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  1. I started shifting toward vents about 6 months ago when I realized that their static ~2% boost to everything is much more suited to my playstyle than the 10% vision boost granted by optics. Sniping has always bored me, so the extra viewrange they grant was never really that important to me.
  2. That's literally impossible. A 2500k at 5.9ghz wouldn't even make it to the desktop for lack of voltage, and giving it enough juice to make it would flip your breaker.
  3. Youre seeing it right, but reading it wrong. The 2500k's stock clock is 3.3ghz. The parentheses you hi-lighted denote the possible range of multipliers; the x16 indicates that it's currently only running at 1.6ghz, most likely from automatic downclocking during light load. If she were using a x59 multiplier she wouldn't be posting here because her CPU would have melted itself.
  4. Check here. Click a tank, click "List all commanders," and be amazed.
  5. LOL Robby. Always sits in the FOXEY TS channels.... One of the hardest Ragers I've had the pleasure of playing with. Constantly with the "fuck this shitty broken game" this, "stupid fucking pubbies" that", etc., yet never actually stops playing.
  6. Chrome is your biggest issue in that snapshot. It alone is eating up roughly half of your system memory. Close some tabs, remove unnecessary extensions, and you should see some improvement. Ultimately, though, your biggest issue is that your computer is a toaster.
  7. I doubt I'll ever play it since <t10 is cancer, but I've got ~65k gold atm with nothing else to spend it on, so why the hell not.
  8. I love that Newegg always sends me "Exclusive Premier Member Deals" for items I've just bought... SMH

  9. Let's be honest -- as things stand now, t10 mediums have sufficient pen on their standard rounds that there's really no reason fire HEAT at anything other than the front of a high-armored HT or TD. Of course WG is overnerfing them because, well, Wargaming... but it's a move in the right direction IMO. Also, inb4 return to 2011-era HT meta.
  10. I have no self control.... http://i.imgur.com/xuvzZhj.png Gonna slap an AIO water cooler on this puppy and see what it can do.

    1. Sorphius


      IKR? And that's not including the GPU mounting bracket and Noctua replacement fan that were cheaper on Amazon. On the bright side, I shouldn't have any more SLI artifacts or vRAM throttling on GTA V... so I guess that's something.

    2. Enroh


      does this mean i have to not order the 970 now and 1-up you with a TitanX?

    3. Sorphius


      It's your money, but the TitanX is basically a 980ti with double the vRAM (which is inconsequential for gaming at anything less than 4k surround)

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  11. You need to connect both monitors to your GPU. You *can* run the second screen off your integrated graphics if your MoBo supports it, but it's a little bit buggy and requires that you change a couple of BIOS settings. Let me know if that's something you'd like to do and I can walk you through it, but your best bet -- especially considering the second monitor is such low resolution and won't eat much VRAM -- is to run out to Best Buy and pick up an HDMI --> VGA adapter for ~$20 and just plug both into your discrete GPU.
  12. Technically you'd earn more by doing both. Just make sure you're aware of the rules regarding forbidden behavior in the campaign.
  13. Ah, ok. In your earlier post you linked an NZXT Phantom case.
  14. The 110i was recalled in February, but the problem has presumably been addressed by now. Be forewarned if you go that way though... at 280mm, it's FUCKING MASSIVE. Be damn sure that when pcpartpicker says it will fit, it means it will fit where you want to put it. Sometimes "it fits" actually means "it fits if you remove all the optical and HDD bays and mount it in the front."
  15. Its strange to get windows sounds but not others. It goes without saying, but make sure any drivers are installed and that you have your headset set as your primary audio device.
  16. The 1440p Korean monitors are a high-risk, high-reward proposition. If you win, you get a ridiculously good monitor for a couple hundred bucks. If you lose, you get a POS monitor for a couple hundred bucks. I know some people swear by them, but I prefer the devil I know to the devil I don't. As for the 780ti's, well... good luck with that. NVIDIA discontinued them with the release of the 900 series. The 970 is the closest equivalent to the 780ti, but it has its own issues (as i reference above).
  17. Samsung EVO is good (albeit a bit pricey). Crucial's 500gb SSDs go on sale at Newegg semi-regularly for ~$120, so I'd keep an eye out for one of them. At the end of the day there honestly isn't THAT much of a difference from one to the next as long as you get a reputable brand. I mean sure 150mph is faster than 135mph, but if you're used to driving 45, you won't be able to notice a difference between the two. Cooler-wise, do you prefer air or water? For air the Noctua NH-D15 performs on par with the leading closed-loop water coolers... It's just huge and fugly. For water I can vouch for
  18. I'm on an iPad shitty mini, so I'll be more brief than I otherwise would be. The 212 EVO is plenty for a moderate overclock on that chip. Frankly it's so good that you really won't see much (a couple of degrees -- that's it) of a difference between it and most closed-loop water coolers. I'd be inclined to put the extra $125 toward your GPU and/or monitor upgrade (see below) A 1TB SSD isn't unreasonable if you can stomach the price. Longevity really shouldn't be an issue unless you're constantly, for example, downloading and subsequently deleting torrents. For my money I still prefer a
  19. Actually the T2 Light has an autocannon, so clicking and holding would have worked prior to 8.8, when they introduced that feature for non-autoloading tanks.
  20. TILLY There was a pretty hilarious thread started by one of their members on the official forum a few months back where he was moaning about how horrible some normally well-performing tier 10 tank (maybe an IS7???? idk) was and asking how people did so well in it. Someone pulled his stats up and pointed out that he had a ~3k wn8 at <t4 and ~1700 at >t8.
  21. Just dug it up... was added in Patch 8.8 (September 2013), so ~21 months ago: Bugfixes and Changes: -Added automatic shooting when pressing-and-holding the fire button.
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