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  1. I love that Newegg always sends me "Exclusive Premier Member Deals" for items I've just bought... SMH

  2. I have no self control.... http://i.imgur.com/xuvzZhj.png Gonna slap an AIO water cooler on this puppy and see what it can do.

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    2. Sorphius


      IKR? And that's not including the GPU mounting bracket and Noctua replacement fan that were cheaper on Amazon. On the bright side, I shouldn't have any more SLI artifacts or vRAM throttling on GTA V... so I guess that's something.

    3. Enroh


      does this mean i have to not order the 970 now and 1-up you with a TitanX?

    4. Sorphius


      It's your money, but the TitanX is basically a 980ti with double the vRAM (which is inconsequential for gaming at anything less than 4k surround)

  3. That feeling when you know something's a bad idea, but you do it anyway... http://i.imgur.com/QNN4DzW.jpg

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    2. shwedor


      That moment when you go play a fantasy game with elves and shit.

    3. Shade421


      I have tried 6 separate times to enjoy that game, starting at its release. After Galaxies, it just seems empty and generic.

    4. Sorphius


      I played from release until toward the end of TBC, then started again at the end of Wrath and stuck with it through the first few months of MoP. I don't really *intend* to re-sub at this point, but with >600 days /played on my main toon and every OTHER Blizzard game installed, my Blizzard folder just feels empty without it.

  4. Newegg Free "4-7 Day" shipping OP. Plz nerf. http://i.imgur.com/faeOiQ4.png

  5. That moment when you realize at the end of a match that you're in a T-54 and not a T-54lt. :(

    1. Deusmortis


      I once spent an entire match wondering why my E 50 was moving so slow. I was in my E 75.

    2. Sorphius


      Yeah, the worst part about this was that I was trying to do the LT mission to spot 4 enemies before being spotted and just couldn't figure out why Ikept getting lit.

  6. Wow, so skirmish 4 is literally cancer.

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    2. Tedster59


      did somebody say SPG?

    3. Flametz


      Oh dear. Tedster orbital derp cannon incoming

    4. Tman450


      Sorphius, getmad

  7. The moment you find out the day before that the half-day workshop you've been planning for two weeks is cancelled because the principal didn't check whether the superintendent had plans for the PD day before he contacted you.

    1. Tedster59
    2. Sorphius


      Yup. On the bright side, at least I should be able to recycle some of the stuff for a day-long session I'm doing for another school district next week.

  8. Annoyed that my GPU doesn't match my new MoBo's color scheme. Am I crazy?

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    2. Sorphius


      I'm eyeing an MSI 780ti. The orange fans on my 290 Tri-X clash with the black/red MoBo.

    3. Haswell


      Get a can of spray paint.

    4. Scout_in_da_house


      or burn it all, will give a similar black tint to all your parts

  9. LF solid team for Skirm 26. 8 tier 10s (STB, 140/62a, Leo, E50M, E-100, etc)

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