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  1. You need to damage tanks that other people aren't spotting. In practice this means either shotgun somebody at the end, or hit blind shots. Edit: I should also note that 4.6k damage isn't really that much. To be top XP with that much damage you really pretty much need to do 2-3k blind. Realistically speaking, to end up top XP in an M53/55 you'll probably need closer to 6-7k with some of it blind.
  2. I blame the horrible layout of the "recruitment channels" being at the very top of the server while the FOXEY channels are midway down.
  3. Yay! FOXEY's not complete shit! Side note -- not sure who you've poked, but shoot me, Havoc, AllhardAllthetime, or Besieger a pm in game or on the official boards.
  4. So does this mean Loli is cool again?
  5. The 780ti is the old generation, but it represents the flagship line from that generation and IIRC performs roughly on par with the 970.
  6. They make splitters, but current-generation cards have four or five video outputs. SLI would make the two cards essentially function as one, so you'd just plug all your screens into the top one and the driver takes it from there.
  7. Yeah, thing is he doesn't need a new computer. It would be one thing if he was playing on an 8-year-old toaster, but most of his components are still perfectly fine, so replacing his processor, motherboard, and RAM at this point would just be throwing good money after bad. His best route at this point is just to make targeted upgrades as needed to improve the areas he wants.
  8. 4k is still too gimmicky for my money. I'd go for a solid 1440p (love my Acer Predator), 1tb SSD, and a GTX 980. You could go with a 980ti if you want, but for the games you say you play it's not necessary.
  9. ^^ Seriously, with your budget it's not worth the trouble.
  10. You'd be trading performance for convenience. In a perfect world you'd just get a 1TB SSD and have the best of both worlds. If you can't or won't do that, using the SSD as a cache would give you faster performance than just using the HDD (albeit still slower than using the SSD), but you wouldn't have to worry about varying load times on programs and resources.
  11. I edited my last post with what I'd do if it were me.
  12. Yes and no. SLI will improve performance in games that are optimized for it, but it will open you up to microstutter and other common SLI-related issues. The only reason to run SLI or Crossfire is if you a) need to upgrade on a budget, or b) insist on being at the bleeding edge. If I were in your position with your budget, I'd pick up a current-generation video card (probably the 980 given your resolution and the games you play), get a good 1440p monitor (you can still use your old one(s) as secondary), and probably good SSD if you don't have one already.
  13. It's "interesting" because physx is, as Haswell pointed out, a proprietary NVidia technology that is only used by a handful of titles, none of which are on the list of games you say you play. It doesn't hurt anything to use an old gpu that you have lying around as a dedicated physx card, but building a new rig with a card specifically ordered for that purpose is just a waste.
  14. God I'm behind on recruitment. Give FOXEY a look. Your friend is a bit low by our standards, but we may be able to find room if he's as good a team player as you say. Worst case, he could go to BUNNY or BURDY and you guys could still play together on the same TS.
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