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  1. Well, thanks everyone who helped, I'm gonna go with the last build folkerkneckt recommended. I might end up switching the GPU to the Red Devil and the case to something else but haven't decided yet.
  2. I agree about the RAM and PSU, I think I should just spend the bit extra and be happy knowing I got quality parts! I don't think I will spend the money on the 1070 either, I don't plan on upgrading my monitor anytime soon. So it would be a waste kinda. I had one more question, why did you choose micro parts? I thought they we're for if you had space restrictions? I agree, Fuck CA prices! I'm always so jealous when I see US builds. Is this the Red Devil GPU? https://www.amazon.ca/PowerColor-480-AXRX-8GBD5-3DH-OC/dp/B01JGQBSV8/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01JGQBSV8&pd_rd_r=MRSZAHY6SWPHJN120CZ0&pd_rd_w=UwNex&pd_rd_wg=FuJu5&pf_rd_m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=YS7QCHZZVZE8GDX1DV0M&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=b06971ce-9992-44c1-9ee0-eb9792e71b5e&pf_rd_i=desktop
  3. It doesn't usually include sales tax or shipping so I was kinda keeping that in mind. My full budget I was hoping to spend was 1500$ with taxes and shipping . I can probably get free shipping on most of things though.
  4. Forgot to add that I have a 1 tb Western digital hard drive already so that could go towards something else and I would be willing to spend 1300$ if it would get me a significant boost in performance? Canadian prices do suck.. I knew going into this though.
  5. I doubt that I will be OC since I don't even know how to do OC. My original list did have "K" version CPU since I thought it might get me a little longer usage? I'm guessing it is a good idea to stay away from the overclocking though unless you know what you are doing? Great list, thanks! Just had a few questions, I'm not very familiar with the gigabyte gpu/motherboards, I'm guessing they must be pretty solid if you suggested them but is there much difference in the brands? I just always thought Gigabyte stuff was a bit lower quality but that's just because I hadn't heard of them before. I saw in another thread that you recommended the Power color Rx 480 Graphics card, is it still a solid card ? Or would you recommend the one you linked over it? I will probably stay away from the Ryzen, I'm not that adventurous when it comes to money, maybe if I knew a little more about computer parts. Sorry for all the questions, like I said I'm a pretty big noob when it comes to this stuff.
  6. I don't know a whole lot about building computers but I did build a computer a couple years ago. It ended up dying from water damage though so now I need to build another PC. I'm not looking for anything special, I don't really care what it looks like I'm more concerned about the performance. I'd like to be able to run most newer games at around max settings, if that's possible with my budget? I would mostly just use the the computer for tanks and maybe a few other modern games that look solid. My budget is probably 1200$ Canadian but it seems like I might be a little bit over that. I have a monitor that is 1920 X 1080 that I plan on using for awhile. I put together a few items that seemed to be pretty solid, Wasn't 100 percent sold on the motherboard or gpu. Not exactly sure what I am looking for with those items so any help is appreciate http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/ Edit by Folterklnecht to highlight some information for the visually impaired ;-)
  7. Going one on one with a td I almost always go for the track first, even if it is a 0 dmg shot. This forces him to burn a repair kit or stay perma tracked!
  8. How stupid am I, for not buying camo on my tanks?
  9. I listen to music when I am soloing, usually something to pump me up a bit. I find it distracting when I'm in a toon though.
  10. Padding winrate is just as easy as padding WN8, although winrate is probably a better metric to pad. There are not many solo players who are getting 65+ WR with a 3k WN8, unless they are very selective with tanks they are playing!
  11. Running food is really hard on the credits, do you find a noticeable difference in how the tank performs? I have never really run food with the e5 since it's soft stats are pretty decent. Did you get your 2nd mark on the e5 yet? Keep up the good work, those numbers are pretty good for solo!
  12. What's up with your credit loss? Are you not running premium or are you running food? Also I think you may be setting yourself up for failure with those goals you set, I think 60% and 3k dpg would have been more realistic but yet still a challenge! Good luck though, prove me wrong!
  13. Nobody performs better drunk although it does help you deal with pubbies! The real performance enhancer is the THC! Also depends on how many drinks you have consumed!
  14. These commentaries are great! Do you happen to have e50m hidden village?
  15. Really? I would be lost without xvm last know positions, maybe not as much as the average pubbie but I still think it is a huge advantage. Just like if WG decided to give all tanks a birds eye view, no it wouldn't make our shots more accurate but it would provide us more ways to get shots off.
  16. Than how is this mod not a huge advantage if it is allowing you to hit shots that you were previously not able to hit? With both views you can now choose which view makes the shot easier. Of course you are going to have those idiots who just use one view or the other but that's like people who spam pure heat! Also you don't have to play a tank to know how they perform, there are tons of tanks out there that I haven't played, yet I know alot about them from just encountering them so often!
  17. Sounds like you have consistency issue's. My advice to you would be don't derp out on wins!
  18. E5 is currently a little bit more suited for the meta so I would probably choose it. Although 140 is good in pretty much any meta so you can't really go wrong with your choice. Which playstyle do you prefer, heavies or meds?
  19. If you roll around a lot at night, could just be a pulled muscle in your back otherwise like the other guys are saying, most likely pinched nerve. Get the hot pack out!
  20. I believe he was saying that it is very much possible to score 60% solo in mediums and heavies but that it is harder to carry in arty and td's. I don't think he was saying that anyone decent should be able to achieve 60 % solo. I see the post you were responding about, at least he is playing 8-10's and I am assuming they are tanks he likes? I also agree that the other guy should stop discouraging fellow solopubbers, 60% is very much possible but also a challenge!
  21. You should try re-reading what he said! Also why would he do these things? That is just stupid, should he also play without equipment? I think if you are only soloing 10's then its pretty much like garbad said, 65+ solo at tier 10's is just reserved for the top players on the server!
  22. You seem to be doing fine in some of your 8 and 9's, which see alot of tier 10 games anyway's so I would! If anything you probably just need to get more comfortable fighting tier 10 tanks, look up weakspot guides for the one's that are giving you trouble. Your missing out if your not able to play 10's!
  23. You will not understand this game for your first 3 or 4k games so don't rush to teir 10. Also this is not COD so don't try and run and gun!
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