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  1. Please excuse the intrusion, but what's the opinion on the new "auto-fuck every DD's day" skill & the "Flight Deck Fire? LOLNOPE" skills? I know they're not coming until the wave of 1960s Soviet DDs, but haven't seen them discussed much by people whose opinions I trust...
  2. OMG... My relationship with kicky-ball-o is almost exactly the same--except it was several solid years of playing Sensible World of Soccer ECE '96 which provided my one & only glimpse of that sport (I have zero interest in improving on my football knowledge, I can't even watch the game TBH)... BTW: http://www.sensiblesoccer.de/community/help
  3. Khul


    Um... Anyone remember PT Boats: Knights of the sea? A sort of grognard action-cum-sim game made by Russian developer Akella about six years ago...? This looks... Eerily familiar, from that footage.
  4. Lots of good & apt stuff here, but if I may add IIRC triples start to give you a problem with the blast from the neighbouring guns affecting the shell flight dynamics & thus the accuracy of the shot, because the guns tend to be closer together once you get above two barrels per turret. US triples & Italian triples & French quads all suffered from this & I think the US triples were retro-fitted with delay coils (thus meaning there was an almost imperceptible gap between guns fired simultaneously) to stagger the shots, meaning each shell got to leave the end of the barrel without being knocked about by the blast waves of the other guns in that turret's salvo. First source google threw at me gives 1935 as the first implementation in the US navy of this: http://www.navweaps.com/index_inro/INRO_BB-Gunnery_p1.htm General searching reveals the IJN had something similar by 1938 & GKDOS100 "Technical Report No. 372-45 of August, 1945, "German Fire Effect Tables"" infers that German twins & above all had delay coils by WW2.
  5. Khul

    Old Games

    Too many to mention, but I loved the Elite sequels (buggy as fuck--& confusingly named--though they were) & now Elite 3 ("Frontier: First Encounters") has got a nu3d reskin job (along with some much-needed bugfixes): http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/Hires/hiresffe.html There's about eleventy billion different flavours of same & it's utterly bewildering to anyone not nostalgic for the early 90s but I love it, still. Oh, & the second Total War (Medieval I) still gets played to death. Actual tactics! Enemies that fight back rather than stream toward you at 200mph!!! Having to manoeuvre!!!! Sigh.
  6. I'm terribly sorry to bring this up here as I know it's the wrong thread but I'm at a loss--I recently had my new PC sent back to Dell & was accessing the forum for a few days on my old Win 7 box... & it looked really good & was easy to navigate. Like, you know, a web-page. Since getting my new (Win 10) PC back, the site looks like... Well, a mobile phone app. Can someone point me in the direction of the setting I have to change to make it look like a Godsdamned web page again, please? Sincere apologies for whining about this here, but for the life of me I can't seem to find a "turn this shit off" switch... (This is coming from such a Luddite he has reset his entire Win 10 "look" so it behaves like a computer, not a phone. Apologies if it took a lot of work to make it look like this, but it hurts my eyes & brain & seems massively unintuitive to me...)
  7. Pics & stupid comments in the tag. My girlfriend, BTW, thinks I am mental. I reply that I'm not as mental as the people who serve on DDs in my navy, because a lot of very, very brave torpedo charges have taken place... She's now staring at me all funny, like. I have started to mutter to myself.
  8. Nice to see some people have already heard of it! I'll post some sheep I've cobbled together later, when I'm back from work.
  9. Done, cheers! & it kinda is rather more hard-core than any hex-based game I've played (not that I've played many), hence the title... It's about the level of (tactical) complexity of, say, Fighting Steel or GNBNA. I mean, you're not gonna have to get a set-square & astrolabe out to calculate azimuths & plot a course but if you don't know the sensible thing to do when a destroyer squadron veers toward your nice neat battle line (the manual, I should've mentioned, is written in crayon on the back of fag packets that have already sailed down the Thames, via Google translate from the Ancient Sanskrit), you are basically fucked.
