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  1. I tried to reset my wotlabs password via email and the link kept timing out on me.... It's like the universe knows I should stay away from anything related to world of tanks.

  2. I agree with most of the opinions about this tank in the thread. I don't have any problems with fictional tanks being in the game, but this one doesn't fit with WoT. I wouldn't want a Halo tank, or a steampunk tank, and I wouldn't want these VC tanks either. They look too cartoonish and clash with the aesthetic design of the game. The KV-5 may be an ugly napkin tank, but god damn does it look beautiful when you put it on the battlefield alongside other armored vehicles. As for the strength of this vehicle, it's not exactly a surprise considering how much money the new premium policy is for WG. But they've taken it farther. It's another step towards the ledge. Gentlemen, we have reached Ludicrous speed. Will this game be able to survive going plaid?
  3. The 6 pdr is for seal clubbers. True gentleman tankers use the 3.7" to give their opponents a fair shot to dodge the incoming fire, thus rewarding the higher level of skill.
  4. I'd wait for the patch to hit and see how ranked battles play out. The equipment is going to be a nice bonus for high skilled players who min-max to get the most out of their tanks, but a gun rammer that gives a 12.5% bonus versus a 10% bonus isn't a HUGE deal in pub matches. I think it's more worth it to spend your time grinding for tanks you want than to grind for marginal gains from the equipment. That said, out of the high tier tanks you are close to now, I would say go for the E5, the IS-7, and the M48. The E5 is fun to play because it does well on every map, the M48 is the closest you are to a tier 10 medium so you'll get that the fastest and it's a good all rounder. The IS7 is such an easy tank to grind to that there's not much of a point to not get it, it's flexible and armored, and it's slated to become "balanced" in the upcoming russian buff patch. I'd also recommend getting a T-62A or Object 140 because they are such fun tanks to play.
  5. 4.6k dpg session but it's nothing special
  6. If they buff 62A and KV5 I might just have to reinstall... but life has been so wonderful without tonks

  7. Logged onto wotlabs tonight thinking "Damn, I really, really hope someone made a thread so I could discuss the terrorist attacks! It's not like I have the option to do that on facebook, twitter, the comments section of internet newspapers, dedicated politics forums, etc... No, I come to wotlabs to talk about this shit!"
  8. @RollerCoaster47 You really don't mince words, do you?
  9. OP please all you have to do is post the link for the embed RIP though, I remember when I was a noob back in 2013 and found jingle's channel, I loved all of his old videos where he played the ISU 152 like an idiot but laughed manically when he one-shotted tier 6s. I haven't watched much of his content for the past 2-3 years, but I appreciate his contributions to the community, his general positivity, and his passion for his channel. I have no idea what kind of PR disaster is going on, this seems like some kind of KGB tactic to use the "SJW" trend to moderate negative content that goes against WG's policies and economic interests (as I have no doubt that WG doesn't give a rat's ass about the internet culture war). Whatever's going on, this announcement is HORRIBLE news for WG. I don't even know how you can recover from your #1 content creator jumping ship. Maybe Jingles will get a nice letter and check from Victor Kislyi and a Belarussian mail-order bride to bring him back into their fold? But this seems like a pretty definitive decision. I only wish I could see what is going on in WG internal emails and video conference calls right now... This is absolute mayhem and I have more than enough to enjoy the storm
  10. There's no reason to feel guilty for enjoying the game. It's still fundamentally a very entertaining game. Although if you think the average player doesn't complain, just check out the official forums (at your own risk)
  11. If you've been getting good matchmaking in your tier 8s post 9.18, you must be incredibly lucky. Everyone I've heard from, whether it be friends, clanmates, people on wotlabs, or the incessant whining threads on the official forum, have been talking about how screwed tier 8 has been by this patch.
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