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  1. They only introduced it in the past year and a half or so... @OP -- I'll do it if, for example, I'm in an autoloader shooting a stationary target. If I'm having to traverse my gun (or anticipating needing to traverse my gun) in order to bring it on target, I'll usually hold off until I'm sure of a hit.
  2. The 3.5/4 issue is overblown unless you're doing something where that 500mb of under-clocked memory will matter. Nothing he plays at 900p will ever give him that problem so my recommendation will stand.
  3. For 900p (cringe), the 970 will do everything you want for the foreseeable future. Even if you were to upgrade to 1080p, it would be plenty for at least a couple of years.
  4. I've been looking at Rust for a while now but haven't gotten it for the same reason as you (nobody to play with). I'm curious to know if other people have played it and what their experience has been.
  5. Why do I feel like I missed something good here?
  6. Its obviously your money so you can spend it how you want, but objectively speaking there's absolutely no rational reason to upgrade anything on that PC except for adding an SSD. You aren't going to get any additional performance from an i7 that you couldn't easily get by applying a mild overclock to your i5, and your current CPU/GPU combo will chew up anything you throw at it today or for at least the next year. If you insist on an i7, the 4790k will be your best choice... but you just simply won't get the sort of return on your investment that I think you're hoping for. I know you said you
  7. To further elaborate on what others said, many games have a mechanism whereby you can increase the damage done by your first couple of attacks... think rogues attacking from stealth, or activating trinkets or cooldowns. That's what the sources you were reading referred to when they talked about higher initial damage. There's no such mechanism in WoT (apart from coordinated focus fire), so when people refer to alpha, they're just talking about the damage done per shot.
  8. Just delete the contents of your res_mods folder (but not the folder itself).
  9. ^^ In fact I'm betting you'll probably find it in your add/remove programs menu from the control panel. I forget what it's called exactly, but cnet/download.com will try to install "search buddy" or something like that if you're not careful. They slip it into the EULA options that everybody always just clicks through, so while you think you're just installing a codec pack or 7-zip, you're actually getting 7-zip, ask toolbar, and the search helper that you're complaining about. You can avoid it in the future by just declining all the miscellaneous EULAs they try to get you to sign off on.
  10. Given how close you are to unlocking the 4th skill, I'd go ahead and do Option 1. You'll want BiA anyway, and 90% camo on the Cmdr and Ldr is high enough that you won't really feel it that much. Or, since you want to play as a brawler (which I really don't get, but whatever...), you could do Option 1 with repairs over camo. Either way, you'll want BiA.
  11. I'm pretty sure there's only one image per map, but then again my wife always tells me I'm about the least-observant person she's ever met... so who the hell knows.
  12. Really shouldn't make much of a difference in outright speed, since that's governed by your service contract with your ISP. It may improve your latency by a few ms, but don't expect anything massive.
  13. There's a website somewhere that will give you an estimated battle count to unicum if you enter your overall, recent, and total games played. Edit: Here it is.
  14. Honestly, you're too young to worry about stats. Most players take a couple thousand battles just to learn the basics, and quite frankly there really isn't enough variance between tank classes at lower tiers to truly appreciate and understand the differences. Just focus on what you enjoy and work on doing more damage than you receive. The rest will sort itself out, and we can give you more detailed statical analysis once you've got more experience and a longer track record to look at.
  15. Yeah it would really kill some vehicles (E-100, IS-6, and Chinese tanks with the D-25T clone), but I don't think you can rationally argue that #YOLOSWAGHEATSPAMALLDAYERRDAY is working as intended.
  16. I don't like the idea of a hardcap because it'll only gimp the relative handful of tanks that rely on gold ammo to be playable. I wouldn't mind seeing them do something like reducing the damage on premium rounds, though. As things stand, the only real tradeoff between standard and premium ammunition in most cases is the cost. If they tweaked it so that, say, the premium ammunition did less damage at a rate proportional to its increased penetration, it would add another level of strategy to ammo selection.
  17. Yeah, I didn't mean it to knock you or your clan. Like I said, you've done a good job of keeping out the rotten tomatoes... that just doesn't do anything at all to mitigate the fact that your little 15-person clan is competing with literally hundreds of clans for those middle-of-the-road ~1000wn8 players. Without anything to set yourself apart from the rest, I'm afraid you're probably destined for mediocrity. It doesn't matter if you've got the greatest clan community in the world if you can't get people to join in the first place, and that's the biggest battle you're going to have to fight
  18. My off-the cuff response is that in order to recruit decent players, you need to *have* decent players. People usually want to play with folks who are at or above their skill level, and any clan with an average wn8 of 971 is going to struggle to get (and keep) good people. That problem is further compounded by the fact that you only have 15 members. People don't just want to play with folks who are at or above their skill level -- they want to play with people, period, and you can't offer than in a 15-person clan. I'll hand it to you that you've managed to -- with the exception of Ugl
  19. It you don't enjoy bushwanking, it's really probably not the tank for you. Its lack of workable armor pretty much necessitates that you play it from afar. If you feel the need to get up close and personal with it (i.e., Himmelsdorf or Ensk), play as a second-line support gun, follow your heavies around, and count enemy reloads. You'll get the most bang for your buck by laying back and camping bushes, though.
  20. Your ships and experience will be reset, but any purchased gold spent during beta will be put back on your account.
  21. If by later this week she meant yesterday, then that's correct. There was a dev post on the main forum saying to look for payouts on Thursday or Friday.
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