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  1. On the one hand I think it was good for them to send a message that certain mods aren't allowed. On the other hand, the way they chose to send that message -- with a one-off ban without actually making any announcements of what is or is not allowed -- was extremely shady and underhanded. At the end of the day, though, Sela said himself that the questionable mods in his pack were banned on other servers and that players should use them at their own risk. He seemed adamant that there were no banned mods on the NA server, though, and came across on at least a few occasions as vocally and
  2. Yup. Not sure what the issue is; they seem to be correct for about 48 hours then broken for 72. Been doing this the past couple of months.
  3. Based on how he's weaving back and forth right before he goes invis, it looks like he turned around and backed up to the corner to a place where he could see your frontal detection point, but you couldn't see any of his. Between his rear-mounted turret and vision mechanics being what they are, you were lit and he wasn't. GG. If you insist on facing off against a stronger opponent in that situation (i.e. what you were doing), at the very least you need to make sure you're making love to the wall. Doing so will force him to come out and expose himself in order to get a shot off. Since yo
  4. From a literal reading of this it looks like hit skins (replacement of in-game models with collision models), downed tree indicator (destructible objects on minimap), and the accurate damage indicator (display name of enemy player that shot you remaining out of sight) would all be illegal alongside white corpses, defoliant, etc, while things like the minimap mod that shows where spotted enemies are facing are not. It's also worth noting that these rules suddenly make the XVM/Locastan "last known location" feature into a gray area due to "Fixing for the player the position of the other play
  5. Disregard; I re-installed the modpack and got it working.
  6. Was something toggled off to disable minimap rescaling? Since updating to the new modpack, the minimap's stuck on the smallest size and I can't make it bigger. Pretty annoying to have a ~1.5"x1.5" minimap on a 27" 1440p monitor...
  7. 34-85 in my book. The A-43 line allows you access to all three t10s if you're looking to get all of them, but the Obj 430 is pretty widely regarded as the weakest of the three and the rear-mounted tanks in that line have a very different playstyle from the 430/140/62a. By going the 34-85 line you'll still have access to both the 140 and the 62a, and you'll find that the playstyle you learn as you move up the tree changes relatively little once you get to the end of the tree.
  8. Same. I had the problem a few patches ago too and fixed it by deleting some file... don't remember which though
  9. I've played it three times: once in a STB-1, once in a ST-I, and once in an IS-6. In the STB (first time on the map) I played peek-a-boo in the northern hills coming off the eastern spawn and did ~2700dmg. In the ST-I and IS-6 I went town both times and just sidescraped to glory. Given the small sample size and the fact that everyone's still learning it, I really don't have much insight but I'd agree with the assessment above that shares a few similarities with Himmelsdorf and possibly ruinberg. Meds/scouts and a couple TDs go hills/heavies and armored TDs go town.
  10. I think a lot of it depends on experience and skill level too. Someone with 450 battles will probably get more xp/game in a t5 prem than he would t8 simply due to the fact that it's more difficult to yoloderp in a T14 than it is in a T34. Plus, when you *do* yoloderp, it's much more likely that your teammates will be able to carry your dead weight in a t5-7 battle than it is in t8-10.
  11. I ran a version of that for a couple of patches. It's really nice to see where enemy snipers are pointing, but it makes the minimap so cluttered in tight quarters that it can actually be more of a hindrance than a help. I stopped running it in 8.10 and haven't looked back since. That, and it may or may not violate the no laser-pointer edict. I don't *think* it does, but with WG's arbitrary enforcement of the rules I'd rather not risk it.
  12. Yes to a degree, but probably not as much as some others. The IS7's problem was never its armor; it was the gun. Unless they do something to directly address its accuracy and RoF, the IS-7 will always be a poor man's E5 and little more.
  13. Even with the nerf I think the 268 will still be the most viable of the bunch due to its camo rating + troll armor. The 263 will probably start seeing more play but it's a typical example of dpm>alpha, so it's a matter of preference. I feel like the JPE100 will still be situational at best due to its long reload and poor mobility (if you get caught out alone between shots, it's GG). It's receiving a de-facto buff by virtue of not being as bad relative to the other TDs, but I just don't see it being preferable to the 268.
  14. 140 and 62a are largely interchangeable, but the 140 has an edge in sniping and scouting (depression + speed advantage) while the 62a is the better brawler (better turret + bleeds less speed in turns). In FOXEY, most of our callers seem to prefer the 140 over the 62a for general use. I don't know much about the 430, but the fact that it has no frontal gun depression seems to hold it back. It's similar enough to be in the discussion, but I think it's still bottom-barrel among the Soviet meds.
  15. A guy sent me a PM on the WoT forum during that last weekend of the holiday promotion (when all the packages were on sale) asking me to buy him a KV-220. I reported him for harassment and moved on.
  16. T34: Plays like the T29 with a dead gunner and a blown-out engine. Standard MM means it gets a lot of 10s, but has a powerful enough gun that it doesn't matter as much. FCM: Medium disguised as a heavy, but has pref MM so that's cool... IS6: My favorite T8 prem atm. Decent mobility, trolly Soviet armor and good alpha, but it's sorely lacking in penetration and isn't very accurate over long distances. Basically an in-your-face brawler. Pref MM so never sees over 9, but you still need to fire gold sometimes to reliably pen. 112: Haven't played it, but from facing them it seems similar to
  17. You DO realize that this is where the dickheads come after they've been booted from the other forum for being dickheads, right?
  18. I don't know if you could say I "outgrew" it per se since it's still one of my favorite tanks in the game, but I definitely don't play my KV-1 nearly as much as I would like to. I still keep it around and use it as my "slump buster" when I need to turn around a losing streak or squeeze out a few kills for a mission, but I spend the vast majority of my time in higher tiers now and just can't get to it as much as I'd prefer.
  19. Therein lies the problem. One of the biggest reasons to build yourself is for the cost savings. Shipping is so expensive that a rig built from $500 worth of parts bought on Newegg would cost ~$100 just to ship, which only leaves $50 for the person who assembles it... which most people worth paying to put a PC together probably wouldn't be willing to work for.
  20. IMO the STA-1, once fully upgraded (the first two guns are shit) is the best t8 med that's not an autoloader. With great depression and viewrange, workable mobility and camo, and a mantlet that can occasionally save your ass, it's pretty much everything the Indien SHOULD have been. I don't really care for team battles so I'm not really the expert there, but I can see it getting some play in certain team setups that are looking for vision control and sustained DPM. Overall the t8-10 in this line are variations on a theme and really play very similarly to each other. The problem with
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