, bump for front page visibility. This is an amazing tool if you want to take the initiative to learn more about tanks and their hidden stats instead of relying on the outdated wiki or whatever misinformation morons decide to spread. also once again, you DO NOT have to register with your WoT email (and god forbid, password)
  10. turning blue wn6 next round of stat update, not looking forward to it especially I still can't fight my way out of a wet paperbag
  11. have too much damn free time off work this time of the year, will play t5-9
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