  10. My name's Khul, I have the day off work, & I'm here to tell you about Naval Warfare Simulations' Rule The Waves, 'cos I have no real life. I'm basically a wannabe grognard, a neophyte rivet-counter, a hipster wargamer. I like the first two Total War games 'cos they feel tactically "right", but hate everything since MTW1. Incredibly detailed damage/armour/ballistics models get me kinda hard, but I've always been scared of hexes & simply don't have the patience for Panzer General & its ilk. I like the idea of manning the pumps (hur-hur-hur-hur) & agonising for hours about differing armour schemes, but I have absolutely no intention of enjoying tactical abstractions ("move yr stack of counters to here, press GO, receive notification about what happened") until I'm like 90 (not far off, TBH). I also am what unenlightened members of the polis might term "ghey" for early-20th century naval combat. So, if you enjoyed Fighting Steel (praise be its name!) or the Great Naval Battles series (nearly there but oh-so fatally flawed), I'm here to tell you about a one-man spreadsheet-style Indie game with Windows 3.1 graphics & like two sound effects which might've actually been recorded on a Gravis Ultrablaster, that will charm the casemates off you, tickle your Cockburn Safety Valve, & make you wish you'd put more than 1" of armour on the deck of your dreadnoughts. Rule the Waves is basically "Sim Jackie Fisher" (or maybe, "Virtua First Sea Lord"). It puts YOU in charge of the entire fucking navy & naval development of a Great Power (or wannabe Great Power) at the dawn of the 20th Century, gives you a great big wodge of cash & a fleet of tumblehomed central-battery steampunk metal freaks good for little more than making artificial reefs out of & says "Go on then, see if you can build a Yamato". It's a sandbox game in two parts: first, a quite frustrating but addictive spreadsheet exercise in making great big floaty lumps of steel, with a clever but abstracted ship design function that can, if you're of the "right" disposition, eat away hours of your time. In it, you attempt to navigate the ridiculous demands received from the bunch of morons running the country (hounded at all times by a jingoistic press) & manage your funds to design, build (even, in some cases, "take bribes for so they can be built by a bent shipyard who's flogging industrial secrets to your enemies"), spend sixteen months wrangling with the Finance Minister just to fund the fucking thing ("SOCIAL PROGRAMMES?!?! SOCIAL PROGRAMMES?!?!? GERMANY'S SAILING BATTLECRUISERS UP THE BLOODY THAMES & YOU WANT TO BUILD SCHOOLS?!?!?") & christen your ships with a bottle of fizzy white wine & a prideful tear... Only, two years of game time later to launch a giant floating dustbin at the mercy of your enemies & rendered completely obsolete by the time it comes off the slipway. This is the main interface. You've got a map divided into various regions, each with ports, & a summary of international tensions at the right & your budget running along the bottom of the screen: & is where you spend most of your time not in-battle. Things happen. Messages pop up. You open up tabs & fiddle with things. Things you do will affect your standing with your government, & with other nations. Sometimes, horrific shit outside of your control happens, & you just have to deal. This is the design screen: Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss. This picture is either going to make your pants wet with excitement or you're just gonna stare blankly at it. That's okay, shake your head & close the thread & leave now, whilst us dreadnought fanboy wankers connoisseurs can touch ourselves whilst we debate the relative merits of the "speed is armour", "guns are armour" & "are you fucking insane, put some fucking armour on it" schools of warship design philosophy. It gets better. Not only do you get to draw (yes, draw) the top-down view of your ship with a kind of hobbled-together 1990s paint application & a couple of pre-built bits (on-deck torp launchers, types of turret, funnels etc), but then you can generate a side-view picture for the almanac (see below) from a huge array of bitmapped ship parts in a sort of identikit build-a-ship-outline thingy, meaning whenever the game displays a picture of your mental Richelieu meets Rodney monstrosity, it will display exactly the ship you've designed & built, even if it has funnels at the the front & you insist on never, ever putting turrets on the centreline though it's 1923: You can spy on your enemies, attempt to sabotage their ships (hilarious, except when it goes wrong & your sneaky saboteurs blow up a minesweeper instead of the capital ship they promised & you're plunged into a hellish war for which you are quite, quite unprepared), research