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  1. Please excuse the intrusion, but what's the opinion on the new "auto-fuck every DD's day" skill & the "Flight Deck Fire? LOLNOPE" skills? I know they're not coming until the wave of 1960s Soviet DDs, but haven't seen them discussed much by people whose opinions I trust...
  2. OMG... My relationship with kicky-ball-o is almost exactly the same--except it was several solid years of playing Sensible World of Soccer ECE '96 which provided my one & only glimpse of that sport (I have zero interest in improving on my football knowledge, I can't even watch the game TBH)... BTW: http://www.sensiblesoccer.de/community/help
  3. Khul


    Um... Anyone remember PT Boats: Knights of the sea? A sort of grognard action-cum-sim game made by Russian developer Akella about six years ago...? This looks... Eerily familiar, from that footage.
  4. Lots of good & apt stuff here, but if I may add IIRC triples start to give you a problem with the blast from the neighbouring guns affecting the shell flight dynamics & thus the accuracy of the shot, because the guns tend to be closer together once you get above two barrels per turret. US triples & Italian triples & French quads all suffered from this & I think the US triples were retro-fitted with delay coils (thus meaning there was an almost imperceptible gap between guns fired simultaneously) to stagger the shots, meaning each shell got to leave the end of the barre
  5. Khul


    Too many to mention, but I loved the Elite sequels (buggy as fuck--& confusingly named--though they were) & now Elite 3 ("Frontier: First Encounters") has got a nu3d reskin job (along with some much-needed bugfixes): http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/Hires/hiresffe.html There's about eleventy billion different flavours of same & it's utterly bewildering to anyone not nostalgic for the early 90s but I love it, still. Oh, & the second Total War (Medieval I) still gets played to death. Actual tactics! Enemies that fight back rather than stream toward you at 200mph!!
  6. I'm terribly sorry to bring this up here as I know it's the wrong thread but I'm at a loss--I recently had my new PC sent back to Dell & was accessing the forum for a few days on my old Win 7 box... & it looked really good & was easy to navigate. Like, you know, a web-page. Since getting my new (Win 10) PC back, the site looks like... Well, a mobile phone app. Can someone point me in the direction of the setting I have to change to make it look like a Godsdamned web page again, please? Sincere apologies for whining about this here, but for the life of me I can't seem to fi
  7. Pics & stupid comments in the tag. My girlfriend, BTW, thinks I am mental. I reply that I'm not as mental as the people who serve on DDs in my navy, because a lot of very, very brave torpedo charges have taken place... She's now staring at me all funny, like. I have started to mutter to myself.
  8. Nice to see some people have already heard of it! I'll post some sheep I've cobbled together later, when I'm back from work.
  9. Done, cheers! & it kinda is rather more hard-core than any hex-based game I've played (not that I've played many), hence the title... It's about the level of (tactical) complexity of, say, Fighting Steel or GNBNA. I mean, you're not gonna have to get a set-square & astrolabe out to calculate azimuths & plot a course but if you don't know the sensible thing to do when a destroyer squadron veers toward your nice neat battle line (the manual, I should've mentioned, is written in crayon on the back of fag packets that have already sailed down the Thames, via Google translate f
  10. My name's Khul, I have the day off work, & I'm here to tell you about Naval Warfare Simulations' Rule The Waves, 'cos I have no real life. I'm basically a wannabe grognard, a neophyte rivet-counter, a hipster wargamer. I like the first two Total War games 'cos they feel tactically "right", but hate everything since MTW1. Incredibly detailed damage/armour/ballistics models get me kinda hard, but I've always been scared of hexes & simply don't have the patience for Panzer General & its ilk. I like the idea of manning the pumps (hur-hur-hur-hur) & agonising for hours
  11. So... Has anyone on US server noticed the spotting/situational awareness fuck-up (possibly a fuck-up, possibly a sop to the whining BB lobby) that is basically massively anti-DD yet? I ask here only 'cos it seems like you guys in the US have some form of communication with WG employees that goes beyond "Sit there, peons! Shut up & give us your money!" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50464-someone-forgot-to-adjust-situational-awareness-in-055/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4hfv4o/psa_situational_awareness_is_clearly_bugged_right/
  12. ^ So I take it you're a chess, not boardgames or RPG kinda guy? 'Cos I take it completely the other way, when something has no randomness whatsoever, I feel like I'm on rails & cannot be bothered to engage, as the experience merely seems rote & mechanical. It lacks flavour. Roll-to-hit, then roll-for-damage. If you get lucky (or unlucky if you're on the other end of it), you get a crit. I really don't see why such a system seems to insult people personally & why they whine with such butt-hurt about it. It's almost like it personally offends people's e-peen because somethi
  13. I really don't understand the kvetching & bitching about turret destruction & magazine detonation. It's one of the few, paltry concessions to playing a fecking naval game left in WOWS, without it it's just stupid WOT/Counterstrike shooter with health bars. I understand having something happen you can do nothing about may be frustrating, but, is flooding also inconvenient for you? Does that need to be removed?
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