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  1. Looks like Nvidia's launch drivers for Ampere come with some serious problems. Nothing as serious as Turing yet though.
  2. Windows and other programs report VRAM allocation, not use. Just because it says it uses 10+GB of VRAM doesn't mean it is. Not to mention that the 3080 is still largely incapable of 4k60 DXRwithout using DLSS, which doesn't render at 4k anyway
  3. In 1-2 years 8GB is likely remain enough for the vast majority of games at 4k
  4. The 10GB VRAM buffer isn't even relevant in most games. Doom Eternal with maxed textures was the only game to exceed 8GB VRAM used from everything I've seen benchmarked
  5. CSGO pro players will be all over the 3090 for 1000 fps 1080p ultra low quality gaming
  6. Thanks for reminding me I know nothing about the current state of the game. I can't even remember how the KV-1S was split
  7. It's worth noting that WoT was largely CPU bound for any but the worst GPUs.
  8. Was plenty fast when I was playing, and physics never hurt the Chi-Ri
  9. Wasn't slow back then, merely average and came with pretty good acceleration. The only thing wrong with it then was the fact it's a giant box. Easy to hit if you weren't smart about things
  10. https://www.pcgamer.com/dwarf-fortress-is-coming-to-steam-with-graphics-and-mod-support/
  11. That 50% wasn't from drivers, that was from DICE being even more aggressive with culling.
  12. The mere act of existing is sadly too much for large number of Wargaming's playerbase.
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