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  1. Tsu, I don't know why you told me to join when I obviously don't meet your standards >_<. I'll apply tonight I suppose.
  2. Was tooning earlier with a few fellow WoTLabs channel players and we were throwing the idea around. Would there be any serious interest? CW? Tourneys? Toons? Just trolling?
  3. Ok, here's a legit question I asked on the main forums that wasn't really answered well. Calling. Is there any threads, videos, whatever, etc, that act as guides? Or do you two have at least general guidelines for it? I have experience calling for my team in Stacraft after many years acting as a Gosu, but..doesn't quite translate. Different games.
  4. I'd just like to add this, my convo with an AGOGE recruiter this morning: VonSchlitz (11:29:10 AM) o7 VonSchlitz (11:29:15 AM) hello... do you have a minute? HydraliskAspect (11:31:13 AM) You're a recruiter, bud, and I've already made my deciison for clans. I love Millard's Minions so far. If you're looking at my post on forums, sorry bud, you're too late. HydraliskAspect (11:31:15 AM) o7 VonSchlitz (11:31:48 AM) all good.. yes im a recruiter.. didnt see your post... . VonSchlitz (11:31:50 AM) VonSchlitz (11:32:01 AM) btw i loved the movie dr strange love HydraliskAspect (11:32:05 AM) Yeah I just joined it last night VonSchlitz (11:32:23 AM) actually i was thinking of your clan merging with ours... VonSchlitz (11:32:26 AM) kk VonSchlitz (11:32:37 AM) o7 http://www.noobmeter.com/compareclans/na/AGOGE/UNICA;jsessionid=20D201E503AA8ECB60B00DC6E07550F9
  5. So like, Bun and Canadiantrex told me I should apply to your clan. I hang out in wotlabs channel in game. Toon with Anticamper too. I just want to be around good tankers I can learn from without taking things too seriously. Yeah, so there's that.
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