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  1. I tried to reset my wotlabs password via email and the link kept timing out on me.... It's like the universe knows I should stay away from anything related to world of tanks.

  2. I agree with most of the opinions about this tank in the thread. I don't have any problems with fictional tanks being in the game, but this one doesn't fit with WoT. I wouldn't want a Halo tank, or a steampunk tank, and I wouldn't want these VC tanks either. They look too cartoonish and clash with the aesthetic design of the game. The KV-5 may be an ugly napkin tank, but god damn does it look beautiful when you put it on the battlefield alongside other armored vehicles. As for the strength of this vehicle, it's not exactly a surprise considering how much money the new premium policy is fo
  3. The 6 pdr is for seal clubbers. True gentleman tankers use the 3.7" to give their opponents a fair shot to dodge the incoming fire, thus rewarding the higher level of skill.
  4. I'd wait for the patch to hit and see how ranked battles play out. The equipment is going to be a nice bonus for high skilled players who min-max to get the most out of their tanks, but a gun rammer that gives a 12.5% bonus versus a 10% bonus isn't a HUGE deal in pub matches. I think it's more worth it to spend your time grinding for tanks you want than to grind for marginal gains from the equipment. That said, out of the high tier tanks you are close to now, I would say go for the E5, the IS-7, and the M48. The E5 is fun to play because it does well on every map, the M48 is the closest
  5. 4.6k dpg session but it's nothing special
  6. If they buff 62A and KV5 I might just have to reinstall... but life has been so wonderful without tonks

  7. Logged onto wotlabs tonight thinking "Damn, I really, really hope someone made a thread so I could discuss the terrorist attacks! It's not like I have the option to do that on facebook, twitter, the comments section of internet newspapers, dedicated politics forums, etc... No, I come to wotlabs to talk about this shit!"
  8. @RollerCoaster47 You really don't mince words, do you?
  9. OP please all you have to do is post the link for the embed RIP though, I remember when I was a noob back in 2013 and found jingle's channel, I loved all of his old videos where he played the ISU 152 like an idiot but laughed manically when he one-shotted tier 6s. I haven't watched much of his content for the past 2-3 years, but I appreciate his contributions to the community, his general positivity, and his passion for his channel. I have no idea what kind of PR disaster is going on, this seems like some kind of KGB tactic to use the "SJW" trend to moderate negative co
  10. There's no reason to feel guilty for enjoying the game. It's still fundamentally a very entertaining game. Although if you think the average player doesn't complain, just check out the official forums (at your own risk)
  11. If you've been getting good matchmaking in your tier 8s post 9.18, you must be incredibly lucky. Everyone I've heard from, whether it be friends, clanmates, people on wotlabs, or the incessant whining threads on the official forum, have been talking about how screwed tier 8 has been by this patch.
  12. That's really interesting then, especially with WG confirming it is an issue.
  13. I wrote a nice little endorsement on the official forums that I might as well post here, too. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in YOUJO so far. The players in general are friendly, and I can find a platoon with clan-mates at almost any hour. We play pretty well competitively. We don't always win, but when we lose, people, whether the caller or the players, accept responsibility and are willing to try to learn from those mistakes. For me, it's a perfect balance of competitive and laid back. In my experience, the officer core have been nothing but accessible and transparent, both on TS and i
  14. I re-titled the thread in light of the discussion here What tiers were you playing on what server at what time? If it doesn't work let's put the nails in the coffin now. The discussions about twitch streamers seems to indicate that this is valid. I am familiar with confirmation bias, and I do not think this is the case. I picked up the Lowe this patch from the trade in, and I have almost 100 games already. I have never, ever gotten matchmaking as good as when I was doing this. I got more top tier 3/5/7 games last night, at two different times (late afternoon and ~11 central) th
  15. Some of you might have seen my status that I got five top tier games in a row in my Lowe earlier, something that seems nearly impossible and unbelievable this patch. Well, it turns out there is might be a bug that I was unknowingly experiencing. I had invited a friend to platoon, but he never joined. I was in the platoon by myself hitting battle. Apparently, doing this gives you much higher priority for being top tier. Why? I have no idea, but I played more tonight and it seems to significantly improve your chance of getting top tier. I only was playing my Lowe at tier 8 (because I'm in love w
  16. Someone posing as me must have performed some sexual favors at WG HQ in Minsk because I just got 5 top tier 3/5/7 battles in a row in my Lowe. Today I was truly blessed. Praise be to serb!

    1. Brappitybrap
    2. M4A3E8sherman


      tomorrow get fucked in ass by triple maus platoon every other game

    3. KruggWulf


      :rage:I'll give you a sexual favor Nutmeg

  17. hello friend I didn't know you joined the wotlabs cabal

    1. Graf-Eisen


      Yes, I feel that if I make many posts that sound like I actually know what I'm talking about it will somehow translate into in-game skill and I can finally reach the 70% recent win-rate I rightfully deserve.

    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      ur im pzmo just play the t67

  18. never ever 4git (a full bloom shot, too)
  19. Which tank is better for tier 8 strongholds in the current meta? The Lowe or the Patriot?

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    2. Archaic_One


      Patriot is best medium in tier 8

    3. Whole_Nutmeg


      I have a complex about spending money on this game, so I angst over decisions like this. I could pick up a lowe now for 8.6k gold and a useless (but free) VK4503, or wait until the patriot goes on sale and hold onto the 10k gold I have (all "free") for premium time and other miscellaneous uses. I've played both tanks on the live server, and I actually think I like the Lowe better. The Patriot's hull is not THAT good, and the mobility and gun handling compare unfavorably to the T25 Pilot which I've been playing a lot recently. Whereas the Lowe is an absolute monster with its armor and laser gun. However the DPM is lacking compared to the Patriot, which could matter in SH battles, and while I wouldn't call the Patriot fast, it's certainly speedier than the Lowe.

    4. Grister


      The Lowe is 10/10, but I honestly doubt we'll see the patriot on sale again. That thing is pretty bullshit. 

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