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  1. ... This game makes me so goddamn sad. Nearly 6k damage in a Tier 8 TD (tier 8 game) on Live Oaks of all things and the most anyone else on my team can do is 760 damage (I did more than all of the rest of them combined).
  2. Rude... Twas nice playing with you both. Fuzzy is by far the best IKV 65 player of all three of us though.
  3. I realize I'm playing an arty but still 4.5 min loss on Tier 10 Ensk...somehow in a T92 get off over 6k damage. Games like that make me sad. Frankly I'm more a fan of the T-28 F30. That thing is just bloody fantastic and removes B2s even more easily.
  4. 4-5? Oh my sweet summer child. Just had this beauty of a game.... Those 2 13-90s and T49? Did under 2k combined spotting two. Nice work guize!
  5. Type 95: 8 M5 Stuart: 32 + 1 = 33. Has anyone actually taken points off of this since it has been listed? It was a pain to play back when it had the 75mm howitzer but at least it was bearable and kind of lolzy at times (I remember killing a Tiger with it). Nowadays? Holy crap, I don't think since they changed the gun I've EVER been killed by one except once as a tier 4 (T-28 F30). This tank could move at lightspeed and have 3k hitpoints and it would still be garbage with that gun. I genuinely feel bad for anyone who plays it. SAu-40: 8 - 3 = 5. Am I the only one that didn't thi
  6. I played all of 6 games, 4 defending the base and 2 attacking. Defending we only won once and that was with the timer running out with 5 or so seconds to spare before the Mark 1 reached the base. The biggest issue by far are the players. When you have idiots taking the bomb and running AWAY from the tank, you will lose every single goddamn time. If they changed where the bomb spawns (making it closer to the defenders and not "too far" from the tank that would be ideal). But yeah...pretty pointless game mode imo, so far the only one I think that was worth a damn was the
  7. Team? What are you doing? Team? Pls... All of a 5 min game and I manage to do in a fairly bad tier 10 more than like 13/15 of my allies combined...
  8. I feel the Toldi III could be added. Terrible alpha, dpm, and view range is not fun (also terrible handling).
  9. I'm aware of it. I just like the Charioteer quite a bit and don't carry any standard HE in it due low capacity. I also mentioned it as both tanks are fairly similar.
  10. I played a few matches in it earlier on NAE around 5 hours ago and was getting in matches with 5+ per side. I want to like the tank but with so many retards wanting to just camp with tds couples with people not knowing how to spot and getting nuked when they invariably fuck up it was frustrating. I eventually just brought out the Chariot and was having fun outspotting and nuking the Skorpions with HESH.
  11. It is a fantastic tank, I don't like low tiers, but christ if that thing isn't broken. Tier for tier I would say it is probably the strongest premium in the game. Barring something like the SU76i though I guess.
  12. Neat! Both of mine came today and I'm wearing one right now. Looks very nice and I like the minimalist style.
  13. So...anyone else liking the -3? I used to hate it but I think it is starting to grow on me.




    Replay if anyone wants.

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    2. no_name_cro


      Yeah, I hated it too. But few buffs over time(gun buffs and depression buff) made it pretty decent choice. Gun handling is not bad at all, if you look at tier 8 mediums that do 390 alpha. Also it's a wedge tank so armor profile is really nice.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      opposite for me. Used to like it and now hate it. If I want a 390 gun i'll just play my m4a1 as that thing actually makes money and doesnt have the gun handling of a T49.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      Liked it until they nerfed accuracy, now the way the gun chucks shells everywhere drives me crazy.

  14. Oh lord, the shirtless pic... I was always told never to post pictures of myself on the internet, it appears it might haunt me
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