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  1. In all honesty, the Batchat with the top gun makes that mission ezmode. 2 shots for one, 2 shots for another, one shot + ram for the third. The Light version is pure hell though. I'm still not sure why I got credit for it when I did, but far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  2. That mission essentially means that you have to die... I did it in the E-75 without even really trying. For the later versions where you have to block 2x or even 3x your HP, the Maus line (particularly the VK4502B) makes it ezmode.
  3. These look to me to be pretty similar to the WOWP pre-order bundles in that you essentially pay normal price for the gold + prem time and get the ship for free. As I see it, it's pretty much a win-win. Worst case you pay regular price for premium acct and gold. If you decide you like ships, that just sweetens the pot a little.
  4. Not to mention the adrenaline rush of winning the shitlord RNG lottery. Today my RU 251 got one-shot going full speed by a 300-wn8 Obj 704 slinging HE out of his BL-10 at 350m. ^^ Dude pretty much won his team the game because my team of heavies and TDs proceeded to get out-visioned and lose the match. So GG.
  5. I've also recently turned both Encounter and Assault back on, for the reasons mentioned above. Sure it's annoying when your team fastcaps or lolcamps on a defense, but unless you're whoring for stats I find both modes to be a refreshing change of pace every now and again.
  6. Grats! My wife and I just had our first back in December. Definitely big changes ahead.
  7. That feeling when you know something's a bad idea, but you do it anyway... http://i.imgur.com/QNN4DzW.jpg

    1. shwedor


      That moment when you go play a fantasy game with elves and shit.

    2. Shade421


      I have tried 6 separate times to enjoy that game, starting at its release. After Galaxies, it just seems empty and generic.

    3. Sorphius


      I played from release until toward the end of TBC, then started again at the end of Wrath and stuck with it through the first few months of MoP. I don't really *intend* to re-sub at this point, but with >600 days /played on my main toon and every OTHER Blizzard game installed, my Blizzard folder just feels empty without it.

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  8. Get the Autoaim+ mod. It's pure haxxorz.
  9. Sounds like butthurt to me. Don't sweat it.
  10. Newegg Free "4-7 Day" shipping OP. Plz nerf. http://i.imgur.com/faeOiQ4.png

  11. It's really no different from playing a sport. The moment you start to worry about protecting yourself from injury, your chance of getting hurt increases tenfold. If you notice in Kewei's replays (and all the hyper-aggressive super unis for that matter), he never stops moving. He rocks back and forth from behind cover, never pokes the same place twice, and rarely stops to let his reticle close any more than the bare minimum he needs to get his shot onto the target. When you adopt that sort of hyperactive, almost manic playstyle, you don't have to worry about altering your game for artiller
  12. No idea what percentage are declined considering the number of threads that ultimately wind up in the garbage can anyway. As for the story behind his status, I'm sorry to say there's not much to it. The mods are tired of his shenanigans but value his history of contributions to the community, so they created a special permission group just for him as a compromise of sorts.
  13. Probably the same reason I have Kilo and Geth muted and ignored... I can still hear them in TS, but it saves me from perpetual detachment spam.
  14. I choose my grinds based on whether I think I'll enjoy it and whether I think I'll need it. As for the 121, well... it's not so much that it's "bad" per se -- at least not like, for example, the FV4202. The 121's problem is that it has an extraordinarily high skill floor. Players who can account for its lack of depression while still managing to abuse the turret are rewarded with what amounts to a heavy's gun and turret on a medium's chassis. The problem is that so few people know how to properly play it that it ends up with a reputation for mediocrity.
  15. My thought process regarding keeping tanks: Will I need it for a future grind? (T-34, T54, etc) Is it a t10? Will I need it for tournaments? (I usually try to keep at least one "best-in-class" vehicle of each class t5+) Is it enjoyable enough that I'm likely to continue playing it even after I've moved on? If the answer to any of the above is 'yes', I keep. Otherwise, I sell.
  16. Top 500 is worth bragging about in a game like World of Warcraft that has 100k+ people online at any given point spread across tens of thousands of clans/guilds. WoT isn't nearly as big, and let's be honest... the top 50 clans are really the only ones that have any sort of *positive* name recognition (sorry ARMED and NAFTA), and the top 10-15 are the only ones with any actual clout associated with their tags. Other people have rightly pointed out that the kinds of players you're looking for are going to take one look at *your* personal stats and run the other direction without ever taking
  17. That may well be true, but speeds/brands are irrelevant in this case since he's mixing different sizes, which means he'd get a boot error regardless of brand/speed.
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