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  1. So my game just keeps crashing. Won't even let me log in. GG WoT 9.0

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    2. Rexxie


      I absolutely never CTD as long as I dont play below T8. Every single game I've played at T6/5 (havent tried 7) has ended with me crashing.

    3. deashole613


      I was having issues with it not letting me log in... I rebooted my computer and it worked fine

    4. MudDuck375
  2. Yeah that's the reason I prefer my 140 over the 62A, that extra gun depression makes a big difference. I've struggled with the play style as well, coming from the T-54. I do really enjoy getting behind a bush and blasting away with that gun...the DPM is lovely.
  3. Check Quickybaby's videos. He has free camera views of all the new map changes on his Youtube channel
  4. Welcome! Always good to have more good players join the ranks!
  5. They both have laser cannons for guns, so try staying back from the engagement and sniping, abuse the accuracy of those guns. The E50 is fat, so you may have to be aware of trading shots because you will be spotted pretty often. The Leo has a decent camo value, so abuse bushes and cover to take your shots and relocate often. They are mediums, so constantly change your angles of approach/attack and flex around the battle, getting shots where you can.
  6. Does anybody know if there's a good player with a bunch of scouting videos available on Youtube? I can't watch WoTreplays at work :(

    1. CarbonatedPork


      I'm not familiar with any; there's a few QuickyBaby vids but that's not a lot of content.

    2. SlyGambit


      Lucique is fun to watch but it's mostly high tier mediums.

      http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOoh4C_zJqYmaxhX73fF5Uw Also Taz's HoF has some decent scouting Youtubes (not of him necessarily) http://www.tazilon.net/HoF/M24Hall.html

    3. Double_D2012
  7. Awesome work! Thank you SOOO much for posting these through Youtube. I can't watch WoTreplays links from my computer at work, but Youtube works just fine. So thank you! In the 140 battle, I like the pause and spin to show that round ricochet off the turret, nice effects! Only thing I would recommend is during the After Action Report, can you sort the tanks by damage or experience so the players name will be at the top? (Assuming they were top damage/experience?) (edit) - I notice the tanks have excessive exhaust smoke. Is that one of your mods/effects?
  8. Not in Texas. Here it was posted at 0316, therefore I know not the significance of that time.
  9. I sense this thread spiraling out of control as a contest of American versus German economic status... And about the original post, it's not a bad deal. $40k a year is plenty of beer and food and whatever else college kids do these days...
  10. Is this thread still alive?? Personally I would look into getting a Glock 19 or maybe a compact like a Springfield XDM .40. I'm personally fond of .40 and .45 because they have stopping power and you generally don't have to shoot more than once.
  11. You're clearly getting better, as evidence by your recent stats. The part about dying quickly and going somewhere different in that tank isn't particularly a great thing. Each game is different (different tanks, arty/no arty, which side gets pushed, etc.) and you need to try to read how the team make-up will effect the game during the countdown. If your team has a really heavy make-up (mostly heavies), you need to try to figure out the best way to compliment that. I don't have specific examples because I haven't seen your gameplay, but don't just ditch one spot because it didn't work one t
  12. I see less and less Foch 155s and it doesn't seem like anybody fears them anymore. That nerf bat really hit home on that tank. On another note, the AMX 48 TD was the first tank in the game to make me rage sell it halfway through the grind. I DESPISE that tank.
  13. Well I already have a statue of myself for owning guns and driving a truck...I think two is overkill.
  14. That's a way to make an impression in your first game!
  15. That's awesome. I wish WoT had a few more neat things like that, but I'll settle for the Karl for now. Until next year, then WG needs to step their game up!
  16. Pray for our soldiers on Fort Hood

    1. ArrogantWorms


      This is terrible

  17. Can you show some examples of what you mean by gambling on a risky strat? Maybe a few of us can pick up on things that you've tried that didn't work for one reason or another.
  18. T34: Decent gun (rolls for about 400), horrid mobility, decent in hull-down unless the enemies can pop your turret hatch. Non-pref. MM means it sees ALOT of tier 10 games FCM 50t: (my current favorite) great speed, decent gun depression, not alot of armor, good view range, and the best tier 8 gun IMO (best pen with a standard round, 6sec reload, and pretty accurate). It gets pref. MM so you will only see tier 9s, and it has decent camo, so you can snipe well in it. Makes a boatload of credits because you don't have to use APCR for 95% of your matches IS6: Great brawler, good credit mak
  19. I was really thinking about going up this line because I really want a T110E3, but reading this thread makes me re-think getting the T28. I already went up the E4 line and the T28 Prot was bearable (had my 2nd best game ever in it), but I would NOT want to go up a line even worse than that thing.
  20. On Windstorm, do you have any tips in a medium tank? Every time I play it, it seems like havok ensues and everybody is just running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I typically try to push the northern part, am I wrong?
  21. Congrats! That's alot of writing...I'm usually so lazy that I can barely be bothered to finish thi...
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