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  1. Beerstein critiqued 3 of my replays in a KV-1 and basically told me that I needed to change my style of play. I was getting 1500 average wn8, but not doing what it took to win. Evaluations by good players are a good path to changing to a mindset that benefits the team, not just yourself. My takeaway was to look for opportunities where you fight distracted enemies, or to create situations where the enemy is distracted for an ally to take advantage of. Kudos to Garbad for helping players get better.
  2. Waiting for more comments - any experienced players with wisdom to impart? Youtube versions: http://youtu.be/BvU4z99YAA4 http://youtu.be/09uEqaS7VvE
  3. I agree; newegg has very good customer support and return policies, which is important for mail order. One note of caution is that if you send in a rebate form, they can't exchange anything because the UPC code is tied to the part, so don't send rebates in until you have confirmed it is working, or don't buy using rebates. You can sometimes determine from the feedback what potential problems exist. I have also taken advantage of Microcenter specials and they are very good when you catch them.
  4. Thanks for the insightful comments, Tigeh. I see that you do well in the E5 and I'm surprised that you don't do as well in your other tanks. Yes, I tend to spread damage, only because I was trying to maximize total damage done, and I picked targets of opportunity. I'll try to focus on finishing off kills and see if that improves things. I went to E6 because I know arty players like to get behind cover, further west of the curved road. In that position, arty doesn't have a good shot on the center if you stay close to the buildings. Things would be different if there are multiple arties, where they would spread out to cover more, but since the nerf, there have rarely been many arties in high tier games. I will definitely time my shots more to move out before loading is finished. I've also installed optics instead of binocs now, in order to keep my view wider all the time. Thank you for looking at the replays and critiquing them.
  5. I have started playing tier 10 recently, and i would like some insights into playing better at this level. At tier 9, I have an IS-8 at 53% (189 battles), an ST-I at 54% (79 battles), and an M103 at 43% (244 battles). I struggled with the M103, since it plays completely differently than the T29 and T32, but NavySnipers had a good article on it, and now I am getting better at running it. Having the best gun also helps a lot. I have an IS-7 at 54% and a T110E5 at 46% and am trying to start off better than I did with the M103. Here are a couple of battles where I dealt a lot of damage, but was unable to secure a win. Where could I have done better? I appreciate any insights you can provide. http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1002281207.391109687914615;jsessionid=54C583582BD7E283354717917AFB0501 http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1002281207.111749574334894616;jsessionid=54C583582BD7E283354717917AFB0501
  6. I'm still working my way to an autoloader, so can you advise on best practices to defend against autoloaders, besides "don't go alone"?
  7. I'm at 49%, but I only started reading the forums after 7000 battles (I used to be in the play-for-fun camp), so I have a big uphill slog. I have some tanks where I am above a 55% winrate, and it seems that these suit my playstyle more (Russian TD's). I have the worst trouble with US heavies; at roughly the same number of battles (60-70), I am 39% with my M103 but 58% with my IS-8. I uploaded sample replays to Dropbox and they are referenced in my post in - I'm still hoping someone can help me identify what I'm doing wrong. The T29 - T32 - M103 series has me confused.
  8. Most games these days depend on video card performance and cpu power. The hard drive is the last place to look at, since most games load the necessary data and run from memory. 4GB RAM, multiple cores and a mid range video card are usually enough, as long as you don't load all kinds of programs into the startup. Bring up task manager in a second window if you suspect lagging, because hitting 100% cpu will cause lag, as will background programs that tie up your NIC.
  9. Since you get more experience with wins, I would choose a tank that you do well in and combine it with a premium tank to acquire the initial skills. Transfer them when they have the minimal set you are willing to play with in the T-54. A KV-1S is a good damage dealer, if you don't have a preference at the moment and can handle it well.
  10. I think as a starting point, you can consider the ones in the original thread who were willing to be mentors. It never hurts to ask them again. ysoignorant jdtherocker Echo_Sniper _Token_ Syndicate Rela dmcgill1 Allurai TheGreenTank Inchon Rorys6 scharnhorst310 Whiskey_dod DassemUltor EchelonIII sela Look_its_Rain precambrian JunkersHiryu Lundqvist
  11. I was signed up on the old thread for mentoring, but haven't had a chance to contact anyone who was available. I'm overall 49% in winrate, though that is mainly due to me not paying attention to the forums until about 7000 battles. WarGaming is seriously deficient in this department, because World of Tanks cannot be played even on an average level without training in mechanics, vision, tactics and strategy. I would like to participate in clan wars eventually, but I have determined not to move up to the next higher tier unless I can manage a consistent 50-55% winrate in more than one tank at my current highest tier (tier IX). I would like someone to look at my replays of my M103 and critique them, because I am miserable in it, only managing 34% in 46 battles. I also have the IS-8, but I managed 58% in 41 battles, so it isn't that I can't fight at that tier. I did free experience to the top gun in the IS-8 and have 100% crews with at least 2 skills, while I am only up to the second best gun in the M103 and some crew members are at 98% with two skills (I transferred them from another tank, but didn't train all of them to 100%, only the commander and gunner). I have watched the replays of some who have reviewed this tank and understand that the sides and LFP are weak and have tried to protect them. I have the last 10 games in the M103 at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uap93t0k6rbmyin/boHL8Ijd_D I also included my IS-8 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u58bejj8vmm04rd/nzTxN1ybxp and T32 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/asnllwtpfbjwt6s/VVradR44HN (I had trouble with the T32, even though I managed a 49% winrate in my T29). I appreciate any help anyone can give me.
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