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  1. Gdek

    Ode to the T-34

    It works for me. Too bad there's not just one best way, huh?
  2. Gdek

    Ode to the T-34

    I don't disagree that a Rammer is great on the vast majority of tanks. However, as you mention the absolute gain is fairly (very) small - for me the opportunity cost of mounting a Rammer means I'm either not getting Binocs/Optics a EGLD, or a Camo Net. I'm not giving up vision control which means I'm keeping either Binocs or Optics. Bloom is a concern on this tank (particularly with it's fast refire rate) so I'm not giving up the EGLD. Which means in order to mount a Rammer I'm giving up the Camo Net. For me, it's not a good trade off. If I could guarantee I'd only see tier V a
  3. Gdek

    Ode to the T-34

    I would recommend Gun Laying Drive over Rammer in this tank (and likely only this tank). With a fully upgraded crew you are firing faster than your reticle can close... better to improve your aim time. Binos for those occasions when you are bottom tier... Camo net to improve your already impressive camo rating. Optics are not a bad option though. As for not platooning... you can learn just as much from playing with other players and being exposed to different tactics. Try to play with those close to or just above your skill level. You'll generally be able to put their tactics into use
  4. I'm at ~7800 games and haven't been running premium regularly for about the last 3k. I've got 4 tier VIII tanks (with 3 or 4 more unlocked but unbought). No tier IX's unlocked yet. It's not a race... and tier VIII and up is a lot less forgiving than below. Mistakes get punished hard. Also, if you're rushing up lines you're less likely to have well developed crews. A crew with only one skill @ tier IX is a liability in my opinion. Heck, it's starting to feel like a 1 skill crew is a bad idea at any tier under VII.
  5. Just finished my 13 75 grind last night (thanks to x2 on every match). Once I get 6th sense I'll buy the 13 90 and hopefully enjoy myself a little more. The 12t and 13 75 are pretty similar I found. Hard to carry... you can influence a match a bit, or speed up a victory if things are going well, but I've found it really difficult to tip the scales if the match is even. Forget about recovering a bad match. I found these two tanks are awesome at clean-up if you're looking at enemies who've been beat up, but trying to take on someone at tier VIII or higher at full health is an exercise in
  6. Hey folks, Curious about the Tankmas bundles. If you already have a tank offered in the bundle, what happens when you buy the bundle? Anyone know? - Is it the gold value? Thanks! Gdek
  7. Gdek

    Ode to the T-34

    T-34 Tips: 1. Don't be seen. 2. If you are seen, get unseen. 3. If you're going to expose yourself, make sure there are juicier targets that have exposed themselves first. Most pubs won't switch to a new target, they'll keep shooting the first one they see. T-34 is not slow when fully upgraded. It's acceleration leaves something to be desired, but you'll look down and suddenly see you're doing 40+. Use the 57 not the 76. The gun is accurate enough to hit weak spots consistently from range and the reload is faster than the aim time. The DPM is amazing. Carry some APCR and you'll have no t
  8. Your stats are coming along. Win rate is a weird one... at one point it'll just click and start coming up. Part of it is contributing as much as you possibly can to every match. As you get better, you contribute more than your weight on the team - You'll reach a magical tipping point where suddenly your win rate will start going up. Of course, the meta on SEA may (probably is) different. I think you're absolutely right about survival rate being huge. By surviving what amounted to 10% more games over the period I tracked, I was able to make a much bigger impact to my teams. 7 is a w
  9. Unbelievably I have a 71% win ratio over about 60 games, which is just gaudy for me (and likely means I'm in for a fall). Insane rate of fire, generous ammo amounts. I run 60/20/20 just for shits and giggles. Stupid fast, good camo, low profile, good accuracy on the non derp. I kept it after I bought my AT-2.
  10. I've reached 1500 games! Am I now not a scrub? Let's see. Here's where I started. WR : 53.15 Survival : 28.3 K/D Ratio : 1.4 Avg Dmg : 648 Avg XPG : 504 WN7(now/60d) : 1214/1685 Here's where I wanted to end up. WR : 54 Survival : 31 K/D Ratio : 1.75 Avg Dmg : 800 Avg XPG : 650 WN7(now/60d) : 1450/1800+ And here's where I landed. WR : 54.04 (+) Survival : 30.18 (-) K/D Ratio : 1.6 (-) Avg Dmg : 725 (-) Avg XPG : 514 (-) WN7(now/60d) : 1349/1785 (-) So... I missed all my goals but one. =) That's a little disheartening. But, on the bright side, all my numbers went up - some quite
  11. Thanks for all the input. I think I may push up the T29 line to the 103. As a side line, I'll push through on my Tiger II, even though I'm bloody horrible in it. Finally, I think I'll keep pushing up the Russian medium line, though I've got a longer way to go. Other than that, I think I'll follow the suggestion to just play tanks I enjoy. =) I think the advice to give myself 100 battles at each new tier to not beat myself up about is pretty good advice.
  12. With around 7k battles under my belt, I'm slowly moving up the tiers. My most played tank (VK 3601) has 330 some battles in it. I've got another 6 tanks with between 200 and 300 battles. Ignoring one outlier (SU-26 from the good old days) only 2 of my top 12 most played tanks are HTs (one of which used to be a medium). The rest are mediums or TDs. I have 6 tier VIII tanks (in order by battles): Type 59, T34, Tiger II, IS-3, KV-4, Ferdi. My stats in most of those aren't great - but at some point, I'm going to need to move to tier IX. Should I push up a medium line? A TD line? Continue
  13. The fact that you have to click through every battle result is what pisses me off about vbaddict. If I look at my stats on that site and compare to my actual stats, I look so much better on the former. Mainly because I quit out of the painful potato games that I can't bear to watch. As an aside, I've been noticing that I can't go back and check losses that were more than 2 to 3 matches prior. I get the stupid 'Results can't be loaded' screen.
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