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  1. idk, felt pretty good to me, even 3 moe'd it randomly when I was playing it for fun back in 2016


    After they introduced new t8 prems, DERP Jap heavies, and mini maus's. It really did get powercreeped, the armor was sufficient, the gun was amazing to spam and perma track people. You really need to know the weakspots of other tanks if you wanted to hulldown with this, and when it did, it was great. Majority of games I would hulldown was to find an enemy/ally corpse and make due with that, be creative :D

  2. On 2/10/2017 at 2:49 PM, Luna said:

    This kind of mentality is more what is leading to your lopsided performance, rather than the results of the games themselves. If you start poorly and start getting frustrated, this puts you on tilt, which then leads to more poorly planned decisions and a downward spiral of fail. In contrast, starting well leads to focusing more on all of your options so you don't "ruin the session", which leads to more thought out decisions and better play overall. It's something all of us are victim to in varying amounts, and can only really be overcome with forced patience after many games. 

    The IS-6 and Patriot have similar play styles so jumping between those shouldn't make too big of an impact, but the M4 Rev is on a totally different spectrum so if you want to do well in it, you have to shift away from the mentality of "heavy tank brawl". 

    Regarding starting rituals, if I plan to play for a longer session (doing all my T10 doubles for example) I begin with my heavy tanks (E5, IS-7, E-100, etc) so I can ease into focus and I have the time during reloads and re positioning to make sure I am aware of everything happening around me. Once those are done, shifting into the much faster-paced medium play is easier because I already have the focus and pattern of situational awareness and I just need to speed up my thinking. A really big thing is not dwelling about the fails. I still make mistakes in my play, and at this point all I can really do is accept it and move on. As long as you know what the mistake was and why, you can learn from it and next time the same situation happens you will be better prepared for how to handle it.

    Agreed, pacing yourself and taking time is important.

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