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  1. I care about it just a little. If I cared much I would not play the game. I am sure there are enough places in the internet that any kind of perverted soul can find its fellows and share their thought with each other. wot and wotlabs are roamed by mods. I just hope that that will use the hammer swiftly on racism.
  2. racism promoted on wotlabs? WG should chat ban forever people like that. And the mods here should ban people here who support it. Racism shouldn't be ignored. I thought the topic shouldn't be on ftr. But seeing the reaction here, I now think that it is good that it is on ftr. The reaction here is enlightening(in a bad way).
  3. igalse2


    The aiming without visual help looks strange to me. They had range finders in WW2. They have reflector gun sights. They had gears. I don't find any info about tanks sight in ww2, But even if they didn't have any aim helpers ( that is hard to believe ). The gunner could have ( and probably had ) a small list on the wall near him with elevation for each distance point. Each gunner had only 1 gun to care about so he could easily memorize it. It's lame as game mechanic.
  4. Gold ammo is a natural punishment for the Self-righteousness. This can't be bad thing.
  5. Why tiers 6-9 are much better than 10? 1. On low tier most people are grinding. Lots of UP and stock tanks. Easy prey for your OP elited farmer of choice. T29 verses AMX 45! yes sir bring some more. T54 versus Lorrain? yammi. On tier 10 everything is elited. And player play the tanks because they want to play this tank not because they want to play some other tanks. 2. On low tier there are clear OP tanks. Hellcat kv1s. T29. is3 is6, 54 75. Tanks that alone can change the course of the battle if only 1 side have them. Who are the OP tanks of tier 10? On tier 10 you have some UP tanks.
  6. The real problem with wn8 is that it is too good. Like with every previous rating people are gaming it ( look at my recent purple). And this one may be with us for longer time then the previous ratings. So padding will influence more than before. It is time for some stats wiz to find new magic with the available stats. Which I don't think is probable. This rating is just too good.
  7. Next you will belive thay put a man on the moon. There are thing that are more improbable and yet happend. No reason to feel bad.
  8. What is this "shekel" thing that I see NA players use. I know it is Israely currency. How it entered the lingo?
  9. Buff with medals this patch. Nerf stats next patch. upvoted op by mistake ( again )
  10. No. This role is yours for sure. QB is not a reroll. QB grinds tanks from stock. QB don't have more then 10% of his games in TC. QB don't platoon with other unicams. QB don't shitpost. You on the other hand...
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