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  1. Yeah..... gotta love overwolf. We'll wreck the league next season because of that chip on our shoulder.
  2. Hey guys, After a successful season of Silver League in which 4HIM 4EVER made the playoffs and fought Danger Close in the first round, we are now looking to fill a couple spots that were emptied because of time constraints. Last season was the first experience with e-sports for most of us. We were encouraged by the success and now are hungry for more. We will be having multiple tryouts as the season approaches and will be scrimming as well. If interested in joining the team, contact ephebus, or muscles1, or Runescape. Our ts is 4him.typefrag.com:4480 and our PW is savedbyGRACE If
  3. This just in! The Petco has accepted minions as an animal! Soon there will be many minions running across the plains and digging holes and all that fun stuff. Minions will be the new deer!
  4. Gold helps WR about 5% at least. Imagine you are a T-54 at the end of the game and you are facing a low health hull down E100. You put a few shots to the side of his turret and it's won. Would you have penned without gold? Most likely not. WN8 is a great stat because it depends on damage and not solely on cap points like EFF. Say you do 600 more damage a game shooting gold. Your WN8 and WR goes up simply because you dished out more golds. That is why great players shoot gold more often then tomatoes and oranges.
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