new technology (but in a kinda organic piecemeal way instead of the "RESEARCH DREADNOUGHT NAO" buying techs idea we all know from Total War or Civilization), accept & break alliances & tech-sharing agreements & even sell & buy technology, all the while navigating the political minefield created by a bunch of paranoid loons with colonial ambitions, vast war machines & the aforementioned Murdoch-esque media baying for blood, anyone's blood, when you can barely afford to refit the fire control on your old battlewagons & the enemy has an entire fleet of superdreadnoughts. Occasionally, some politician reads a book on naval tactics & decides what you really need are a dozen new cruisers, despite just having spent £$Y400,000,000 on an entire fleet of battlecruisers & long-range super-destroyers that have rendered the very idea of a cruiser obsolete, & you will fume. Or, ignore them, & get the sack. (Just a note: this game really isn't for everyone. I mean, obviously. But if you're into min-maxing or rules lawyering you'll throw your PC out the window when you spend half the GDP of a European nation on a ship & a month later advances in technology render it obsolete & it won't even hit the water for another two years. You can also "beat" the game by being a know-all & playing a nation with unlimited funds enabled & data-mining the file. But this game wasn't created for your average stats-obsessed forum-dweller; it was created for the rest of us, the weirdos & freaks who'll stay up all night trying to stave off dreadnought races whilst playing Austria-Hungary or who try to recreate the Jeune Ecole in Tsarist-era Russia, & for us this game will last years.) The tactical half of the game is what makes it, & lifts it above a "Papers, Please" kinda curio ("Oh that's a lovely idea" & bored six minutes later) to levels of "TAKE MY LIFE, NOW". Because those ships you argued about, spied over & bled the populace white to pay for? Now, you get to take them out & sink shit with them. There's bombardment missions, convoy escort & attack, grand fleet battles & destroyer engagements. You can send your light forces on suicidal death rides against the enemy line to protect the retreat of your big ships & then realise you have to sail two hundred miles back through fog & torrential rain & you have no screen or submarine escort (or, you sail into a minefield). There's night battles where (unless you're the IJN, or mental, or both) you immediately send the capital ships heading for port or blithely sail them straight into the blundering enemy destroyer screen. You can attempt to keep the range, better for your enormo-guns to rain death on the enemy, & your lead ship's boilers will over-pressurise & she will grind to a halt, or your rear-admiral's support squadron ignores flag signals & decides to charge the enemy & engage with only his secondary guns. You laugh, you cry, you gnash your teeth. You deal with graphics like this, which seldom convey the raw brutality of the proceedings : & this, which (if you are of a certain mindset) absolutely does convey the raw brutality of the proceedings: Yes, the little turrets turn. & when they're damaged/KO'd, it shows on the graphic. Swoon. Battles are fought according to a timer, with forces randomly generated as a percentage of whatever you have available in a geographic theatre & isn't undergoing repair at the time. Sometimes it's a fuck-huge fleet battle, sometimes you're chasing a converted merchant ship with a destroyer. The whole thing's... Ugh. I'm not gonna say Rogue-like, 'cos it's just not & I'm too much of a fucking pedant, but it's very difficult to save-scum efficiently, so you might as well bite down hard & accept that your glistening battleline really did sail into that minefield or find the one enemy submarine in the whole ocean or really did store the ammo outside the main barbette & now the pride of your battle-fleet is raining from the sky & has been converted into 40,000 tons of this: So what do you do? You suck it the fuck up, & go raid the nation's pension fund to construct yet more. You either take the part of an admiral (desperately waving flags at distant parts of your battle-line to attempt to get the useless fucks to do something resembling something effective, whilst they ignore you, the enemy & the enormous hole that torpedo just made in their side & blithely sail on at 20 knots into a squall), a "rear admiral" (desperately waving flags & also desperately going through drop down menus trying to see which ships need to be dragged out of line & told to start pumping (hur-hur-hur), & WHY ARE YOU STILL FIRING AT THEIR BATTLESHIPS THEIR DESTROYERS ARE CHARGING OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD TURN AWAY TURN AWAY NOW!!!) or even a captain (ignore flags & spend all your time trying to manually line up broadside mounted submerged torpedo tubes). Battles play out in a sort of real-time with pauses & time compression, & do a fantastic job of conveying both the stately ponderousness & the complete bugfuck pandemonium that must've ensued when giant unwieldy fleets attempted to co-ordinate across vast distances using technology that hadn't changed for centuries. You can pull up various things to tell you what the fuck just happened: & can even browse Khul's All The World's Fighting Ships in the middle of a battle, to tell you whether you should run away from or run towards the ship that's just loomed out of a fog bank: Half the time, your idiot lookouts will have misidentified the ship, & you go steaming straight into what you think is a wrinkly old armoured cruiser & get a face full of large-calibre naval rifles. It's incredibly satisfying & fun, if not for the kind of on-the-spectrum nerd who is terrified of RNG & things going bad in their adolescent power fantasies. Things will go bad. You will mutter "There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today" every fifteen or so minutes, as they take wrong turns, explode randomly or sail into each other. So. It's not perfect, it's nicher than niche, it's fiddly to play & takes a loooooooooooooooooong time. It's quite expensive ($35 of your 'Murrican dollars, directly from here: Yes, it's a fucking Yahoo store page. & they MAIL YOU YOUR ACCESS CODE LIKE A DAY AFTER YOU ORDER. Because 1995 was the pinnacle of everything, not just gaming & you just have to accept that shit & get over it. But it's funny, it's dramatic, it's engrossing, it's utterly addictive, it's complex & yet easy to play, there's sooooooooo much depth, so much historic grognard goodness I can barely speak. It's Master of Orion but with actual tactics & fucking great floating death machines. Sincere, utter & unconditional love (& a foolhardy or admirable contempt for gaming norms & any idea of "mass appeal") has gone into the making of this, & it shows. It is, right now, my absolute favourite number one game of all time. One day, someone will release something with the same level of strategic/tactical depth & level of grognardy dreadnought-love invested but with actual 3d graphics for the battles & a co-op/multiplayer battle mode (possibly with preset historical forces & tech development cordoned off into eras & the basic what-if free for all mode all done separately), & then it'll go mainstream & normal people won't be scared of it & will play it on their tablety-phone things whilst waiting for trains & it'll make someone a multi-millionaire. Until then, get the fuck in now & become a pre-, semi- & super-dreadnought hipster. You know you want to. PS: Oh, & it only covers the years 1900-1925, before those pesky flying things arrived to get in the way of your enormous steel penis substitutes. But you can, if you wish, keep playing the game until 1950, in a kinda wonky alternate history sorta way, but the research tech will run out & certain events will go kinda haywire. Totally possible, though.
  11. So... Has anyone on US server noticed the spotting/situational awareness fuck-up (possibly a fuck-up, possibly a sop to the whining BB lobby) that is basically massively anti-DD yet? I ask here only 'cos it seems like you guys in the US have some form of communication with WG employees that goes beyond "Sit there, peons! Shut up & give us your money!" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50464-someone-forgot-to-adjust-situational-awareness-in-055/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4hfv4o/psa_situational_awareness_is_clearly_bugged_right/
  12. ^ So I take it you're a chess, not boardgames or RPG kinda guy? 'Cos I take it completely the other way, when something has no randomness whatsoever, I feel like I'm on rails & cannot be bothered to engage, as the experience merely seems rote & mechanical. It lacks flavour. Roll-to-hit, then roll-for-damage. If you get lucky (or unlucky if you're on the other end of it), you get a crit. I really don't see why such a system seems to insult people personally & why they whine with such butt-hurt about it. It's almost like it personally offends people's e-peen because something might happen out of their direct control...
  13. I really don't understand the kvetching & bitching about turret destruction & magazine detonation. It's one of the few, paltry concessions to playing a fecking naval game left in WOWS, without it it's just stupid WOT/Counterstrike shooter with health bars. I understand having something happen you can do nothing about may be frustrating, but, is flooding also inconvenient for you? Does that need to be removed?
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